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 Mystery is My Hobby

1 MP3 CD - 79 episodes


"Stolen Rembrandts"
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Adele Jergens and Glenn Langan
Crime/Detective Series (1947-1948)

Glenn LanganSet in the late 1940s, Mystery is My Hobby featured author Barton Drake, portrayed by Glen Lagan, and a case from his files. Drake is a mystery writer with a penchant for getting himself in trouble. Even though he was often searching for trouble and finding it, the show was never hard-boiled like Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. Mystery is my Hobby's Drake was more like Lord Peter Wimsey, a worldly, man-about-town type of detective.

In an interesting twist, his side kick is police officer Noah Danton. Danton goes everywhere with Drake including trips out of the country to investigate mysteries. Either he worked for a very tolerant department or Drake paid his salary! As police officer's go, Danton is a bit dim. At the end of each episode, Drake has to explain to Danton how he solved the mystery.

old time radio pictureBroadcast by the Mutual Radio Network, Mystery is My Hobby was performed before a live audience. The show was on the air from 1945 to 1947. The original title was Murder is My Hobby but the sponsor thought the title was a bit harsh, especially since the sponsor was the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Omaha --a life insurance company sponsoring a show with murder in the title just didn't seem right!


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

78 shows - total playtime 31 hours 11 minutes

MIMH 000 Buried Treasure Map
MIMH 000 Case of 65 Women
MIMH 000 Faithless Wife
MIMH 000 Gold Prospector
MIMH 000 Kid Brown is Ko'd
MIMH 000 Millionaire Threatened
MIMH 000 Murder at a Magic Show
MIMH 000 Oil King Murdered
MIMH 000 Stolen Rembrandts
MIMH 000 Ticket to Murder
MIMH 000 Wife Poisoned
MIMH 001 Allen Fisher is Murdered
MIMH 002 Monica Feels Threatened
MIMH 003 Snowbound
MIMH 004 Dude Ranch
MIMH 005 Murder in the Ring
MIMH 006 Who Killed David Austin
MIMH 007 Murder Bound
MIMH 008 Short Distance to Murder
MIMH 009 Blackmail
MIMH 010 Walking Corpse
MIMH 011 Death in Mark Adrian's Studio
MIMH 013 Shots at Curtis Window
MIMH 014 Eternal Triangle
MIMH 015 Waiting Game
MIMH 016 Clearing Peter Wade
MIMH 017 Father & Son
MIMH 018 Mystery of the Burning Light
MIMH 019 Arthur Gideon's Memoirs
MIMH 020 Phony Husband
MIMH 021 Cinderella for a Day
MIMH 022 Mink Coat
MIMH 023 Stella Dix is Murdered
MIMH 024 Hit Plan Gone Astray
MIMH 025 Murder at Asa Clark's House
MIMH 026 Wife & Her Friends
MIMH 027 Woman Shoots Self
MIMH 028 Andrew Bradford Runs for Gov
MIMH 028 Ex-Con Candidate
MIMH 029 Murder & the Folsom Point
MIMH 031 Ben Cramer
MIMH 032 Chris Pomeroy
MIMH 033 Sally Anders is Murdered
MIMH 034 Uncle Howard's Treasure Map
MIMH 035 Murder at the Arnold House
MIMH 037 Death of an Old Prospector
MIMH 038 Thief & the Paintings
MIMH 039 Fishing Trip Ends in Murder
MIMH 040 Voice of Doom
MIMH 041 Fugitive Brother
MIMH 042 Feuding Radio Comedians
MIMH 043 Stephanie Brent Murdered
MIMH 045 Body in the Trunk
MIMH 045 John Crain Murder
MIMH 046 Morini & the Formula
MIMH 047 Hudson Family Deaths
MIMH 048 Coin Collector Mystery
MIMH 048 Murder With a Boomerang
MIMH 049 Tom Torelli
MIMH 050 Kenneth Prengle, Polo Player
MIMH 051 Estelle Wainwright
MIMH 072 Engaged to Death
MIMH 112 Two Hours to Live
MIMH 114 Bullets Make Holes
MIMH 116 Death is a Twin
MIMH 117 Murder Can Sometimes Be Pleasant
MIMH 118 Death Paints With Purple
MIMH 122 Death Buys Flowers
MIMH 123 Death Speaks With 10 Fingers
MIMH 126 471119 Death Asks Questions
MIMH 127 471126 Death is a Grain of Sand
MIMH 129 Death Has Blue Eyes
MIMH 129 Madame Valentine is Fearful (no opening)
MIMH 130 Death Has a Hot Foot
MIMH 132 471231 Death is 1 & 3
MIMH 133 480107 Death Loses the Body
MIMH 134 Death Goes Before Pride
MIMH 135 Death Writes an Epitath



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