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 Soldiers of the Press

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"Soldiers Of The Press"
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WWII Drama, based on fact (1942-45)

Lon ClarkA series of fifteen-minute shows that were created in New York, and transcribed for syndication by World Broadcasting System. The United Press used this show to feature their reporters, and sustained the show, first on WO in New York City, as a prestige/public service presentation.

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The United Press had War Correspondents in nearly all the theaters of action throughout the War, and these shows are dramatic capsules of their "on-the-scene" eye witness accounts. Veteran New York actors such as narrator Lon Clark (Nick Carter) and actor Jackson Beck (Cisco Kid, Hop Harrigan) create vivid action-based narratives. Some of the events covered are: in Tokyo when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Marines hit the beach at Guadalcanal, actions against Rommell and at Oran in North Africa, American and Canadian forces at Kiska in the Aleutians, Soldiers in the Field with Radio ...Doolittle's bombing raid on Tokyo, the fall of Bataan. Many lesser events are covered, as well as historic actions. Correspondents report from behind enemy lines in Japan, New Guinea, China, Germany and Italy. Most of these United Press war correspondents, such as Eleanor Packard, Frank Hewlett and are not well remembered. Some, like Walter Cronkite, Harrison Salisbury and Charles Arnot went on to greater recognition. Each and every war correspondent featured here deserves a place in history for their dedication, bravery and willingness to "bring home the story." In these productions, our fighting forces are remembered as the individuals they were, and that is a great service to history as well.

Text on OTRCAT.com ©2001-2011 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

Any American who would like to know more about World War II, and experience episodes from it firsthand, presented on radio at that time and reenacted with detail and patriotism, should get this collection. One only can fault these shows for being so short…in this case, only fifteen minutes. But each one is a treasure, and radio brought them to the American public during the War Years. Luckily, we still have them!

See also Dear Adolf, Man Behind the Gun , and Words At War.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 8 hours 6 minutes

Soldiers Press 421109 001 Henry Gorrell Bombing Navareno Bay
Soldiers Press 421116 002 Robert Miller Men At Guadalcanal
Soldiers Press 421123 003 Richard Mcmillan North Africa
Soldiers Press 421130 004 Joe James Custer With Battle Fleet
Soldiers Press 421207 005 Leo Disher Heroism In Oran
Soldiers Press 421214 006 Robert T Bellaire Japanese Prisoners
Soldiers Press 421221 007 William Tyree Pacific Theater
Soldiers Press 421228 008 Frank Hewlett Fall Bataan
Soldiers Press 430104 009 Ned Russell Seige Stuka Acres
Soldiers Press 430111 010 Robert P Martin Bombers Over Haiphong
Soldiers Press 430222 016 Leo Disher A Letter To Mrs Marshall
Soldiers Press 430301 017 Robert Miller A Son Bushido
Soldiers Press 430509 027 Walter Cronkite Dry Martini
Soldiers Press 430516 028 Robert Vermillion Atlantic Convoy
Soldiers Press 430523 029 Clinton B Conger Night Patrol
Soldiers Press 430919 046 Russell Annabel Kiska Mission
Soldiers Press 431128 056 George Palmer Torpedo
Soldiers Press 431205 057 Reynolds Packard Battle Boomerang
Soldiers Press 431226 060 Richard Johnson Leathernecks At Tarawa
Soldiers Press 440102 061 Reynolds Packard Phantom Enemy
Soldiers Press 440430 078 Frank Hewlett Merrills Raiders
Soldiers Press 440507 079 Robert Vermillion Anzio Diary
Soldiers Press 440625 086 Virgil Pinkney Invasion
Soldiers Press 440702 087 Robert Vermillion Road To Rome
Soldiers Press 440917 098 Joan Younger Return Soldier
Soldiers Press 440924 099 Robert Vermillion Paratroopers
Soldiers Press 441112 106 Boyd Lewis Ghost Goes To War
Soldiers Press 441203 109 Leo Disher Drama In Air
Soldiers Press 441224 112 Mac Johnson Target Tokyo
Soldiers Press 441231 113 Henry Gorrell Christmas Greetings
Soldiers Press 450204 118 Ralph Teasworth Communique 168
Soldiers Press 450218 120 Walter Cronkite Symbol Caduceus
Soldiers Press 450325 125 Walter Cronkite Grease Monkey
Soldiers Press 450415 128 Doris Johnstone Hide Out
Soldiers Press 450422 129 Ann Stringer Bravest Men In Army
Soldiers Press 450610 136 Boyd Lewis Victory In West
Soldiers Press 450617 137 Eddie Beattie Prisoner War
Soldiers Press John Mcdermott A Face To Remember
Soldiers Press Robert L Frey Paratroopers Different From 99



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