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 Wacky Women Collection

4 MP3 CDs - 273 episodes

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"Jack Benny April 25, 1948 broadcast with Dorothy Kirsten"
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Gracie AllenLucy

Wacky Women: Deliriously Dizzy Dames Collection features the kookiest women of old time radio. There are some members of the fairer sex can be less than sensible and at times downright wacky.  From silly sisters to mental missies, this collection includes a wide variety of fun, exciting, and sometimes weird women!

Wacky WomenTo be fair, there are wacky weirdoes on both sides of gender divide, but this collection includes some of our very favorite funny gals of old time radio including:

  • Lucille Ball is one of America's best loved waaaaah-wacky girl next door
  • Great Gildersleeve seems to have a penchant for being chases by ladies on the weird side.
  • My Friend Irma is the show is based on Irma's uncanny ability to be constantly confused.
  • In Double of Nothing, an ex-army nurse has a surprising risqué story from her memories of the military (adult ears only please!)
  • Charlie McCarthy seems to get the giggles out of every gal he interviews. 

Wacky Women 2Also included in this collection is the queen of wacky radio women who once ran for President of the United States and keeps her husband George throwing up his hands, Gracie Allen.

Wacky Women Collection includes handpicked episodes, each equally as entertaining from a wide variety of comedy old time radio shows

For more female-centric old time radio fun, see also: Dame Detectives, Fatal Females, Crazy Mamas, and Divas Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 69 shows - total playtime 37 hours 4 minutes

A Date W Judy 440801 Fathers Birthday
A Date W Judy 450206 W Joseph Cotton
A Date W Judy 450320 Going To A Sinatra Movie
A Date W Judy 460409 Oggies Band
A Date W Judy 460518 New Dress For Dance
A Date W Judy 461022 Husbands Paint Lodge
A Date W Judy Judys Party
Al Pearce 391011 Sells Corsets
Al Pearce 400124 Sells Toothbrushes
Al Pearce 400207 Sells Hot Dogs
Al Pearce 400214 Sells Ladies Spring Clothes
Al Pearce 400221 Sells Cosmetics
Al Pearce 400306 Sells Insurance Gene Autry
Al Pearce 400320 Butler
Al Pearce 400403 Sells Dental Supplies
Bergen Mccarthy 370509 Ann Harding Rodgers & Hart
Bergen Mccarthy 370606 W C Fields Joan Blondell
Bergen Mccarthy 370912 19 Bette Davis
Bergen Mccarthy 371212 Adam & Eve Guest Mae West
Bergen Mccarthy 421011 From Annapolis Naval Academy
Bergen Mccarthy 430221 Carmen Miranda
Bergen Mccarthy 430404 283 W Bill Thompson & Mary Bolen
Bergen Mccarthy 430411 Martha Raye & Bill Thompson
Bergen Mccarthy 430502 Barbara Stanwyck Acts As Charlies A
Bergen Mccarthy 430516 Claudette Colbert & Rags Ragland
Bergen Mccarthy 430926 Hedy Lamarr
Bergen Mccarthy 431010 297 W Marjorie Main
Bergen Mccarthy 431212 Bert Lahr & Lena Horne
Bergen Mccarthy 460324 Barbershop W W.c. Fields
Bergen Mccarthy 461117 W Tallulah Bankhead
Bergen Mccarthy 471109 Maurice Evans
Bergen Mccarthy 480111 467 Lucille Ball
Bergen Mccarthy 521109 607 Marilyn Monroe
Bergen Mccarthy 540228 657 W June Allyson & Dick Powell
Bergen Mccarthy 551218 Candy Bergen Xmas
Bergen Mccarthy 560108 Effie Klinker Festival
Bergen Mccarthy 560513 Lady Godiva
Big Show 510107 Fred Allen Danny Thomas
Billie Burke Show 460000 Electric Wallpaper
Billie Burke Show 460308 Building Playground
Billie Burke Show 460427 Tramp
Bing Crosby 440510 Cass Dailey
Blondie 400216 Alexander Actor
Blondie 440619 Afrs Dagwood Has A Dream
Blondie 441008 Baby Snooks Visits Bumsteads
Blondie Circus Outing
Blondie Missing Package
Blondie Mr Dithers Gets Out Of Hospital
Box 13 480905 Blackmail Is MurdeR
Burns & Allen 460207 Marriage Contest
Burns & Allen 460425 Sydney Strotz
Burns & Allen 460502 514 Special 1 Hour Broadcast 1 o 2
Burns & Allen 460502 514 Special 1 Hour Broadcast 2 of 2
Burns & Allen 500222 Going To Races
Burns And Allen 490317 25 Marlene Dietrich George Has A Cold
Charlotte Greenwood 440808 09 Dont Travel During War
Charlotte Greenwood 440815 10 Sewing Table
Charlotte Greenwood 441022 02 French Fashion Designer
Charlotte Greenwood 441029 03 On Train
Charlotte Greenwood 441105 04 Newspaper Ad Mixup
Charlotte Greenwood 441112 05 Charlottes Car Mix Up Wedding
Charlotte Greenwood 441119 06 Flying Trip To Hollywood
Charlotte Greenwood 441126 07 Mystery Novel
Charlotte Greenwood 441203 08 Baby Left With At Bus Stop
Charlotte Greenwood 441210 09 Charlotte Helps Awol Soldier
Charlotte Greenwood 441231 12 Apartment Mix Up
Chesterfield Show 4952 520507 106 Guest Marlene Dietrich
Command Performance 431009 088 Robert Young Tex Ritter
Double Or Nothing 481015 Screwing Party


