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 Space Missions Collection

8 MP3 CDs - 489 episodes

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"Nixon Calls the Moon"
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Virgil Gus Grissom missionIn some ways we are past the Space Age... We depend on Space to help connect us and keep us safe. We have early warning of hazardous weather, television comes to us from satellites, even our cell phones and smart phones use the Global Positioning System Satellites.

It wasn't all that long ago Space was only something in Science Fiction. It was barely a dozen years between the launch of the first artificial satellite, the Russian Sputnik, and the first landing on the Moon.

The collection begins with the Mercury Program. Mercury was more than a scientific expedition. The Mercury Seven Astronauts were chosen to go into single combat with the Communists. The US got a late start; the Soviets launched Yuri Gagarin into orbit around the Earth three weeks before the US was able to launch Alan Shepard on a sub-orbital flight, and almost a year before they were able to get John Glenn into orbit.

Apollo 11 MoonwalkEarly in the Mercury Program, President Kennedy committed the nation to landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth before the end of the decade. To answer this commitment NASA not only had to design and build the marvelous and expensive machinery to do the job, they quite literally had to learn how to fly to the Moon!

Project Mercury proved that America could get men into space; Project Gemini proved that men could work there. It was a training and learning exercise of the techniques needed for a Moon shot.

The Apollo Missions are covered in great detail, from the first launch of the Saturn V rocket through the first manned orbit of the Moon on Apollo 8, the "rehearsal Flight" of Apollo 10, and climaxing with the first landing on the Moon in the Apollo 11 mission. The remaining Apollo missions are covered as well, including the near tragedy of Apollo 13. Also included are some broadcasts from the Russian space program (Vol. 7)

For a great preview of this collection, see also the article: Space Recordings Article.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 84 shows - total playtime 16 hours 21 minutes

1961-05 Mercury Redstone MR-3
Mercury Redstone MR-3 No. 1-CountdownToT-10Minutes
Mercury Redstone MR-3 No. 2-Countdown&Mission
Mercury Redstone MR-3 No. 3-''EyewitnessToHistory''
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-AFCol.John'Shorty'Powers-Hold
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-Debriefing1stWords
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-EntireFlight
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-Liftoff
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-PadOKForTransferVan
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-ShortyPowers-ManualPitch
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-ShortyPowers-ManualYaw
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-ShortyPowers-MedicalAOK
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-ShortyPowers-PitchAOK
Mercury Redstone MR-3 Shepard610505-ShortyPowers-SystemsAOK

1961-07 Mercury Redstone MR-4
Mariner 4 - No. 1
Mariner 4 - No. 2
Mercury Redstone MR-4 Grissom No. 1 - Lift-Off to Recovery
Mercury Redstone MR-4 Grissom No. 2 - Recovery to Grissom Press Conference
Mercury Redstone MR-4-Grissom610721-Liftoff
Mercury Redstone MR-4-Grissom610721-''NiceRideUpToNow''
Mercury Redstone MR-4-Grissom610721-ShortyPowers-''BeforeHeOpensTheHatch''
Mercury Redstone MR-4-Grissom-''Pow!TheHatchWent''

1961-11 Mercury Atlas MA- 5
Mercury Atlas MA-5 Enos

1962-01 Ranger 3
Ranger 3 Launch

1962-01 Ranger 7
Ranger 7 No. 1
Ranger 7 No. 2
Ranger 7

1962-02 Mercury Atlas MA- 6
Mercury Atlas MA-6 Glenn(2nd Issue) 01-Lift-Off&1stOrbit
Mercury Atlas MA-6 Glenn(2nd Issue) 02-1stOrbit
Mercury Atlas MA-6 Glenn(2nd Issue) 03-Re-Entry&Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-6 Glenn(2nd Issue) 04-PostMissionPressConferencePt.1
Mercury Atlas MA-6 Glenn(2nd Issue) 04-PostMissionPressConferencePt.2
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-All_systems_are_go
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-California_hail
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-California_station
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Canaveral_hails_Glenn_1
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Canaveral_hails_Glenn_2
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Canaveral_hails_Glenn_3
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Communications_reestablished
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Control_system_checks
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''ControlSoFarIsExcellent!''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''FireflyOnARealDarkNight''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Fly-by-wire
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Go_for_third_orbit
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''GodSpeed'
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Hailed_by_Muchea
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Hails_Guaymas
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Heart_prelaunch
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Landing_Bag
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Landing_Bag_Switch
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-LandingBagSignalTest
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Launch
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''LeaveTheRetroPackageOn''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-LiftOff
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Loud_&_clear
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Loud_and_clear
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Mercury_Control
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Orbital_days
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Particles
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Retro_Package_re-entry
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-RetroFire
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Roger_understand
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Say_again
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-SeesBooster
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Shepard-''HotDog''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Shepard-RetroPackDiscussion
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''ThatViewIsTremendous!''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''TheSkyAbove''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''ValidImpactBagSignal''
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-Weightlessness
Mercury Atlas MA-6 - Glenn 620220-''ZeroG&IFeelFine''

