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 Rare Game Show Collection

1 MP3 CD - 42 episodes


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Old time radio quiz and game shows were never considered a big priority for the networks, although they were very popular with both sponsors and listeners.

Sponsors loved the quiz shows because the format had great potential for forms of product placement and gave a lot of advertising power for a low budget. Audiences loved them because they were filled with spontaneous fun , following the on-air contestants as well as playing along. Censors were a little more ambivalent; because radio game shows were both live and unscripted, giving the censors relatively little control over them.

The radio game show has evolved into the explosion of competition based reality TV shows that began cropping up after 2000, such as Survivor, America's Top Model, The Apprentice and the Big Brother franchise. The original radio quiz shows were a lot more innocent, but a lot more fun!

Mel BlancThe Rare Game Show Collection is filled with sample episodes of some great quiz programs -- including many rare episodes. The collection will give you a great introduction to this fun type of old time radio entertainment.

Are You a Genius was a rare type of quiz show all by itself; there were no on-air contestants or sponsors. The show was produced as entertainment for Troops overseas by AFRS, featuring Mel Blanc , voice of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, in a one man show asking trivia questions.

On Beat the Band contestants would send in musical questions trying to stump the members of the Ted Weems Orchestra.

The Better Half was a "Battle of the Sexes" show pitting husbands and wives against each other in a question and answer format.

On Can You Top This the audience sent in jokes, and it was up to the panel members to each come up with a funnier joke on the same topic, creating a great treasure of laughter.

Guess Who? gave Happy Feldman the chance to interact with "ordinary people" who would listen to audio clips of famous people and Guess Who they were listening to.

Clifoton Fadiman - Information PleaseInformation Please again featured questions sent in by listeners, this time with a panel drawn from New York's literary community, who often gave very intelligent and entertaining answers. Although Information Please never seemed to put on airs, it did lead to its exact opposite coming to the air on It Pays to Be Ignorant; the panel here was far from the intelligentsia, it is debatable if they could even tie their own shoelaces!   All of which lead to great frustration for the host and good Fun for listeners.

Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge may have been more about hot jazz than getting the questions right or wrong, but audiences loved it.

Mind Your Manners host Allen Ludden led a discussion with "typical teenagers" on typical teenage problems and issues.

Art Linkletter hosted People Are Funny which set up outrageous pranks and then broadcast how unwitting participants reacted to them.

Queen for a Day called on typical house wives to tell their stories--the more tears the better. The teller of the inning story was showered with glamorous gifts and usually given the assistance needed to solve their problems.

Fast answers on a variety of subjects was the Key to winning Quick as a Flash .

Quiz Kids advertisementQuiz Kids used a rotating panel of Children who were selected for their intelligence as well as their personalities. Kids not only say the darndest things, sometimes they answer questions that would stump most adults!

People who had missed their great chance at true love were able to try again to make it work when brought back together with their old loves on Second Chance.

Take It or Leave It contestants were asked increasingly difficult questions. If they gave a correct answer, they could take the prize money, or try for a new question and a bigger prize.

Vox PopContestants were given an almost impossible question on Truth or Consequences. When they failed to answer the question correctly, they would face the consequence, the most outrageous and embarrassing stunt the show's writers could come up with!

Twenty Questions was a radio version of the popular parlor game that almost every family has played, but on the radio we got the hear the Van Deventer family play and interact.

Vox Pop took their microphones and their questions to various location to hear "the voice of the people".

The featured guest on Which is Which was hidden from the studio audience behind a curtain. The audience then would have to guess whether the guest was an actual celebrity or a clever impersonator.

Finally, perhaps the funniest game show on radio, You Bet Your Life gave Groucho Marx a chance to play the character loved by generations, sharing his own brand of warm-hearted cynicism.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


42 shows - total playtime 19 hours 26 minutes

Are You A Genius
AYAG 421216 What Date Was The 1st Model T Put On The Market
AYAG 421223 What Does 'the Smoking Lamp Is Lit' Mean

Beat The Band
Beat The Band 400128 First Show
Beat The Band 400317 P Como, E Tanner,r Ingle

Better Half
Better Half 460402
Better Half 460416

Break The Bank
Break The Bank 491005 The Blains
Break The Bank 500201

Can You Top This
Can You Top This 420421 Restaurants
Can You Top This 450815 Suitors

Guess Who
Guess Who 450519 Arnold Farlin-Al Smith fr. MSG
Guess Who 470823 Mrs. Brooks-John Barrymore

Information Please
Info Please 381227 William Lyon Phelps
Info Please 390103 Edwin Edgar

It Pays to Be Ignorant
Ignorant 441013 Married Men Live Longer
Ignorant 441020 Chicken Cross the Street

Kay Kyser
Kay Kyser 074 Marine Base Goleta Ca Afrs 1944
Kay Kyser 075 Long Beach Ca USCG Afrs 1944

Mind Your Manners
MYM 480522 Should I Accept An Expensive Watch
MYM 490115 A Boy Who Is Shy Around Girls

People Are Funny
PAF 531013 Scare Away Tax Collector
PAF 531020 Where Is Your Husband Tonight

Queen For A Day
Queen for a Day 480214
Queen for a Day 500213

Quick As A Flash
Quick as a Flash 470316
Quick as a Flash 470323

Quiz Kids
Quiz Kids 480718 422
Quiz Kids 480725 423

Second Chance
Second Chance 541203 Claire
Second Chance 550113 Mae Walters

Take It or Leave It
Take It Or Leave It 421108 W Jack Benny
Take It Or Leave It 470713 Popular Broadway Songs

Truth or Consequence
Truth Or Consequences 471025
Truth Or Consequences 471220 Christmas Show

Twenty Questions
Twenty Questions 480000 Lulu McConnel
Twenty Questions 480918 William Gagstein

Vox Pop
Voxpop 420112 Aviation Cadets Randolph AFB TX
Voxpop 420126 Columbia Studios Hollywood CA

Which is Which
Which is Which 441220 Maxie Rosenbloom, Nigel Bruce
Which is Which 450124 Phil Silvers, Judy Canova

You Bet Your Life
YBYL 491221 Chair
YBYL 491228 Name



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