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 Perry Mason

1 MP3 CD - 253 episodes


"Perry Mason at Wallace’s Home"
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Young Raymond Burr
Serial, Based on the novels of Erle Stanley Gardner (1943 - 55)

Perry MasonWhen someone mentions the name "Perry Mason" the first image that runs through their mind is of a lawyer who unmasks murderers and crooks in the courtroom. Even though the television Perry Mason is the one everyone remembers, the original Perry Mason, whose derivation came from radio, is a lot different.

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John Larkin
John Larkin is one of several
actors who played the radio role
Raymond Burr television
Raymond Burr played
the television role

The roll of Perry Mason shifted over the long run starting with Bartlett Robinson and then followed by Santos Ortega, Donald Briggs, and finally John Larkin who played the famous attorney after 1947.

The Perry Mason of radio would rather swap gunshots with evildoers than sit in a boring courtroom, waiting for the deliberation! Geared more towards action than courtroom drama, Perry Mason ran 12 seasons and later led to the development of the now-popular Raymond Burr television show, which started in the late 1950s.

(Please note that most of these recordings are approximately 10 minutes long which allows for all the episodes to barely fit on a single MP3 CD. This collection includes every available Perry Mason recordings and unfortunately serial story lines are not complete)

See also the crime serials Front Page Farrell and The Clutching Hand. For more courtroom drama, see also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