1962-05 Mercury Atlas MA-7
Mercury Atlas MA-7 Carpenter 01-Launch
Mercury Atlas MA-7 Carpenter 02-Re-Entry
Mercury Atlas MA-7 Carpenter 03-Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-7-Carpenter620524-1stUseOf''SpaceFood''
Mercury Atlas MA-7-Carpenter620524-''IHaveTheFireflies!''
Mercury Atlas MA-7-Carpenter620524-LiftOff
Mercury Atlas MA-7-Carpenter620524-Re-entry

1962-10 Mercury Atlas MA-8
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 01 - Launch & In Flight Reports
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 02 - In Flight Reports
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 03 - Re-Entry & Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 04 - Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 05 - CBS Post Mission Report
Mercury Atlas MA-8 Shirra 06 - NBC Radio Post Mission Report
Mercury Atlas MA-8-Shirra621003-LiftOff

Volume 2: 73 shows - total playtime 13 hours 31 minutes

1963-05 Mercury Atlas MA-9
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 1 - Lift-Off to Orbit
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 2 - Orbit & Cooper-Shirra Quips
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 3 - Mission & Weather Problems
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 4 - Re-entry & Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 5 - Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper No. 6 - Recovery & post mission analysis
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 1 - Lift-Off to Orbit
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 2 - Orbit & Cooper-Shirra Quips
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 3 - Mission & Weather Problems
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 4 - Re-entry & Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 5 - Re-entry & Recovery
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 6 - Recovery & post mission analysis
Mercury Atlas MA-9 Cooper (Version 2) No. 7 - Cooper's Post Flight Press Conference
Mercury Atlas MA-9-Cooper630514-ToPaulDonnely''LightThisThing...WithYourZippo''
Mercury Atlas MA-9-Cooper630515-''I'dLikeToComeAboardTheCarrier''
Mercury Atlas MA-9-Cooper630515-Prayer
Mercury Atlas MA-9-Cooper630515-''ThingsAreBeginningToStackUp''
Mercury Atlas MA-9-Cooper-''Faith7''Defined

1965-02 Ranger 8
Ranger 8

1965-03 Gemini 3
Gemini GT-03-650603Liftoff

1965-03 Ranger 9
Ranger 9 No. 1
Ranger 9 No. 2

1965-06 Gemini 4

1965-08 Gemini 5
Gemini GT-05-CallFromLBJ
Gemini GT-05-CheckFuelCell
Gemini GT-05-Conrad-''I'mGame!''
Gemini GT-05-EmergencyLandingAvailability
Gemini GT-05-Gordo'sSong
Gemini GT-05-''HaveANiceTrip&DriveCarefully''

1965-10 Gemini GT-06

1966-03 Gemini GT-08
Gemini GT-08-DockingWithAgena
Gemini GT-08-EmergencyUndockingWithAgena

1966-06 Gemini GT-09
Gemini GT-09A-StaffordOnCernan'sVisor

1966-07 Gemini GT-10
Gemini GT-10 01 - EVA
Gemini GT-10 02 - Re-Entry, Splashdown & Recovery
Gemini GT-10 03 - Recovery
Gemini GT-10-FindsAgena8
Gemini GT-10-FiresAgenaToAltitudeRecord

1966-09 Gemini GT-11
Gemini GT-11-PerformsFirstTetheringOfCraftWithAgena11
Gemini GT-11-SetsSpeedRecordTowardsAgena11