Volume 2: 69 shows - total playtime 33 hours 31 minutes

Duffys Tavern 440201 Crackpot To Marry Billie Burke
Duffys Tavern 451116 Archie Hires Madam Zoomasandra Gould
Duffys Tavern 461218 147 Raffle W Joan Bennett
Duffys Tavern 470528 b Better Coming Out Party
Duffys Tavern 490420 218 Will Miss Duffy Marry W Cass D
Duffys Tavern 500216 351 Guest Shelley Winters
Durante 480331 W Rose Marie
Fitch Bandwagon 451021 W Glenn Gray
Fm 390418 Budget Molly Returns
Fm 390425 Fibberastygmatism And Needs Glasses
Fm 390613 Aunt Molly Newspaper Advice Columnist
Fm 400102 Fibber Builds A Doghouse
Fm 430119 Uppy Joins Wacs
Fm 440111 Fibber Does His Income Taxes
Fm 440314 Dinner Party Beulah Is Hired
Fm 450109 Mushrooms Or Toadstools
Fm 450529 Starting Mrs Carstairs Power Lawn Mower
Fm 450605 Cleaning Hall Closet
Fm 450619 Big Financial Plans With Mrs Carstairs
Fm 451016 No Train Reservation For Mrs Carstairs
Fm 451113 Teaching Molly To Drive
Fm 460129 Mollys Card Party
Fm 461105 Mcgees Visit Johnsons Wax Headquarters
Fm 490208 Mollys Birthday Party
Fm 490315 Doc Gamble Day
Gg 411109 Birdie Quits
Gg 430110 Mcgees Visit
Gg 430117 Womens Club Speaker
Gg 430207 Leilas Sister Visits
Gg 430606 Wedding Shower For Leila
Gg 430627 Gildys Wedding
Gg 440430 Gildy Engaged To Eve
Gg 440514 Whos Kissing Leila
Gg 450311 Chairman Of Womens Committee
Gg 451021 Lightfoot Visits Leila
Gg 451202 Gildy Sponsors Opera
Gg 451209 Opera Committee Chairman
Gg 451216 A Night At Opera
Gg 470219 Substitute Secretary
Gg 470226 Gildy Tries To Fire Bessie
Gg 490202 Adelines Hat Shop
Gg 490209 Grand Opening
Gg 490216 Leila Returns
Gg 490302 Leroy Meets Brenda
Gg 490309 Summerfield 1903
Good News 391116 46 W Marlene Dietrich
Jack Benny 370613 837 Marys Movie
Jack Benny 450318 1625 How Jack Found Mary
Jack Benny 450527 1634 How Jack Met Mary
Jack Benny 461020 1804 Fiddler
Jack Benny 461027 1805 Marys Chis
Jack Benny 461110 1807 Jack Gets A
Jack Benny 470223 1822 Jack Fires Sportsmen
Jack Benny 480425 1930 Charlies Au
Jack Benny 481114 2007 Jack Is Worr
Jack Benny 501203 748 Grassreek Fluff
Jc 470222 Judy Goes On Wishing Well Quiz Show
Jc 471004 Preparing For A Movie Screen Test
Jc 471018 Looking For A Movie Star For Judys Show
Jc 471129 Movie Magazine Does Article On Judy
Jc 480117 For President
Joan Davis Show 451203 Going Hunting
Joan Davis Show 460107 19 Barbara Plays Trick
Joan Davis Show 460121 21 Double Love Triangle
Joan Davis Show 460128 Joan Joins Literary Society
Joan Davis Show 460204 Gold Found In Swanville
Joan Davis Show 460225 U.n.o. Meeting
Joan Davis Show 460311 Joan Has Insomnia
Kmh 440217 Cass Daley