253 shows - total playtime 42 hours 1 minutes

PM 1337
PM 1338
PM 1339
PM 1340
PM 1341
PM 1342
PM 1343
PM 1344
PM 1345
PM 1346
PM 1347
PM 1348
PM 1604 Honeymoon Murder Case
PM 1605 Honeymoon Murder Case
PM 1925 Case Of The Deadly Double
PM 1926 Case Of The Deadly Double
PM 2085 Mae Grant Cries Out
PM 2086 Marcel Threatens Mae
PM 2097 Perry Questions Hotel Manager
PM 2098 Shocking Message
PM 2145 No Mercy For Mae Grant
PM 2146 Perry At Women's Prison
PM 2147 Daughter Or Stranger
PM 2148 Bill's Reaction
PM 2149 Bill Confronts Mae
PM 2150 Bill Grant, Witness
PM 2169 Gloria Teases Dorrie
PM 2170 Dorrie Is Comforted
PM 2215 Chambermaid Testifies
PM 2216 Squeaking Witness Chair
PM 2217 Dorrie's 6th Birthday
PM 2218 Subpoena For Dorrie
PM 2219 Little Dorrie Testifies
PM 2220 Toy Pistol Testimony
PM 2221 Prosecutor Exploits Dorrie
PM 2222 Dorrie's Little Bible
PM 2223 Crying Dorrie Runs
PM 2224 Mae To Visit Dorrie
PM 2225 Mae Heals Dorrie's Hurt
PM 2226 Perry's Strategy Working
PM 2227 Perry Demands Kitty's Testimony
PM 2228 Anna Alerted By Kitty
PM 2229 Kitty Testifies
PM 2230 Missing Witness
PM 2231 False Alibi For Kitty
PM 2232 Perry Discredits Witness
PM 2233 Perry Visits Witness
PM 2234 Gunshot Test
PM 2235 New Developement
PM 2236 Kitty's Testimony
PM 2237 Mae's Phony Pregnancy
PM 2238 Perry's Decoy Bus Ticket
PM 2239 Escape In Fake Ambulance
PM 2240 Tragg Knows Perry Planned Escape
PM 2241 Mae's Suicide Note
PM 2242 Cops To Arrest Perry
PM 2243 Big Packing Case Trick
PM 2244 Cops Fall For Trick
PM 2245 Perry Escapes Arrest
PM 2246 Important Envelope
PM 2247 At Coffee Shop
PM 2248 Della Disguised As Waitress
PM 2249 Perry And Della To Atlanta
PM 2250 Reward For Perry's Capture
PM 2251 Norris Knows Perry Is Wanted
PM 2252 Perry's Trick Gun
PM 2253 Della To Atlanta
PM 2254 Reunited In Atlanta
PM 2686 Making Friends With Dog
PM 2689 Kate Speeks To Officer Mccanerney
PM 2695 Perry Calls At Kate's House
PM 2696 Audition For Miss Poers
PM 2697 Kate's Back May Not Heal
PM 2698 Kate Hurts Back At Audition
PM 2699 Mr Beakman Argues
PM 2699 Mr. Beakman Argues
PM 2700 Appointment In Jail
PM 2701 At Kate's House
PM 2702 Riley Won't Meet
PM 2703 The Big Fellow
PM 2704 Alliance Insurance Company
PM 2706 Herbert J. Talks To Miss Powers
PM 2707 Perry With Lt Tragg
PM 2708 Auto Theft
PM 2709 Interrogating Car Thief
PM 2710 Private Meeting
PM 2711 Alliance Meeting
PM 2712 Perry And Della At Dinner
PM 2713 Perry's Secret Is No Secret
PM 2714 Perry Wants To Be Noticed
PM 2715 Wallace At Perry's Office
PM 2716 5 Five Min With Francis Riley
PM 2717 Riley Goes To The Morgue
PM 2718 At The Morgue Talking
PM 2719 Girl With Cut Hand
PM 2720 A New Face Gus
PM 2721 Kate At New Club
PM 2722 Gus Knocks Out Gordy
PM 2723 Checking Drugstore Doctors
PM 2724 Perry At Mr Scott's Drugstore
PM 2725 Girls Name Revealed
PM 2726 Gus Sows Seeds Ofdoubt 2
PM 2727 Perry At Wallace's Home
PM 2728 Gordy At Tony's Apt
PM 2729 Gus Lining Up His Boys
PM 2730 Drake Looking For Susan
PM 2731 Finds Clearing House For Cars
PM 2732 Friend For Kate At Club
PM 2733 Gordy Talks With Kate
PM 2734 Gus At The Club
PM 2735 Meeting Of Gus, Gordy, J.t
PM 2736 Gus Thinking About Susan
PM 2737 Tony Being Nice To Kate
PM 2738 Gus Takes Kate Home
PM 2739 Gordy Stops Gus
PM 2740 Perry And Della At Club
PM 2741 Perry, Who Is Manager
PM 2742 Perry Gets Call From Drake
PM 2743 Gus To Kill Employee
PM 2744 Car Goes Over Cliff
PM 2745 J.t. Talks About Beakman
PM 2746 H.q. Finds Pete
PM 2747 Lt Shows Pictures
PM 2748 Kate's Mother Tells
PM 2749 Animal Hospital
PM 2750 Pete Watkin's Car
PM 2751 Jt's Hit On Gus
PM 2752 Perry Talks To Doctor
PM 2753 In Syndicate Garage
PM 2754 At Informant's Apartment
PM 2755 Paul Drake's Hospital Room
PM 2756 August At Bus Station
PM 2757 Perry At Bus Station
PM 2758 August At Doctor's Office