1966-11 Gemini GT-12
Gemini GT-12-Aldrin,Momento,Vet'sDay,Army-Navy
Gemini GT-IIIC (Air Force Test Flight - Biggest Thrust Ever Flown)

1967-11 Apollo 4
Apollo AS-04-671109(SaturnV1stFlight)-CronkeitAmazed

1968-03 Apollo 7
Apollo AS-07-1stColdInSpace(Shirra)
Apollo AS-07-NoToTV
Apollo AS-07-Shirra'sHeartRate4Min.IntoFlight

1968-12 Apollo 8
Apollo AS-08-1stCloseupAccountOfMoon'sSurface
Apollo AS-08-1stLunarOrbitAchieved
Apollo AS-08-Borman''LayReads''
Apollo AS-08-EarthViewFromRecordDistance
Apollo AS-08-EndOfLOS,LunarOrbitAchieved
Apollo AS-08-HoustonBefore1stLOS
Apollo AS-08-Liftoff
Apollo AS-08-LongestDistanceMedicalDiagnosis
Apollo AS-08-LOSCountdown
Apollo AS-08-TLIGoAhead

1969-03 Apollo 9
Apollo AS-09 01 (Includes Countdown & Prelaunch Reports)
Apollo AS-09 02 (Includes Lift-off & Mission Coverage)
Apollo AS-09 03 (Includes Docking & Pre-Press Conference Coverage)
Apollo AS-09 04 (Includes LEM Ingress & Press Conference)
Apollo AS-09 05 (Includes EVA)
Apollo AS-09 06 (Includes EVA & 2nd Press Conference)
Apollo AS-09 07 (Includes 2nd Press Conference & LEM Undocking)
Apollo AS-09 08 (Includes LEM Undocking & Reentry)
Apollo AS-09 10 (Includes Recovery)
Apollo AS-09 11 (Includes Recovery)
Apollo AS-09-1stDockingOfCommand&LunarModules
Apollo AS-09-DifficultRedocking

Volume 3: 160 shows - total playtime 23 hours 23 minutes

1969-05 Apollo 10
Apollo AS-10-CernanHasTroubleWithLEMRedocking
Apollo AS-10-Liftoff