Volume 3: 68 shows - total playtime 43 hours 25 minutes

Life Of Riley 441126 046 Bridesmaid Babs
Life Of Riley 450513 069 Pegs Mother Visits
Life Of Riley 451124 088 Babs & Simonmarried
Life Of Riley 460511 112 Junior Forgets Mothers Day
Life Of Riley 460518 113 Playing Hooky
Life Of Riley 461102 129 Peg And Riley Both Run For Pa
Life Of Riley 470503 155 Launching Babs In Society
Life Of Riley 470607 160 a Riley Courts Peg At Summer Cam
Life Of Riley 470705 164 Riley Thinks Peg Is Leaving
Life Of Riley 470927 168 Venus With A Radio In Her Sto
Life Of Riley 480110 183 Womens Equal Rights
Life Of Riley 480124 185 Babs Quits School
Life Of Riley 480214 188 Riley Sends Peg A Comic Valen
Life Of Riley 480221 189 Riley Lies To Peg About Going
Life Of Riley 480228 190 Babs Sweet Sixteen Birthday
Life Of Riley 480612 205 Babs Graduation
Life Of Riley 480903 209 Riley Meets Klem Kadiddlehopper
Life Of Riley 480910 210 Household Drudge
Life Of Riley 481126 221 Babs Elderly Boyfriend
Life Of Riley 481210 223 Rileys Jilted Sister Visits
Life Of Riley 490211 232 Babs Elopes With Simon
Life Of Riley 490325 238 Babs Runs For Ucla President
Life Of Riley 491230 260 Riley Drives Cab For Babs Boyf
Life Of Riley 501124 294 Riley Locks Up Babs After Stu
Life Of Riley 501215 297 Riley Cowardpeg Goest
Life Of Riley 501222 298 Rileys First Baby
Life Of Riley 510126 303 Tillie Boomerriley Becomes
Life Of Riley 510202 304 Babs Black Balled At Soror
Life Of Riley 510302 308 Louella Stays With Rileys
Life Of Riley 510316 309 Riley Installs A Time Clock
Life Of Riley 510420 314 Kiss In Dark
Life Of Riley 510427 315 Babs Leaves Home
Life Of Riley 510511 317 Black Chiffon Nightgown
Luigi 500523 088 Taking A Picture Of Rose
Luigi 510522 134 Rosas Makeover For Antique Dealers Dance
Luigi 520115 161 Rosa Attends Luigis Night School Class
Luigi 520122 162 Rosa Goes To Head Of Class
Lux 351028 052 Dulcy
Lux 360615 085 Burlesque
Lux 370215 120 Brewsters Millions
Lux 370315 124 Desire
Lux 390710 227 Ruggles Of Red Gap
Lux 400122 247 Bachelor Mother
Lux 400408 258 Mama Loves Papa
Lux 401021 278 Lillian Russell
Lux 410310 298 Awful Truth
Lux 411117 326 Merton Of Movies
Lux 411124 327 Maisie Was A Lady
Lux 411215 330 All This And Heaven Too
Lux 421123 371 Gay Sisters
Lux 430111 378 She Knew All Answers
Lux 430215 383 Are Husbands Necessary
Lux 450101 464 Bride By Mistake
Lux 480329 609 I Love You Again
Lux 490516 658 April Showers
Lux 490613 662 Bachelor And Bobby Soxer
Lux 501225 726 Wizard Of Oz
Lux 510910 755 Fancy Pants
Lux 531214 859 Million Dollar Mermaid
Magnificent Montague 501208 05 Agnes Quits
Magnificent Montague 510105 09 Montagues Father
Magnificent Montague 510728 38 Neighbor Girl Gwendolyn V
Magnificent Montague 510908 44 Boo Boo Foo Foo
Maisie 491208 Truck Driver
Maisie 500729 Maisies Lovelorn Advice Column
Maisie 511122 Efficiency Expert
Martin & Lewis 520328 063 W Ann Sothern
Martin & Lewis 530707 108 W Marlene Dietrich


