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 Sam Spade

1 MP3 CD - 79 episodes


"Hot Hundred Grand Caper"
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Howard Duff Sam Spade
Detective drama
(1946 - 51)

Star of Sam SpadeSam Spade was the creation of Dashiell Hammett, who along with Raymond Chandler godfathered the tough-guy introspective school of detective fiction that got really big after the Second World War.

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Film star Howard Duff played Sam Spade (also played by Steve Dunne at the very end of the show), Lurene Tuttle was Effie Perrine, his perfect secretary (perfect fantasy of a private eye secretary, that is) and John McIntire was Lt. Dundy. Later William Conrad (Escape, Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke) did Dundy, when the production moved to Hollywood. William Spier, great director of Suspense and many other fine shows, took the tough-guy detective genre and shook it down to basics. Action, drama, toughs, dames, wisecracks and laughs. Add great acting and you have excellent radio.

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Spade was meticulous enough to make a report on each case as it progressed, in line with Hammett's actual Pinkerton Detective Agency background. As the half -hour show unfolded, these reports were sent to Effie, too, so she always knew the score. It seemed she wanted to score with Sam, but that was a scratch at the track in his book. The caper always came first. The wisecrack came second. And if a tough was unaccommodating, then an uppercut might be in order. Effie was there to take care of the business.

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Sam SpadeDunning in his On the Air, the Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio says "The show was loved in its time and still is. The plots were often run-of-the-mill fare, obviously hacked out in the heat of the deadline. No one cared if holes were patched in an obvious and sometimes careless way-this show had a style and class that the others all envied. Duff made the writing part of his own unique character. The wit and charm of the show has weathered four decades, and The Adventures of Sam Spade remains today the pinnacle of radio private "

Included in the update of this show are four episodes of the British Sam Spade - The Maltese Falcon. The Maltese Falcon was the 1930s precursor to the Sam Spade series.

But remember, if Sam's busy, then call on Phillip Marlowe, Richard Diamond or you could Let George Do It. And there's even more detective action where that came from including The Saint, Boston Blackie, and The Falcon. See also: Hardboiled Detectives Collection.

These recordings are also included in the Dashiell Hammett Collection.

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79 shows - total playtime 39 hours 22 minutes

Sam Spade 460802 A004 Sam And Psyche
Sam Spade 460809 A005 Death & Dr Denhoff Caper
Sam Spade 470608 B037 The Calcutta Trunk Caper
Sam Spade 470615 B038 Convertable Caper
Sam Spade 471005 B054 Adam Figg Caper
Sam Spade 471109 B059 Bow Window Caper
Sam Spade 480104 B067 One Hour Caper
Sam Spade 480125 B070 Gold Key Caper
Sam Spade 480620 B091 Death Bed Caper
Sam Spade 480627 B092 The Bail Bond Caper
Sam Spade 480704 B093 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
Sam Spade 480711 B094 Wheel Of Life Caper
Sam Spade 480718 B095 Missing Newshawk Caper
Sam Spade 480725 B096 Mad Scientist Caper
Sam Spade 480801 B097 Dry Martini Caper
Sam Spade 480808 B098 The Bluebeard Caper
Sam Spade 480815 B099 Critical Author Caper
Sam Spade 480822 B100 Vafio Cup Caper
Sam Spade 480829 B101The Lawless Caper
Sam Spade 480912 B103 Lazarus Caper
Sam Spade 480919 B104 Hot Hundred Grand Caper
Sam Spade 480926 B105 Dick Foley Caper
Sam Spade 481003 B106 The Sugar Kane Caper
Sam Spade 481024 B109 Insomnia Caper
Sam Spade 481031 B110 Fairly Bright Caper
Sam Spade 481107 B111 S.Q.P. Caper
Sam Spade 481128 B114 Quarter Eagle
Sam Spade 481212 B116 Bouncing Betty Caper
Sam Spade 490116 B121 Betrayal In Bumpus Hell
Sam Spade 490327 B131 Love Letter Caper
Sam Spade 490410 B133 Stopped Watch Caper
Sam Spade 490417 B134 Report On Edith Hamilton
Sam Spade 490501 B136 Battle Of Belvedere
Sam Spade 490605 B141 Overjord Caper
Sam Spade 490619 B143 Apple of Eve Caper
Sam Spade 490710 B146 Queen Bee Caper
Sam Spade 490717 B147 Cuttyhunk
Sam Spade 490724 B148 Tears Of Night
Sam Spade 490807 B150 The Champion Caper
Sam Spade 490828 B153 Prodigal Daughter Caper
Sam Spade 490925 B157 Chargogagog
Sam Spade 491106 B163 Cheesecake Caper
Sam Spade 491204 B167 Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail Caper
Sam Spade 500518 B191 Red Anapola Caper
Sam Spade 500528 B192 Honest Thief Caper
Sam Spade 500903 B206 Farmer's Daughter Caper
Sam Spade 501117 C001 Over My Dead Body
Sam Spade 501124 C002 Terrified Turkey Caper
Sam Spade 501201 C003 Dog Bed Caper
Sam Spade 501208 C004 The Dry Gulch
Sam Spade 501215 C005 251235679 Caper
Sam Spade 501229 C007 Prodigal Panda Caper
Sam Spade 510105 C008 Biddle Riddle Caper
Sam Spade 510112 C009 Red Star Caper
Sam Spade 510119 C010 Cloak & Dagger Caper
Sam Spade 510126 C011 Chateau McCloud Caper
Sam Spade 510202 C012 String of Death Caper
Sam Spade 510209 C013 The Sure Thing Caper
Sam Spade 510216 C014 The Soap Opera Caper
Sam Spade 510223 C015 The Shot In The Dark Caper
Sam Spade 510302 C016 The Crab Louie Caper
Sam Spade 510309 C017 The Spanish Prisoner Caper
Sam Spade 510316 C018 Sinister Siren Caper
Sam Spade 510323 C019 Kimberly Cross Caper
Sam Spade 510330 C020 The Vendetta Caper
Sam Spade 510406 C021 The Denny Shane Caper
Sam Spade 510413 C022 The Civic Pride Caper
Sam Spade 510420 C023 The Rowdy Dowser Caper
Sam Spade 510427 C024 last showThe Hail And Farewell Cap

Lux 430208 382 The Maltese Falcon
Sam Spade Spoof On First Nighter
Sam Spade The Original Private Eye
Screen Guild Theater 430920 162 The Maltese Falcon
Suspense 480110 279 The Kandy Tooth Caper



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