1969-07 Apollo 11 Lunar Sound Bytes
Apollo AS-11-No. 003-1201AlarmDuringMoonLandingAttempt
Apollo AS-11-No. 004-1stLandingOnTheMoon'
Apollo AS-11-No. 005-MoonWalk001-''Columbia,ThisIsHouston,Over''
Apollo AS-11-No. 006-MoonWalk002-ArmstrongOnThePorch
Apollo AS-11-No. 007-MoonWalk003-Columbia1MinuteToLOS
Apollo AS-11-No. 008-MoonWalk004-PorchTime
Apollo AS-11-No. 009-MoonWalk005-AldrinHelpsArmstrongOutDoor
Apollo AS-11-No. 010-MoonWalk006-ArmstrongRadioCheck
Apollo AS-11-No. 011-MoonWalk007-AldrinRadioCheck
Apollo AS-11-No. 012-MoonWalk008-RadioChecks,TVTransmissionBegins
Apollo AS-11-No. 013-MoonWalk009-ArmstrongGoesDownLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 014-MoonWalk010-ArmstrongAtFootOfTheLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 015-MoonWalk011-''OneSmallStep''
Apollo AS-11-No. 016-MoonWalk012-LunarSoilDescribed
Apollo AS-11-No. 017-MoonWalk013-WalkingOnMoonDescribed
Apollo AS-11-No. 018-MoonWalk014-DescentEngineMarkingOfSoil
Apollo AS-11-No. 019-MoonWalk015-AldrinHelpsArmstrongGetCamera
Apollo AS-11-No. 020-MoonWalk016-ArmstrongDescribesSightFromInsideShadow
Apollo AS-11-No. 021-MoonWalk017-ArmstrongDescribesLEMFromShadow
Apollo AS-11-No. 022-MoonWalk018-SurgeonSaysArmstrong&AldrinWell
Apollo AS-11-No. 023-MoonWalk019-AmstrongGetsContingencySample
Apollo AS-11-No. 024-MoonWalk020-BeautyOfTheSurface
Apollo AS-11-No. 025-MoonWalk021-''Houston,Roger,Out''
Apollo AS-11-No. 026-MoonWalk022-''YouCanReallyThrowThingsALongWay''
Apollo AS-11-No. 027-MoonWalk023-ArmstrongGivesStatus
Apollo AS-11-No. 028-MoonWalk024-ArmstrongChecksTVPicture
Apollo AS-11-No. 029-MoonWalk025-HoustonOnTVPicture
Apollo AS-11-No. 030-MoonWalk026-AldrinPreparesToDescendLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 031-MoonWalk027-Armstrong''OK!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 032-MoonWalk028-AldrinBeginsToDescendLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 033-MoonWalk029-AldrinDescendsLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 034-MoonWalk030-SRCCameraTransferCapabilities
Apollo AS-11-No. 035-MoonWalk031Armstrong-''Negative!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 036-MoonWalk032-AldrinDescribesLadderDescent
Apollo AS-11-No. 037-MoonWalk033Amstrong''You'veGot3MoreSteps&ThenALongOne''
Apollo AS-11-No. 038-MoonWalk034AldrinReachesBottomOfLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 039-MoonWalk035-Aldrin''CuttingOut''
Apollo AS-11-No. 040-MoonWalk036-ArmstrongPreparesForPanoramaShot
Apollo AS-11-No. 041-MoonWalk037-AmstrongChangesLenses
Apollo AS-11-No. 042-MoonWalk038-''Roger,Neil''
Apollo AS-11-No. 043-MoonWalk039-NewTVPicture
Apollo AS-11-No. 044-MoonWalk040-ArmstrongEnveilsPlaque
Apollo AS-11-No. 045-MoonWalk041-ArmstrongReadsPlaque
Apollo AS-11-No. 046-MoonWalk042-PreparationToMoveCamera
Apollo AS-11-No. 047-MoonWalk043-''It'sSomewhatOutOfFocus''
Apollo AS-11-No. 048-MoonWalk044-AldrinAsksIfCameraPicksUpMesa
Apollo AS-11-No. 049-MoonWalk045-HoustonArrangesTVCameraPlacement
Apollo AS-11-No. 050-MoonWalk046-CameraPlaced
Apollo AS-11-No. 051-MoonWalk047-PanoramaSweepTooFast
Apollo AS-11-No. 052-MoonWalk048-PictureOK
Apollo AS-11-No. 053-MoonWalk049-Armstrong''OK,I'mGonnaMoveIt''
Apollo AS-11-No. 054-MoonWalk050-ArmstrongDescribesHill'sFarSide
Apollo AS-11-No. 055-MoonWalk051-Armstrong''OK!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 056-MoonWalk052-CameraFinalOrientation
Apollo AS-11-No. 057-MoonWalk053-Armstrong''OK!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 058-MoonWalk054-HoustonDescribesWalkToCollins
Apollo AS-11-No. 059-MoonWalk055-HoustonRadioChecksArmstrong
Apollo AS-11-No. 060-MoonWalk056-RadioChecks
Apollo AS-11-No. 061-MoonWalk057-AldrinEvaluates''KangarooHop''
Apollo AS-11-No. 062-MoonWalk058-Aldrin''SayAgain,Houston''
Apollo AS-11-No. 063-MoonWalk059-PhoneCallFromPres.Nixon
Apollo AS-11-No. 064-MoonWalk060-Houston''Roger,Out''
Apollo AS-11-No. 065-MoonWalk061-Houston''Break,Break''
Apollo AS-11-No. 066-MoonWalk062-AldrinCuttingOutOnTransmissionEnds
Apollo AS-11-No. 067-MoonWalk063-HoustonAsksBuzzToTalkCloserToMike
Apollo AS-11-No. 068-MoonWalk064-HoustonHailsColumbia
Apollo AS-11-No. 069-MoonWalk065-ColumbiaAnswersHouston
Apollo AS-11-No. 070-MoonWalk066-HoustonHailsColumbiaAgain
Apollo AS-11-No. 071-MoonWalk067-CollinsThinksHe'sSpottedEagle
Apollo AS-11-No. 072-MoonWalk068-Houston''OK''
Apollo AS-11-No. 073-MoonWalk069-ArmstrongInspectsLEM
Apollo AS-11-No. 074-MoonWalk070-Houston''Roger,Out''
Apollo AS-11-No. 075-MoonWalk071-Houston''Roger''
Apollo AS-11-No. 076-MoonWalk072-HoustonDirectsColumbiaUseHighGainAntenna
Apollo AS-11-No. 077-MoonWalk073-HoustonAdjustsColumbiaAntennaYaw
Apollo AS-11-No. 078-MoonWalk074-Columbia'sHighGainAntenna''LockedUp''
Apollo AS-11-No. 079-MoonWalk075-Surgeon''EverythingLooksFine''
Apollo AS-11-No. 080-MoonWalk076-Armstrong''AndThePanoramaIsComplete''
Apollo AS-11-No. 081-MoonWalk077-AldrinLazerExperiment''DoorsAreClosedAndLocked''
Apollo AS-11-No. 082-MoonWalk078-LazerExperimentPlacement
Apollo AS-11-No. 083-MoonWalk079-AstronautsNegotiateSmallCrater
Apollo AS-11-No. 084-MoonWalk080-DifficultyFindingLevelAreaForExperiment
Apollo AS-11-No. 085-MoonWalk081-HuntForGoodExperimentLocation
Apollo AS-11-No. 086-MoonWalk082-AstronautsLeaveCameraView
Apollo AS-11-No. 087-MoonWalk083-ArmstrongDescribesBoulders
Apollo AS-11-No. 088-MoonWalk084-AldrinCutsOutAgain
Apollo AS-11-No. 089-MoonWalk085-AldrinHasTroubleLevelingExperiment
Apollo AS-11-No. 090-MoonWalk086-''Neil,ThisIsHouston,Roger,Out''
Apollo AS-11-No. 091-MoonWalk087-Neil,ThisIsHouston,Over''
Apollo AS-11-No. 092-MoonWalk088-Armstrong''GoAhead,Houston''
Apollo AS-11-No. 093-MoonWalk089-Armstrong''OK,ThatSoundsFine''Houston''Roger,Out''
Apollo AS-11-No. 094-MoonWalk090-Armstrong''Oh,Shoot!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 095-MoonWalk091-HoustonOrdersBatteryChargeStop
Apollo AS-11-No. 096-MoonWalk092-AldrinHasTroubleHammeringIntoSoil
Apollo AS-11-No. 097-MoonWalk093-Aldrin''WaitAMinute''
Apollo AS-11-No. 098-MoonWalk094-HoustonOrders2CoreTubes&SolarWindExperimentRetrieved
Apollo AS-11-No. 099-MoonWalk095-Aldrin''Roger,Understand''
Apollo AS-11-No. 100-MoonWalk096-''Columbia,Roger''
Apollo AS-11-No. 101-MoonWalk097-AldrinRetrievesSolarWindExperiment
Apollo AS-11-No. 102-MoonWalk098-HoustonOrdersAldrinReturnEndEVA
Apollo AS-11-No. 103-MoonWalk099-Aldrin''Roger''
Apollo AS-11-No. 104-MoonWalk100-HoustonReminderAboutCloseupCameraMagazine
Apollo AS-11-No. 105-MoonWalk101-Aldrin''OK''
Apollo AS-11-No. 106-MoonWalk102-AldrinPreparesToAscendLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 107-MoonWalk103-Adrin''Adios,Amigos!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 108-MoonWalk104-AldrinChecksHoustonBeforeLadderAscent
Apollo AS-11-No. 109-MoonWalk105-PhosporousSpotOnTVScreen
Apollo AS-11-No. 110-MoonWalk106-AldrinAboutToAscendLadder
Apollo AS-11-No. 111-MoonWalk107-Armstrong''HowYaDoin',Buzz''
Apollo AS-11-No. 112-MoonWalk108-Aldrin''I'mOK!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 113-MoonWalk109-SamplesBroughtIntoLEM
Apollo AS-11-No. 114-MoonWalk110-Armstrong''Uh,Oh!''
Apollo AS-11-No. 115-MoonWalk111-ArmstrongCameraTrouble
Apollo AS-11-No. 116-MoonWalk112-Armstrong''OK,StandByASecond''
Apollo AS-11-No. 117-MoonWalk113-HoustonRequestsArmstrongCheckEnviromentals
Apollo AS-11-No. 118-MoonWalk114-LickObservatoryConfirmsLaserExperimentWorks
Apollo AS-11-No. 119-MoonWalk115-Consumables''InGoodShape''
Apollo AS-11-No. 120-MoonWalk116-Aldrin''How'sItComin',Neil''
Apollo AS-11-No. 121-MoonWalk117-Aldrin'sWatchStops
Apollo AS-11-No. 122-MoonWalk118-Armstrong''OK''Aldrin''OK''
Apollo AS-11-No. 123-MoonWalk119-Samples&MagazineStoredInLEM
Apollo AS-11-No. 124-MoonWalk120-Armstrong''ThankYou''
Apollo AS-11-No. 125-MoonWalk121-AldrinClosesLEMDoor
Apollo AS-11-No. 126-MoonWalk122-''ThisIsHouston,GoAhead''
Apollo AS-11-No. 127-MoonWalk123-HoustonInformsArmstrongNotReadable
Apollo AS-11-No. 128-MoonWalk124-HoustonHailsAldrin
Apollo AS-11-No. 129-MoonWalk125-HoustonCan'tReadArmstrongOrAldrin,StandsBy
Apollo AS-11-No. 130-LunarAscent