Volume 4: 67 shows - total playtime 30 hours 14 minutes

Mc 431124 066 lucilleball Laurelandhardy
Meet Mililie Mommas Home Cooked Meal Afrs
Meet Millie Millie And Momma Have To Take In
Meet Millie 520323 Aunt Ethel Visits
Meet Millie 531022 Painting Town Red
Mfi 470411 E 001 Irma Meets Jane
Mfi 470418 E 002 Irma Gives Rent Money To Al
Mfi 470516 E 006 Jane And Irma Losetheirjobs
Mfi 470613 E 010 Fur Coat
Mfi 471201 E 034 Reward
Mfi 471222 E 037 Double Surprise
Mfi 480105 E 039 Great Irma
Mfi 480119 E 041 Book Crook
Mfi 480126 E 042 Lonely Hearts Club
Mfi 540629 E 309 Irma And Jane See A Ghost
Mfi Irma Buys An Air Conditioner[afrs]
Milton Berle 470812 23 Summer Sports
Milton Berle 470916 28 Salute To Radio
Milton Berle 470930 30 Salute To Brooklyn
Milton Berle 480224 51 Womans Rights
My Favorite Husband 481016 014 Liz Sells Dress
My Favorite Husband 481225 024 Numerology
My Favorite Husband 490422 041 Time Budgeting
My Favorite Husband 490916 054 Girls Play Baseball
My Favorite Husband 500120 072 Liz And Green Wig
My Favorite Husband 500224 077 Liz Redecorates House
My Favorite Husband 500909 096 Gossip
My Little Margie 019 Verne Buys A Race Horse
My Little Margie 071 Margie Breaks Up With Freddie
My Little Margie 076 Connie Returns From Europe
My Little Margie 093 Verne Quarrels With Friend
My Little Margie 541107 Freddie Adopted By Verne
My Little Margie 541212 Thirty Days To Live
My Little Margie 550522 Does Margie Marry Freddiehv
My Little Margie 550731 Running A Radio Station
My Little Margie 550901 Quiz Showhawaii Tripn
My Little Margie Verne Runs For Mayor
My Little Margie Vernes Surprise Birthday Party
Nash Kelvinator 450311 11 Guest Marjorie Main
Nash Kelvinator 451017 Sophie Tucker [000]
Nash Kelvinator 451121 Ethel Merman [000]
Orson Welles Almanac 440503 15 Lucille Ball
Our Miss Brooks 480719 001 First Day
Our Miss Brooks 481121 016 Model School Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 490130 026 Student Banking
Our Miss Brooks 490410 Conklins Wake Up Plan Afrs Version
Our Miss Brooks 490717 050 Conklins Carlessness Code
Our Miss Brooks 490731 052 Connies New Job Offer
Our Miss Brooks 501008 100 Radio Bombay
Our Miss Brooks 510225 120 Skis In Classroom
Our Miss Brooks 550508 Orphan Twins Afrs
Our Miss Brooks 550703 Deacon Jones Afrs
Ozzie & Harriet 481024 E 04 Matchmaker
Ozzie & Harriet 481031 E 05 Haunted House
Ozzie & Harriet 481107 E 06 Ozzie Is In A Rut
Ozzie & Harriet 490206 E 19 House Cleaning
Ozzie & Harriet 490306 E 23 Crystal Ball
Queen For A Day 450810 Includes News Of Jap Surrender
Queen For A Day 500213
Queen For A Day 520523
Queen For A Day Sales Promo For Armour Shorting Sound
Screen Guild 481230 407 Pinocchio
Texaco Star Theatre 420510 70 Courtin Of Nasty And Narrow
Ybyl 501025 Air Incomplete
Ybyl 580303 Room
Ybyl 580512 Table Edgar & Candice Bergen
Ziegfeld Follies Of Air 320403 Title Unknown



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