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1 MP3 CD - 48 episodes


"Motel Sheets And Lock Out"
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Real Police Ride-along (1954-55)

Featuring the police officers of Culver City, California,  Nightwatch was the first show featuring real-life police officers on the job. The show was created and hosted by Donn Reed, a long-time radio man.

1950's Police CarReed rode along with police officers as they performed their jobs. Radio listeners of Nightwatch heard everything from sanitarium escapees to burglars to attempted murder. It was a slice-of-life that most people never heard before and were only too happy to listen to on the radio as long as it stayed on the radio.

Reed billed himself as a Police Recorder, providing Nightwatch narration in a low voice. He came up with idea by chance when he met a fellow handball player who was also a police officer with the Culver City department. In the course of the conversation, the officer invited Reed on a "ride along".  Reed wasted no time in accepting the invitation and Nightwatch was born. After gaining permission to record from Police Chief W.N. Hidebrande, the networkpicked up the show and it was off.

Some of Nightwatch had some humor to them like the drunk woman beating a man with her shoe but most were tragic. When you listen to the show about the escaped mental patient, you can hear the pain in the husband's voice when he has to send his wife back to the sanitarium.

Ride along with Culver City police officers in the 1950s with Nightwatch!

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For other law enforcement excitements see also Dragnet, Police Headquarters, Mr. District Attorney, This Is Your FBI, Tales of the Texas Rangers, and I Was a Communist for the FBI.

(Please note many of these Nightwatch recordings are of mixed audio quality)

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

48 shows - total playtime 21 hours 38 minutes
540107 e00 audition-On the Scene Reports
540405 e01 Nude Prowler
540412 e02 311 Southgate
540503 e03 Glass Breaker
540510 e04 Peanut Butter Part 1
540517 e05 Peanut Butter Part 2
540524 e06 Santa Baby
540604 e07 Kid Explosives
540611 e08 Paper Hanger
540618 e09 Kenny Narco and Headplate
540625 e10 Big Search
540702 e11 Slugger
540710 e12 Hammer 211
540717 e13 Car Wings and Floor Sleepers
540724 e14 Old Bat and Crowbar
540731 e15 Boy Go Home
540807 e16 Three Time Loser and Shotgun Boy
540814 e17 Old Fashioned Suicide
540821 e18 Shock
540828 e19 Weeper
540904 e20 Fence 447 and Western Union Raid
540911 e21 Inhalator and Jawbreaker
540918 e22 Strippers and Pix Stash
540925 e23 Motel Sheets and Lock Out
541007 e24 Pick up and Whose Crazy
541014 e25 Triangle and Peacemaker
541021 e26 Orange Balls and Bridge Jumper
541028 e27 Mississippi, Psyco 288 and Kingston
541104 e28 Grandma, Shoe Shine and Wifebeater
541111 e29 Kidnap
541118 e30 Child Desertion, Gabby and Kicker
541125 e31 Bleeder Safe
541202 e32 Rolling Pin and Luger
541216 e34 Scum, Beastwork and Phone Burgler
541223 e35 Goldie 211
541230 e36 Beer Can
550113 e38 Aunt Suicide
550120 e39 Smash, Turkey and Larry
550127 e40 Polio and Fog
550203 e41 Care and Jug
550210 e42 Ma and Pa Heinz and Chase
550217 e43 Bra
550224 e44 Knife, Bread, Body and Get-Away
550301 e00 Uncensored Out-takes
550310 e46 Bubble Gum and Baby
550317 e47 Crazy and Buy
550324 e48 Whiskers and Black Eye
550331 e49 Gd Lady and Mr Peepers


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