1969-07 Apollo 11 Pt 1
Apollo AS-11 01 (Includes Countdown & Pre-launch reports)
Apollo AS-11 02 (Includes Lift-off)
Apollo AS-11 03 (Includes Lift-off)
Apollo AS-11 04 (Includes LBJ)
Apollo AS-11 05 (Includes Docking)
Apollo AS-11 06 (Includes Docking)
Apollo AS-11 07 (Includes Severeid)
Apollo AS-11 08 (Includes Arthur C. Clarke) (Ends where Apollo AS-11 05 begins)
Apollo AS-11 09 (Includes LOS)
Apollo AS-11 10 (Includes End of LOS)
Apollo AS-11 11 (Includes TV Press Conference & Lunar Orbit)
Apollo AS-11 12 (Includes Lunar Orbits)
Apollo AS-11 13 (Approx 3.5 Hrs before Lunar Landing)
Apollo AS-11 14 (Includes LOS during Lunar Undocking)
Apollo AS-11 15 (Includes Mike Wallace & Harry Reasoner)
Apollo AS-11 16 (Includes Lunar Descent & Eric Severeid)
Apollo AS-11 17 (Includes Lunar Landing)
Apollo AS-11 18 (Includes Public Reaction)
Apollo AS-11 19 (More Public Reaction, Press Conference)
Apollo AS-11 20 (Includes International Reaction, Mike Wallace)
Apollo AS-11 21 (Includes Arthur C. Clarke & Robert A. Heinlein)
Apollo AS-11 22 (Includes James Burke & Charles Kuralt)
Apollo AS-11 23 (Includes Wive's Reactions)
Apollo AS-11 24 (Includes Preparation for Lunar Egress)
Apollo AS-11 25 (Includes First Steps on Moon)
Apollo AS-11 26 (Includes Armstrong & Aldrin Moonwalks)
Apollo AS-11 27 (Includes Armstrong & Aldrin Moonwalks)
Apollo AS-11 28 (Includes Armstrong & Aldrin Moonwalks, Aldrin Ingress)
Apollo AS-11 29 (Includes Armstrong Ingress)
Apollo AS-11 30 (Includes Severeid, Clarke & Heinlein)

