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 Quiet Please

1 MP3 CD - 89 episodes


"Green Light"
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Outstanding Dark Fantasy (1947 - 49)

Ernest ChappellThis treasure comes from the creator of the late night drama Light's Out, Wyllis Cooper. Cooper is credited by writer Arch Oboler as creating radio drama (as distinguished from stage drama.) Cooper's career was varied in the years before he turned to writing. Soon out of high school he joined the US Calvary, spending time on the Mexican border in 1917. He joined the Signal Corp and was gassed during WWI. Through the 1920's he wrote advertising copy before entering radio, writing scripts for the NBC program, The Empire Builders. In 1933 he created the series Lights Out. Originally written and directed by Cooper,Light's Outaired at midnight "to catch listener's attention at the witching hour." The show specialized in grisly horror, blood curdling acting, and menacing sound effects, although it was tamed down when the show went national. Cooper capitalized on his success, and left the show in 1936 (Oboler was his replacement.) Cooper moved to Hollywood and wrote screenplays for various studios, including the 1939 Son of Frankenstein, in which he introduced the character Ygor. In 1940 he moved to New York and wrote for The Campbell Playhouse, the sponsored continuation of Orson Welles Mercury Theatre on the Air. During WWII he produced and directed the weekly news and propaganda show The Army Hour for the Secretary of War. In 1947 he created what is considered his finest work, Quiet, Please.

Quiet, Please,repeated twice, followed by a lonely, funereal organ playing. Most of the story is told as a narrative, with little dialog. The featured actor, Ernest Chappell, is credited as "the man who spoke to you." Chappell did not play an action character; rather he would tell the listener a story, usually in the form of a flashback. He would be a retired oil man telling a story to the listener from his living room, or an old railroad worker whom the listener meets in the station. Always the listener is engaged because the story is being told directly to him, as though he were in the same room. Slowly, quietly, the listener is drawn into a world very similar to our own, but it is a world where an unseen, unknown terror is lurking very nearby. Chappell would usually portray a specialist of some type, an oil platform worker, a mountain climber, a soldier, a telegraph operator, and Cooper would pepper the stories with details of the job, further drawing the listener into the world they create.

Ernest Chappell had worked in radio for a number of years, but always as a newsman or announcer. This suited Cooper's project perfectly (acting was a "pet hate" of Cooper's). The stories are genius in their simplicity, mostly narrative with only two or three actors besides Chappell filling small parts, and very little sound effects and other production techniques besides the afore mentioned organ. The show was also noted for its long, dramatic pauses. One reviewer said they were often long enough that you thought your radio had gone dead, that a "half hour Cooper script played at ordinary tempo would run about 11 minutes." The same reviewer would praise the show.

Quiet, Please is usually listed as a horror and suspense program, but the topics would also range through romance, science fiction, crime and family drama, even humor, albeit dark and self deprecating. The call for Quiet, Please asks the listener to put away distractions so that another world can be entered, and then (hopefully) safely left behind. "And so, until next week at this same time, I am quietly yours, Ernest Chappell."

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(Please note that many of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

