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 Softboiled Detectives

1 MP3 CD - 54 episodes

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"Nero Wolfe: The Brave Rabbit"
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Thin Man

Vincent Price on the radio, circa 1955Softboiled Detectives are also known as golden age detectives and the term "softboiled" is in response to Hardboiled detectives though some detectives don't neatly fit in either category.  Softboiled Detective fiction tends to focus more on plot twist and development sometimes called a whodunit as the audience solves the crime along with the detective. 

Nick Carter radio showSir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes is considered the archetype of the classic detective using his keen mind and deductive reasoning skills to solve crime.  The Softboiled Detective is often cultured and not in need of physical domination to defeat his opponent.  Nero Wolfe used only his mind and his assistant to solve crime and could even tackle cases without leaving his office or his orchid collection.  Vincent Price as The Saint kept fighting to a minimum and relied on "Louie" the Brooklyn Cab Driver to keep him street smart.  Other Softboiled Detectives include: Hercule Poirot, Thin Man, Nick Carter, Mr. Keen, and Adventures of the Abbotts

For a change of detectives, see also: Hardboiled Detectives and Defective Detectives,

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

54 shows - total playtime 26 hours 14 minutes

Adv of the Abbotts
Aot Abbotts 1 Afrts Cotroyalpurscooter
Aot Abbotts 2 Afrts Rickshawredlipstick
Aot Abbotts 3 Afrts Theyellowchip
Aot Abbotts 4 Afrts Burntcopperpowder
Aot Abbotts 5 Afrts Bloodreddiamond

Charlie Chan
Charlie Chan 1945 Marching Ants Charlie Ambushed
Charlie Chan 452 The Murder Of Deacon Jessup
Charlie Chan Charlies Daughter Is Kidnapped
Charlie Chan Fiery Santa Claus 049
Charlie Chan In Radio City

Fat Man
Fat Man 460909 The Crooked Horse
Fat Man 471003 A Window For Murder
Fat Man 480102 Murder Plays Hide And Seek
Fat Man 480409 Murder Rents A Flat
Fat Man 490401 Murder Wins The Draw

Hercule Poirot
Hercule Poirot 450222 01 The Careless Victim
Hercule Poirot 450712 Rendevous With Death
Hercule Poirot 450719 22 Deadest Man In World
Hercule Poirot 450913 Money Mad Ghoul

Mr Keen
Mr Keen 440413 Leaping Dog
Mr Keen 440615 Case Of Woman In Blue
Mr Keen 441116 Case Of Frightened Child
Mr Keen 450315 Case Of Absent Minded Professor
Mr Keen 460523 Case Of Glamorous Widow
Mr Keen 490609 Case Of Murder And Star Of Death

Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 501124 E06 The Beautiful Archer
Nero Wolfe 501201 E07 The Brave Rabbit
Nero Wolfe 501208 E08 The Impolite Corpse
Nero Wolfe 501215 E09 The Girl Who Cried Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 501222 E10 The Slaughtered Santas

Nick Carter
Nick Carter 431025 029 An Angle On Murder
Nick Carter 431103 030 Body On The Slab
Nick Carter 431110 031 Drug Ring Murder
Nick Carter 470413 283 Chemical Chickens
Nick Carter 470420 284 Case Of The Lucrative Wrecks
Nick Carter 470427 285 Case Of The Luminous Spots

Saint 480303 Case Of Unhappy Homocide
Saint 480526 Case Of Blond Who Lost Her Head
Saint 490731 Conley Silver Mine
Saint 490814 Old Man's Car
Saint 490918 Color-blind Killer
Saint 491106 Unhappy Homocide
Saint 491107 Prove I Did It

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock 541019 The Red Headed League
Sherlock 550109 A Scandal In Bohemia
Sherlock 580406 Hound Of The B
Sherlock 320519 Final Problem
Sherlock 360530 Devil's Foot (Hector, West)
Sherlock 471228 New Years Eve Off The Scilly Islands

Thin Man
Lux360608 The Thin Man
Thin Man 431010 Nora's Wedding Anniversary
Thin Man 441006 Nora's Night Out
Thin Man 441201 Plunger And Joan Winslow
Thin Man 480706 Adventures Of The Passionate Palooka



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