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 This is the Story

1 MP3 CD - 42 episodes


"London and Mary Pickford"
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William Holmes McGuffyHow did the shopping department success Woolworth's come to be?  Who ever heard about the comedian W.C. Fields getting his start out of a pool game?  Many Americans learned the how's and why's of these and other stories. This is the Story was a radio program that ran during the late 1940's and into the fifties, telling the little known trivia and untold lessons of the people, places and machines that Americans knew.

This is The Story Radio Program was the encyclopedia of the airwaves. Radio was a medium to get the "word out" as it were and often that word was the stories of providing hope and glee to listening hearts all over. This is the Story was one such program and it never failed to register a rapt attention in living rooms and bedrooms, as the "story" unfolded to millions every week.. Yes..."this is the story!"

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In one episode, William Holmes McGuffy was a preacher and teacher.  His was a life devoted to personal faith and education.  In fact, million of Americans received their early education from the primer's created by this frontier educator that believed in putting his Christian faith into his readings. But , what many people do not realize is how this modest man first began his writing of the first McGuffy primers.  He and his wife, Harriet, were wanting to move on out of the college he worked at, but they did not have the financial means to do so. "This is the Story" takes up this part of the saga that told the story of the publishing company that contracted McGuffy to create a simple work for educators. Through the frustration of not knowing where their next meal would come from, William and Harriet, stayed in faith and pursued by creating the waited upon publication. The publisher was so impressed, he asked McGuffy to create more of the simple readers that taught generations of young children.

WC Fields on RadioSuperimposed next to this story in contrast is the legacy of W.C. Fields and how he went from being a commonly known juggler on vaudeville to one of most famous comedians that loved his drink and frivolity. Fields fell upon hard times in his current career and looked for his next nickel for a drink and a meal.The story spotlighted his hilarious antics with a pool cue that spoke the billiard skills of the bulbous-nosed rapscallion. It was during this performance of skill and wit that someone noticed the potential in Fields and offered him an opportunity to travel giving similar performances around the country. From this one-stop saloon appearance to the history of stage and film, W.C. Fields found his career.

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There many more programs like this focus on the unknown tidbits that shaped our culture, history and world.  People would tune into the radio for a bit of education, a dab of insight and a whole lot of entertainment. These series of programs were a gentle respite at a time that the world was in turmoil.  This is the Story gave laughter, learning and longing. It gave hope.

See also: Mr President and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. This collection is not to be confused with Red Cross' This is My Story radio broadcasts from 1943.

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42 recordings - total playtime 15 hours 36 minutes

This Is Story 000000 011 Wolfe Afrs
This Is Story 000000 040 Robinson Crusoe, Usn Afrs
This Is Story 000000 043 Brave Men Afrs
This Is Story 000000 058 Family Nagashi Afrs.mp3.tmp
This Is Story 000000 065 House Of Burgesses Afrs
This Is Story 000000 084 They Put Out To Sea
This Is Story 000000 098 Great Mcgraw
This Is Story 000000 137 Decision To Use Atomic Bomb
This Is Story 000000 254 Vanishing Americans
This Is Story 000000 Freedom Of Press Afrs
This Is Story 000000 Red Ball Express
This Is Story 400000 009 War In Pacific
This Is Story 400000 035 Walt Whitman
This Is Story 440516 Tapestry For Radio Afrs New York City
This Is Story 440613 11 An American Trilogy Thomas Wolfe Afrs
This Is Story 441029 53 Tabernacle In Dukes Place
This Is Story 460416 115 Last Speech
This Is Story 460630 This Is Singing Country
This Is Story 470323 Army Music
This Is Story 470524 Czech Ear For American Music
This Is Story 470619 Paderewski Pianist, Patriot
This Is Story 500000 004 Pocket Guide Afrs
This Is Story 500000 063 City Of London
This Is Story 500000 064 Paper
This Is Story 500000 081 Gutenberg Printing Press
This Is Story 500000 082 Easter Eggs
This Is Story 500000 087 Woolworth
This Is Story 500000 088 Mustard
This Is Story 500000 103 Boston
This Is Story 500000 104 Robert E. Lees Mother
This Is Story 500000 115 Ralph Waldo Emerson
This Is Story 500000 116 Bismarck
This Is Story 500000 117 Charles Dickens
This Is Story 500000 118 Mcguffeys Reader
This Is Story 500000 133 Ulysses S. Grant
This Is Story 500000 134 Leaves Of Grass
This Is Story 500000 145 Little Jack Horner
This Is Story 500000 146 Daniel Dafoe
This Is Story 500000 155 Hans Christian Anderson
This Is Story 501227 114 Barrier May Be Program #14
This Is Story 510000 016 Reluctant Fighter
This Is Story 521127 049 Arctic Miracle



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