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 Rudy Vallee Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 62 episodes

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"Rudy Vallee with Fanny Brice and Tallulah Bankhead"
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Rudy Vallee, friends and microphone
Variety Show
(1928 - 55)

Don't Miss Rudy Vallee's New Kind of Radio Program "The Drene Show"Also known as The Fleischmann Yeast Hour and The Royal Gelatin Hour, Rudy Vallee had many sponsors, including Drene Shampoo, Philip Morris, and Kraft Foods. Rudy Vallee was a tough cookie, slave driving the cast of the show during rehearsals and fist fighting anyone who got on his nerves. He was known to slug photographers, fling sheet music at pianists' heads, and come down from the stage to punch hecklers right in the nose.

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Rudy Vallee
Rudy Vallee

In 1934, Radioland wrote of him, "he is the most generous of friends, willing to go out of his way to help people. But once he feels they have violated his trust, he is the bitterest of enemies." Radio Guide wrote that Vallee was "perspicuous, persnickety, and cantankerous, cold as a witch's kiss. Audiences love him. Hired hands despised him."

"The Sinatra of the '20s," Rudy Vallee grew up a cocky kid with a good voice. Sax weilder and vaudeville jokester, Rudy formed his own orchestra in 1928. They played at the New York Heigh-Ho Club, where he developed his trademark greeting, "heigh-ho everybody!" He began The Rudy Vallee Show in 1928 and it was a solid hit in two years, with talented schmucks clamoring to grace Rudy's airtime. Rudy Vallee's show was very well received and influential. Once an unknown made their appearance on Vallee's stage, they were destined to become a star.

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Vallee discovered many up and coming entertainers. Vallee discovered those he thought "had it" and put them on his show. The Rudy Vallee Show made stars of Alice Faye, Frances Langford, Beatrice Lillie, Phil Baker, Milton Bearle, Joe Penner, and even Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. The Aldrich Family also began as a skit on Vallee's show.

Talent scout, slave driver, saxophone player, angry punch-in-the-facer – our man, Rudy Vallee.

See also, Anthony Rudel's article, Rudy Vallee's 80th Anniversary. For more talent scount excitement, see also: Major Bowes and Arthur Godfrey.

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Rudy Vallee Postcard
Volume 1: 27 shows - total playtime 24 hours 5 minutes

Rudy Vallee 330112 Romeo And Juliet Fanny Brice
Rudy Vallee 330126 Twentieth Century Eugenie Leontivich Moffat Johnson
Rudy Vallee 330223 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Conway Terle Lou Holtz
Rudy Vallee 330810 Baby Carriage Walter Okeefe
Rudy Vallee 330817 Autumn Crocus Dorothy Gish Dino Nardi
Rudy Vallee 330824 The Little Minister Helen Hayes John Griggs
Rudy Vallee 331115 Margaret Sullivan
Rudy Vallee 331116 Strictly Dishonorable Margaret Sullivan Toni
Rudy Vallee 331123 Design For Living Gary Cooper Miriam Hopkins
Rudy Vallee 331214 Private Jones James Cagney
Rudy Vallee 340809 Milton Berle
Rudy Vallee 340823 Fremel
Rudy Vallee 340913 Love Nest Wynne Gibson
Rudy Vallee 341212 Cole Porter
Rudy Vallee 341220 Bebe Daniels Ben Lyon
Rudy Vallee 350110 Yacht Club Boys
Rudy Vallee 350314 Dennis King Victor Moore
Rudy Vallee 350321 Noah Pierre Fresnay
Rudy Vallee 350404 Tell Tale Heart Claude Rains
Rudy Vallee 350625 Cross & Dunn
Rudy Vallee 350627 Dear Brutus Leslie Howard & Daughter
Rudy Vallee 350718 The Third Angle Gladys George Roy Smeck
Rudy Vallee 350801 Peg O My Heart Laurette Taylor
Rudy Vallee 351021 Fleischmann Mary Bollins
Rudy Vallee 351024 Mary Of Scotland Gladys Cooper 6th Anniversary
Rudy Vallee 351107 The Lake Miriam Hopkins
Rudy Vallee 351114 Leo G Carol

Volume 2: 35 shows - total playtime 24 hours 50 minutes

Rudy Vallee 360123 Pursuit Of Happiness Paul Lukas Peggy Conklin
Rudy Vallee 360423 Sarah Bernhardt
Rudy Vallee 360618 Theres Always Juliet Margaret Sullivan
Rudy Vallee 360625 Murder In The Cathedral Harry Irvine Bert Lahr
Rudy Vallee 360806 Belief Ricardo Cortez Luise Rainer
Rudy Vallee 361203 Gertrude Lawrence
Rudy Vallee 361231
Rudy Vallee 370617 Fanny Brice Tallulah Bankhead
Rudy Vallee 370916 pt2
Rudy Vallee 380310
Rudy Vallee 380324
Rudy Vallee 380407
Rudy Vallee 380414
Rudy Vallee 380728 Ezra Stone
Rudy Vallee 380825 Eric Blore Frank Craven Ronald Litz Ethel Merman
Rudy Vallee 380908 Rgh Joe Cook Maurice Evans
Rudy Vallee 381117
Rudy Vallee 400301
Rudy Vallee 401128 Reh Escort Service
Rudy Vallee 401226 Reh Courtroom Trial
Rudy Vallee 410102 Reh Supporting Cast
Rudy Vallee 410109 Reh Mounted Police
Rudy Vallee 410116 Reh Horror Story
Rudy Vallee 410327 Groucho Marx & John Barrymore
Rudy Vallee 410501 Barrymore Brothers
Rudy Vallee 410508 Reh Kilowatts
Rudy Vallee 410515 Reh Music Teacher
Rudy Vallee 410626 With Mercedes Mccambridge
Rudy Vallee 410807 Reh Boarding House
Rudy Vallee 410814 Barbecue Rehearsal
Rudy Vallee 410821 Reh Real Estate
Rudy Vallee 410914 Reh Barbecue
Rudy Vallee 420519 Reh John Barrymores Last Performance
Rudy Vallee 420813 Reh Village Store
Rudy Vallee 450927 Battle Of The Crooners



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