PM 2759 August With A Nurse
PM 2760 Perry At Doctor's Office
PM 2761 Back At Drugstore
PM 2762 Perry's Rooming House
PM 2763 Entering Rooming House
PM 2764 August Is Back
PM 2765 Fake Mrs Barkley's Death
PM 2766 August At The Club
PM 2767 At Club With Kate
PM 2768 At The Airport
PM 2769 Pat Driving
PM 2770 At Delah's Apartment
PM 2771 Gordy Meets Gus At Lounge
PM 2772 Gus Talks To Tony
PM 2773 Mrs Barkley's House
PM 2774 In On A State Road
PM 2775 At Jake's Office
PM 2776 Della Talks To Asst. D.a.
PM 2777 August Reads The Newspaper
PM 2778 D.a. At Perry's Office
PM 2779 Arch Kerner's Office Recording
PM 2780 New Twistsgus Buys A Rifle
PM 2781 Homicide Office
PM 2782 Albert And Gus Sight The Rifle
PM 2783 Second Story Room Lookout 0520193701
PM 2784 Plan Doesn't Work
PM 2785 Newspaper Office
PM 2786 At Wallace's Office
PM 2787 Kerner's Office
PM 2788 Susan Barkley
PM 2789 Assistant Da At Barkley House
PM 2790 Perry At The Barkley House
PM 2791 Susan Tries To Leave Again 0522114111
PM 2792 Jt Meets With Gus
PM 2793 At The Office Gus At Vets
PM 2794 Mrs. Barkley Talks To Susan
PM 2795 Susan Calls Perry
PM 2796 D.a. Tough With Susan
PM 2797 Susan Calls Gus
PM 2798 Susan's Lost Memory
PM 2799 In The Barkley House
PM 2800 Kate At Home
PM 2801 Talk Of Framing Kate
PM 2802 Gordy Knows Big Fellow
PM 2803 Perry Is Fired
PM 2804 Police Headquarters
PM 2805 Perry Meets Paul Drake
PM 2806 Kate At Home And Gordy Calls
PM 2807 Drake Tells About Gordy
PM 2808 9-15 Pm At Kate's House
PM 2809 Gordy Has Been Murdered
PM 2810 Ed Beakman Finds Gordy
PM 2811 Kate In A Daze Meets Gus
PM 2812 Back At The Murder Apartment
PM 2813 Ed Questioned
PM 2814 Parole Officer At Beakman's
PM 2815 Gus Talks To J.t.
PM 2816 Perry Stops Kate
PM 2817 Ed Beakman Confesses
PM 2818 Ed Beakman Tells The Truth
PM 2819 Jake Visits Perry
PM 2820 Apt Talks To Jimmy And Marion
PM 2821 Della Talks With Kate
PM 2822 Mrapt Gloats To Halverson
PM 2823 Halverson Talks To Fasina
PM 2824 Halverson And Tony Continue Talking
PM 2825 Kate And Della With Tony
PM 2826 Gus Influencing Tony
PM 2827 Gus Works On Tony
PM 2828 Perry At The Funeral
PM 2829 Tony Goes To The D.a.
PM 2830 Kate, Della, Tony With Apt
PM 2831 Halverson At Beakman Home
PM 2832 Perry With Mr Apt
PM 2833 Drake Gets Order From Perry
PM 2834 Mrapt Calls A Press Conference
PM 2835 Halverson At Della's Apt.
PM 2836 Kate In Custody
PM 2837 At Precinct 13
PM 2838 The Line Up
PM 2839 Apt Talks To Kate
PM 2840 Perry Talks With Kate
PM 2841 At The City Jail
PM 2842 Gus At Perry's Office
PM 2843 Gus Talking To Jt
PM 2844 At Women's Jail
PM 2845 Outside Women's Prison
PM 2846 Gus And Tony
PM 2847 At The Insurance Company
PM 2848 Francis Riley's Home
PM 2849 In The Hotel Lobby
PM 2850 Halverson With Perry And Della
PM 2851 Nickolas Importing Company
PM 2852 Drake Detective Agency
PM 2853 At Perry's Office
PM 2854 At Women's Jail
PM 2855 At Women's Jail
PM 2856 At Women's Jail
PM 2857 At Women's Jail And Da's Office
PM 2858 Da's Office Drake At Nightclub
PM 2859 Halverson's Sister
PM 2860 At Women's Jail
PM 2861 At Perry's Apartment
PM 2862 Halverson At Perry's Office
PM 2863 At Women's Jail
PM 2864 At Women's Jail And Perry's Office
PM 2865 At The Court House And Tony's Place
PM 2866 Tony's Place And Court House
PM 2867 Women's Jail And D.a.'s Office
PM 440607 Case Of The Puzzled Suitor
PM 490711 Smell Of Death
PM 490817 Bill Barker
PM 531229 Toni Facina Meets Kate In The 2687 Park
PM 531230 2688 Kate Brings Skipper Home Calls Gordy
PM 540101 2690 Gordy Tells Kate About His Setup Kate Not Tak
PM 540105 Tony Asks Bob To Be Her Agent 2692 Again Mason Set
PM 540106 2693 Mason Meets Mrs Riley Audrey Troubled About K
PM 540107 2694 Kate Dressing For Audition Dr Hall Concerned
PM Investigates Palmer Murder



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