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 OTRCAT SAMPLER 05 (Purchase an extra copy)

1 MP3 CD - 100 episodes


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Old Time RadioGet ready to tap your foot along to Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold and Sammy Kaye, shiver your spine with Murder Clinic, and shoot off in a rocket with Captain Starr of Space. Test your wit and see if you can beat the buzzer with Quiz Kids. Say the sacred chant, "Ohm, Mani, Padme, Ohm, The Green Lama Strikes for Justice with the Green Lama. Or start building your own dream house with Mr and Mrs Blandings. This Sampler #5 has it all, from Lonesome Gal cooing in your ear to sleuthing with the Abbotts. If it's 10, 2 or 4 o'clock, grab your Dr. Pepper and lend an ear because this sampler is sure to be a Barrell of Fun for everyone!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

100 shows - total playtime 38 hours 28 minutes

10 2 4 Ranch 440310 336 'when You Wore A Tulip'
ABC Mystery Time Death Walked In
Adventures Abbotts 09 Afrts Fabulousemnecklace
Adventures Of Zorro 57xxxx 01 The King's Justice
Afvn ''Cool, Clear Water''
American Adventure 551020 Johnnyappleseed
Barrel Of Fun 411225 21 Charlie Is Held Up
Big Sister 440607 Day After D Day
Biggest Heart 501020 Mrs Archaleta Story
Binnie & Mike 461118 Morning Talk Show
California Melodies 410125 e0042
Calling All Detectives 480614 198 Casebook o J Browning
Campbell Playhouse 390324 16 Twentieth Century
Case Dismissed 540403 10 Responsibility Of Eye Witness
Charlotte Greenwood 450722 Barbara's Dear John Letter
Christopher London 500529 Pattern for Murder
Chrylser 46 Yes Yes In Your Eyes
Clara Lu Em 350701 Measles
Comic Weekly Man 510325 Easter
Count of Monte Cristo - The Chosen of the Gods
Creeps By Night 440711 21 Six Who Did Not Die
Crime Doctor 450429 Payba
Death Valley Days 360827 305 Sam Bass
Diamond Dramas 450415 Diamond of Caesar Borgia
Drug Store Collection A&C 460307 The Boys Run A Drug Store
Eddy Arnold Country Hoedown
Edward R Murrow I Can Hear It Now 01
Globe Theater 440821 The Ghost Goes West
Grandby's Green Acre's 500710 Granby Plants A Crop
Green Lama 490605 01 Man Who Never Existed
Guard Session 091 Nat King Cole
Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour Show 3
Happy Gang Christmas Show
Harry James Show Marines 12 'taboo'
Hercule Poirot 451116 Trail Led To Death
Heres To Veterans Spike Jones Orch
Hollywood Is On The Air [36] 1936 College Holiday
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510920 02 Hour Of Truth
Howdy Doody Time 520816 Buffalo Bob Smith
I Sustain The Wings 440318
Jack Carson Show 470115 16 George Burns and Gracie Allen
Jack Haley 381028 ep03 Lord Fauntleroy
Jason and the Golden Fleece Felecia Looks Like Linda
Jeff Regan 480814 The Diamond Quartet
Joan Fontaine Collection Hall of Fame 440213 11
Joe Penner 361213
Johnnie Lee Wills (06)
Jr Gmen 360605 003 Secret Oflocked Room Pt 1
Kate Smith Show 440421 A Tiny Trolley In Trallee
Light Crust Doughboys 1948 1st Song Lucky Days
Live from Birdland 530101
Live, Mark Hopkins Hotel 320224 16 Ill See You Again
Lonesome Gal 510302
Lorenzo Jones 390000
Louella Parsons 481109 Joan Crawford
Love Story 371024 06 Tiny Pink Elephants
Magic Key 360112 16 W Adele Astaire
Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour 390921
Man Behind The Gun 440129 Something For The Girls
Manhattan Merry Go Round 430000(short)
Meet the Meeks 471220 Is Uncle Louis An Heir
Melody Ranch 530920 1st Tweedle O'twill
Melody Roundup AFRS pgm.2030
Mr & Mrs Blandings 510428 Lilly La Marre
Murder Clinic 421006 Tragedy Of Marsdon Manor
Myrt & Marge 460403 03 Myrt Has Her First Fitting
Night Editor Smoke Rings
Nightmare Ad Electrocute The Wife
One Night Stand 431201 Glen Gray Casa Loma Orch
Orson Welles Almanac 440126 01 Groucho Marx
Our Miss Brooks 490109 023 The Heating System
Pacific Powerland 406 John Day
Paul Whiteman 430620 03 Presents Dinah Sk
Perry Como Guard Session 093
Philip Morris Playhouse 490225 Leona's Room
Planet Man 001
Presenting Charles Boyer 500928 12 The Clock
Quiz Kids 410416 Guest Quiz Kid Little Jackie Benny
Random Rarities Hollywood Fights Back 471026
Recollections At 30 561024 18 SophieTucker-Vic-Sade-Jolson
Redbook Dramas 320811 (12) A Gent Passes By
Religious Coll Revival Hour 400310 Charles Fuller
Renfrew Of The Mounted 390204 The Bribecorporal Standish
Rogers Of The Gazette 530923 12 Farm Sale Day
Sammy Kaye 066 440910
Sea Hound 440309 Phantom Raiderescape
Second Chance 530622 ep01 Miliam
Serenade In Blue 735
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480613 Crooked Hero
Sonny and Buddy 360726 ep082 Betty Found
Starr of Space 530000 Citizens of Mars
Texaco 390913 Valley Forge, Ken Murrey pt1
The Navy Swings 5hgxtv8100a
This Is My Best 450313 28 Heart Of Darkness
Unsolved Mysteries 06 Mystery Of The Zombie
US Navy Shows 001 013 Ray Anthony with Begin the Beguine
Valiant Lady Episode
Vic&sade 440124 Vic Sleeping On The Couch
Warner Brothers Academy Theatre 380424 04 Special Agent
Wings To Victory 430415 Lt. Roddy Johns - Howard Duff



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