Volume 4: 32 shows - total playtime 23 hours 2 minutes

1969-07 Apollo 11 Pt 2
Apollo AS-11 31 (Includes Aftermath & World Reactions)
Apollo AS-11 32 (Includes Cronkheit's LBJ Interview)
Apollo AS-11 33 (Includes lunar landing of Luna 15)
Apollo AS-11 34 (Includes Severeid, Commager, Vonnegut)
Apollo AS-11 35 (Includes Lunar Ascent)
Apollo AS-11 36 (Includes Lunar Ascent & Orbit)
Apollo AS-11 37 (Includes World & Scientific Reactions)
Apollo AS-11 38 (Includes preliminaries of rendezvous)
Apollo AS-11 39 (Includes Reasoner & Excised Welles Pieces)
Apollo AS-11 40 (Includes 2nd Lunar Docking & end of history's longest continuous tv broadcast)
Apollo AS-11 41 (Includes Beginning of Re-entry & Splashdown Coverage)
Apollo AS-11 42 (Includes LOS & Re-entry)
Apollo AS-11 43 (Includes Splashdown & Recovery)
Apollo AS-11 44 (Includes Recovery & Arrival on USS Hornet)
Apollo AS-11 45 (Includes Nixon's Reception of Quarantined Crew)
Apollo AS-11 46 (Includes end of Reception & Closing Comments by Cronkheit & Magee)
Apollo AS-11-No. 001-Liftoff
Apollo AS-11-No. 002-''Beep''

