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 Recollections at Thirty

1 MP3 CD - 41 episodes


"Labor Day"
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Retrospective (1956-1957)

Sophie TuckerVic and Sade advertisement in Radio MirrorOn its thirtieth anniversary in the 1950s, the National Broadcasting Company created this special program to celebrate many "old time" radio broadcasts from the 1930s. Looking back to the early days of radio, this program "relives the radio events of the past," highlighting the stars, songs, and great moments in sports and special events from the 1930s. With a great variety of wonderful performances, this show includes such great stars as Sophie Tucker, Al Jolson, Red Skelton, Rudy Vallee, Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, Connie Boswell, Fats Waller, as well as Dinah Shore and Judy Garland's debuts. It also includes programs from Vic and Sade, Bergen and McCarthy, Lights Out, and more.

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Listeners were encouraged to write in and request old time radio shows. Some requested old children's programs, others requested such things the earliest broadcast they could scrape up in their sound library - which turned out to be the daily broadcast from June 11, 1927. This show not only plays the old shows, but also contextualizes them in a way that makes them even more delightful. So pull up a chair, set that tired leg on an ottoman and put your ear to the horn, because this is one show you won't want to miss! See also: Behind the Mike.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

41 recordings - total playtime 17 hours 38 minutes

Recollections At 30 560515 Audition Show
Recollections At 30 560620 01 Premiere Show
Recollections At 30 560627 02 The Minstrels
Recollections At 30 560704 03 Rudy Vallee
Recollections At 30 560711 04 Truth Or Consequences
Recollections At 30 560718 05 The Chase Sanborn Hour
Recollections At 30 560725 06 Gene & Glen Aka Jake & Lena
Recollections At 30 560801 07 Crash Of The Hindenburg
Recollections At 30 560808 08 Recreate Highlights Of March 4th 1938
Recollections At 30 560815 09 A & P Gypsies, Pick & Pat
Recollections At 30 560829 10 Labor Day
Recollections At 30 560905 11 Bon Voyage To King George Vi
Recollections At 30 560912 12 Mary Martin's First Radio Appearance
Recollections At 30 560919 13 Abdicatation Of King Edward Viii
Recollections At 30 560926 14 Lights Out
Recollections At 30 561003 15
Recollections At 30 561010 16 The Big Bands
Recollections At 30 561017 17 Judy Garland At 12 Years Old
Recollections At 30 561024 18 Sophie Tucker, Vic And Sade, Al Jolson
Recollections At 30 561031 19 Songwriters Tribute
Recollections At 30 561107 20 Veterans Day Wars From The Past
Recollections At 30 561114 21 Bergan & Mccarthy Debut Judy Garland
Recollections At 30 561121 22 Town Hall Tonight Benny Allen Feud
Recollections At 30 561205 24 Children's Programs
Recollections At 30 561212 25 Connecticut River Flood 1936
Recollections At 30 561219 26 Red Skelton Debut
Recollections At 30 561226 27 June 11, 1927 Broadcast Day
Recollections At 30 570102 28 Ladies Night
Recollections At 30 570109 29 Speed Reading Contest
Recollections At 30 570130 32 Irene Dunne, Joan Davis
Recollections At 30 570206 33 American Album Of Family Music
Recollections At 30 570213 34 Abraham Lincoln
Recollections At 30 570220 35 Helen Hayes, Perry Como, Al Jolson
Recollections At 30 570227 36 Harriet Hilliard, Bob Burns
Recollections At 30 570306 37 Dinah Shore's Debut
Recollections At 30 570313 38 Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Recollections At 30 570320 39 1933 Connie Boswell, Ed Wynn
Recollections At 30 570327 40 Pending Attack By Japan 12135 Jack Benny
Recollections At 30 570403 41 Tribute To H. V. Kaltenborn
Recollections At 30 570410 42 Information Please Greta Garbo, Marian Anderson
Recollections At 30 570417 43 Irving Berlin Tribute



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