89 shows - total playtime 40 hours 47 minutes

QuietPlease 470608 e001 Nothing Behind The Door
QuietPlease 470615 e002 I Have Been Looking For You
QuietPlease 470622 e003 We Were Here First
QuietPlease 470629 e004 The Ticket Taker
QuietPlease 470720 e005 Cornelia 2
QuietPlease 470727 e006 I Remember Tomorrow
QuietPlease 470803 e007 Inquest
QuietPlease 470810 e008 Bring Me to Life
QuietPlease 470910 e014 How Are You Pal
QuietPlease 470922 e016 Be A Good Dog Darling epartial)
QuietPlease 471006 e018 Not Enough Time
QuietPlease 471013 e019 Camera Obscura
QuietPlease 471027 e021 Don't Tell Me About Halloween
QuietPlease 471103 e022 Take Me Out to the Graveyard
QuietPlease 471110 e023 Three
QuietPlease 471117 e024 Kill Me Again
QuietPlease 471124 e025 In Memory of Bernadine
QuietPlease 471201 e026 Come In, Eddie
QuietPlease 471208 e027 Some People Dont Die
QuietPlease 471215 e028 Little Fellow
QuietPlease 471229 e030 Rain On New Years Eve
QuietPlease 480105 e031 Little Visitor
QuietPlease 480112 e032 The Room Where the Ghosts Live
QuietPlease 480119 e033 Bakers Dozen
QuietPlease 480126 e034 Green Light
QuietPlease 480202 e035 Pathetic Fallacy
QuietPlease 480209 e036 A Red and White Guideon
QuietPlease 480216 e037 Whence Came You
QuietPlease 480223 e038 Wear The Dead Mans Coat
QuietPlease 480301 e039 Sketch For A Screenplay
QuietPlease 480308 e040 Never Send To Know
QuietPlease 480322 e042 A Night to Forget
QuietPlease 480405 e044 I Always Marry Juliet
QuietPlease 480412 e045 Twelve To Five
QuietPlease 480419 e046 Clarissa
QuietPlease 480428 e047 13 and 8
QuietPlease 480503 e048 How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
QuietPlease 480510 e049 There Are Shadows Here
QuietPlease 480517 e050 Gem Of The Purest Ray
QuietPlease 480524 e051 In The House Where I Was Born
QuietPlease 480614 e054 Not Responsible After 30 Years
QuietPlease 480628 e055 Let the Lillies Consider
QuietPlease 480705 e056 Wahine Tahiti
QuietPlease 480719 e057 As Long As I Live
QuietPlease 480726 e058 The Man Who Stole A Planet

QuietPlease 480802 e059 It's Later Than You Think
QuietPlease 480809 e060 The Thing on the Fourble Board
QuietPlease 480816 e061 Presto-Change-O
QuietPlease 480823 e062 3000 Words
QuietPlease 480906 e064 Third Man's Story, The
QuietPlease 480913 e065 Symphony In D Minor
QuietPlease 480919 e066 Anonymous
QuietPlease 480926 e067 Light The Lamp For Me
QuietPlease 481003 e068 Meet John Smith
QuietPlease 481010 e069 Beezers Cellar
QuietPlease 481017 e070 And Jeannie Dreams Of Me
QuietPlease 481024 e071 Good Ghost
QuietPlease 481031 e072 Calling Alll Souls
QuietPlease 481107 e073 Adam And The Darkest Day
QuietPlease 481114 e074 The Evening And The Morning
QuietPlease 481121 e075 One For The Book
QuietPlease 481128 e076 My Son John
QuietPlease 481205 e077 Very Unimportant Person
QuietPlease 481226 e080 Berlin 45
QuietPlease 490102 e081 The Time Of The Big Snow
QuietPlease 490109 e082 Portrait Of A Character
QuietPlease 490116 e083 Is This Murder
QuietPlease 490123 e084 Summer GoodBye
QuietPlease 490130 e085 Northern Lights
QuietPlease 490206 e086 Tap The Heat Bogdan
QuietPlease 490213 e087 Valentine
QuietPlease 490220 e088 Where Do You Get Your Ideas
QuietPlease 490227 e089 If I Should Wake Before I Die
QuietPlease 490306 e090 The Man Who Knew Everything
QuietPlease 490313 e091 Dark Rosaleen
QuietPlease 490320 e092 The Smell Of High Wines
QuietPlease 490327 e093 A Time To Be Born
QuietPlease 490410 e095 Dialogue for A Tragedy
QuietPlease 490417 e096 Shadow Of The Wings
QuietPlease 490424 e097 The Veil Of Glencove
QuietPlease 490501 e098 Dark Gray Magic
QuietPlease 490508 e099 The Other Side Of The Stars
QuietPlease 490515 e100 The Little Morning
QuietPlease 490522 e101 The Oldest Man In The World
QuietPlease 490528 e102 In The House Where I Was Born
QuietPlease 490604 e103 Tanglefoot
QuietPlease 490611 e104 The Hat The Bed And John J Catherine
QuietPlease 490618 e105 Pavanne
QuietPlease 490625 e106 Quiet Please


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