1969-11 Apollo 12 Pt 1
Apollo AS-12 - 01 Pre-launch Coverage
Apollo AS-12 - 02 Pre-launch Coverage & Apollo AS-11 Retrospective
Apollo AS-12 - 03 Pre-launch Coverage, Apollo AS-11 Retrospective, Arthur C Clarke
Apollo AS-12 - 04 Pre-launch Coverage, Scientific Controversy In NASA
Apollo AS-12 - 05 Launch, Lightning & Laughter
Apollo AS-12 - 06 Includes Docking with LEM
Apollo AS-12 - 07 Includes TLI
Apollo AS-12 - 08 Includes Lunar Landing
Apollo AS-12 - 09 Includes Michael Crichton, Arthur C. Clarke
Apollo AS-12 - 10 Includes Scientific Discussion Of Apollo AS-11 Lunar Soil Samples
Apollo AS-12 - 11 Includes Sampling Of Astronaut Food
Apollo AS-12 - 12 Includes Soviet Film Of Man On The Moon & Cronkeit Gets Punchy
Apollo AS-12 - 13 Preparation For 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-12 - 14 Lunar Egress Begins

Volume 5: 29 shows - total playtime 22 hours 18 minutes

1969-11 Apollo 12 Pt 2
Apollo AS-12 - 15 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-12 - 16 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-12 - 17 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-12 - 18 1st Moonwalk Winds Down
Apollo AS-12 - 19 1st Moonwalk Ends, 2nd Moonwalk Begins
Apollo AS-12 - 20 Chasing Craters & Surveyor 3
Apollo AS-12 - 21 Finding & Studying Surveyor 3
Apollo AS-12 - 22 Studying Surveyor 3 & Soil
Apollo AS-12 - 23 Lunar Ingress
Apollo AS-12 - 24 Lunar Ascent
Apollo AS-12 - 25 Docking
Apollo AS-12 - 26 Re-entry & Splashdown
Apollo AS-12 - 27 Recovery
Apollo AS-12 - 28 Quarantine, Promotions & Presidential Phone Call
Apollo AS-12 - 29 CBS Coverage Concludes, ABC Coverage Of Return Flight Press Conference

1970-04 Apollo 13 Pt 1
Apollo AS-13 01 (Beginning of Coverage)
Apollo AS-13 02 (Includes Overview of Mission Plan)
Apollo AS-13 03 (Includes Launch & Orbit)
Apollo AS-13 04 (Includes Breaking News of Explosion & Press Conference)
Apollo AS-13 05 (Includes Press Conference)
Apollo AS-13 06 (Includes Analysis and Space Communications)
Apollo AS-13 07 (Includes Unaired TV transmission & free return burn)
Apollo AS-13 08 (Includes Continuing Coverage & Space Communications)
Apollo AS-13 09 (Includes Continuing Coverage & Space Communications)
Apollo AS-13 10 (Space Communications & Preparations for LOS)
Apollo AS-13 11 (Includes LOS and 2nd Burn)
Apollo AS-13 12 (Includes Midcourse Correction)
Apollo AS-13 13 (Includes Earth Orbit Entry & SM Jettison)
Apollo AS-13 14 (Includes Space Communications & Re-entry Preparations)

Volume 6: 41 shows - total playtime 24 hours 34 minutes

1970-04 Apollo 13 Pt 2
Apollo AS-13 15 (Includes Mission Retrospective & Re-entry Preparations)
Apollo AS-13 16 (Includes Space Communications & Preparations for CM Power-up)
Apollo AS-13 17 (Includes Space Communications & Preparations for LEM Jettison)
Apollo AS-13 18 (Includes LEM Jettison)
Apollo AS-13 19 (Includes Re-entry)
Apollo AS-13 20 (Includes Re-entry & Splashdown)
Apollo AS-13 21 (Includes Splashdown & Recovery)
Apollo AS-13 22 (Includes Recovery & Crew's Press Conference)
Apollo AS-13-''2001''OnCassette,TVBroadcast
Apollo AS-13-EmergencyPressConference
Apollo AS-13-''Farewell,Aquarius''
Apollo AS-13-HeaterEnergyCosts
Apollo AS-13-'Houston,WeHaveAProblem'
Apollo AS-13-''IsThatRight''
Apollo AS-13-KranzAsksFor''What'sGood''
Apollo AS-13-Launch
Apollo AS-13-''SheSureWasAGoodShip''
Apollo AS-13-''TheAgeOfAquariusEnded''

1971-02 Apollo 14
Apollo AS-14 - 01 Pre-launch Coverage
Apollo AS-14 - 02 Pre-launch & Launch Coverage
Apollo AS-14 - 03 Technical Problems & Lunar Landing
Apollo AS-14 - 04 Prep for 1st Lunar Egress
Apollo AS-14 - 05 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 06 Moonwalk, Cooper Sour Grapes, MET
Apollo AS-14 - 07 Moonwalk, MET
Apollo AS-14 - 08 Moonwalk, MET, Pete Conrad Commentary
Apollo AS-14 - 09 Moonwalk, MET
Apollo AS-14 - 10 End Of 1st Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 11 Beginning Of 2nd Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 12 Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 13 Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 14 Moonwalk, Discussion of Genesis Rock
Apollo AS-14 - 15 End Of Second Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 16 End Of Second Moonwalk
Apollo AS-14 - 17 Lunar Ascent
Apollo AS-14 - 18 LM Approaches CM
Apollo AS-14 - 19 Re-entry & Splashdown
Apollo AS-14 - 20 Recovery

1971-08 Apollo 15 Pt 1
Apollo AS-15 - 01 Preliminaries To Launch
Apollo AS-15 - 02 Preliminaries, Soyuz 11, Beginning Of Launch
Apollo AS-15 - 03 Launch and Docking

Volume 7: 31 shows - total playtime 23 hours 48 minutes

1971-08 Apollo 15 Pt 2
Apollo AS-15 - 04 Lunar Descent
Apollo AS-15 - 05 Lunar Landing
Apollo AS-15 - 06 Lunar Egress & Setting Up Rover
Apollo AS-15 - 07 Technical Problems & Setting Up Rover
Apollo AS-15 - 08 Rover Heads For Hadley Rille
Apollo AS-15 - 09 Exploring Hadley Rille
Apollo AS-15 - 10 Return From Hadley Rille
Apollo AS-15 - 11 Joyriding The Rover
Apollo AS-15 - 12 1st Ride Ends
Apollo AS-15 - 13 1st Ride Retrospective, Prepping for 2nd Ride
Apollo AS-15 - 14 Talking & Stalling Waiting For 2nd Ride Start
Apollo AS-15 - 15 2nd Ride Begins
Apollo AS-15 - 16 CBS A-Team continues to cover 2nd Ride
Apollo AS-15 - 17 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 18 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 19 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 20 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 21 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 22 2nd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 23 2nd Ride Ends to 3rd Ride preliminaries
Apollo AS-15 - 24 3rd Ride Delays
Apollo AS-15 - 25 3rd Ride Begins
Apollo AS-15 - 26 3rd Ride Continues
Apollo AS-15 - 27 3rd Ride Winds Down
Apollo AS-15 - 28 Postage Stamps, Galilio & 3rd Ride Close Out Activities
Apollo AS-15 - 29 3rd Ride Ends, Lunar Ascent
Apollo AS-15 - 30 Docking
Apollo AS-15 - 31 Docking, Space Walk, Re-Entry & Splashdown
Apollo AS-15 - 32 Recovery and Press Conference
Apollo AS-15 - 33 End Of Recovery Coverage & Later Press Conference Review
Apollo AS-15 - 34 Press Conference Review

Volume 8: 39 shows - total playtime 2 hours 42 minutes

Mariner 2
Solar Eclipse Coverage 630720
Vanguard Launch



Russian Soyuz

Russian Sputnik

Russian Vostok
Vostok 2
Vostok 3 & 4 CBS
Vostok 3 & 4 NBC



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