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 Molle Mystery

2 MP3 CDs - 71 episodes

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"St. Louis Lady"
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Mystery and Crime Drama (1943 - 54)

"A startling new series, featuring the world's most spine-tingling plays and stories.
Presented every Tuesday evening by Molle Brushless Shaving Cream."

Molle Mystery TheaterThe sponsor of this show, Sterling Drugs, makers of Molle Shave Cream, used it as a vehicle for advertising. In over a decade, the show went through several incarnations, beginning first as Molle Mystery Theater, then simply Mystery Theater in '48, as Sterling emphasized Bayer Aspirin and Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Several versions were broadcast in the early 50s,

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Bernard Lenrow as Geoffrey Barnes, host and narrator of MOLLE MYSTERY THEATERAs Molle Mystery Theater through 1948, the show centered around the character Geoffrey Barnes, a crime fiction expert and connoisseur who served as host. Bernard Lenrow played Barnes with a suave subtlety that foreshadowed the host of Crime Classics, a fact-based crime show that ran in '53-'54. The Molle Mystery Theater starred some of the best of New York's radio actors, including Joseph Julian, Anne Seymour, and Raymond Edward Johnson (the famous Raymond of the Inner Sanctum Mysteries, and librarian of the Crime Club.) Hosted by Peter Lorre, Bernard Lenrow, and Roc Rogers, the series also featured special appearances by Richard Widmark Budd Collyer, Martin Gable, Mandel Kramer, Elspeth Eric, and Frank Lovejoy (who does a great job as Randy Stone in the old time radio show Nightbeat.)

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The shows were tight and tension filled, with a fine orchestra score and solid production values. Classic tales from well-known authors, as well as modern unknowns were presented, and the endings were often twists or shockers.

Richard WidmarkWhen it moved in 1948, it was produced by Frank and Anne Hummert, who made their name in soap operas. The Geoffrey Barnes host was kept, but the shows were considered by fans to be less inventive. Alfred Shirley (who also played Watson of Sherlock Holmes) played a new character, Inspector Hearthstone of the Death Squad. Hearthstone was spun off as Hearthstone of the Death Squad, and then in 1951 through 1954, broadcast as continuation of Mystery Theater with a new format. Molle Shave CreamThe show was also known as Mark Sabre. Robert Carroll played Inspector Mark Sabre, with James Westerfield as Sgt. Maloney. Again, the Hummerts were in charge, and their style was much more like classic old time radio drama of the 1930s than a crime show airing in the 1950s.

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For more mystery anthology entertainment, the greatest show is Suspense. Escape is a classic thriller show too, as is Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Lights Out and the several runs of Sherlock Holmes.

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Volume 1: 36 shows - total playtime 16 hours 20 minutes

Molle 431228 Homicide For Hannah
Molle 440411 Criminal At Large
Molle 440620 Death Talks Out Of Turn
Molle 440725 Fifty Candles
Molle 441024 Comic Strip Murder
Molle 441121 Dilemma
Molle 441128 Nightmare
Molle 441205 Crime To Fit Punishment
Molle 441212 Bottle Imp
Molle 441219 Man In Velvet Hat
Molle 441226 Letter
Molle 450130 Deadline At Dawn
Molle 450227 Yours Truly Jack Ripper
Molle 450306 Man Who Murdered In Public
Molle 450403 Eleventh Juror
Molle 450424 Cask Of Amontillado
Molle 450515 Lady In Morgue
Molle 450522 Level Crossing
Molle 450605 Beckoning Fair One
Molle 450612 Breakdown
Molle 450619 Gioconda Smile
Molle 450626 Marijuana
Molle 451005 Angel Face
Molle 451012 Death Is Caused
Molle 451019 Leg Man
Molle 451026 Ghost With Gun
Molle 451102 Who Took Corpse
Molle 451109 Not Quite Perfect
Molle 460118 Ladies In Retirement
Molle 460125 Burn, Witch, Burn
Molle 460201 Mathematics For Murder
Molle 460215 Beautiful Science
Molle 460222 Last Night
Molle 460308 Red Wine
Molle 460322 Alibi For Murder
Molle 460329 Creeper

Volume 2: 35 shows - total playtime 16 hours 11 minutes

Molle 460405 Murder In City Hall
Molle 460412 Night Must Fall
Molle 460419 Follow That Cab
Molle 460426 Doctor And Lunatic
Molle 460503 Murder Without Crime
Molle 460510 Further Adventures Of Kenny Andrews
Molle 460517 Killer Come Back To Me
Molle 460531 Witness For Prosecution
Molle 460607 Female Of Species
Molle 460614 Adventure Of Fallen Angels
Molle 460621 Hands Of Mr Ottermole
Molle 460823 St Louis Lady
Molle 460927 Two Men In Furnished Room
Molle 461101 Rival Dummy
Molle 461129 Radio Patrol
Molle 461220 Angel Face
Molle 470117 Corpus Delicti
Molle 470207 Bride Wore Black
Molle 470328 Triangle Of Death
Molle 470418 Kenny Angles And Queen Of Diamonds
Molle 470530 Double Cross
Molle 470627 Talk Them To Death
Molle 470704 Challenge To Listener
Molle 470808 Goodbye,darling
Molle 470905 Death Wears Mask
Molle 470912 Death Goes Shopping
Molle 470919 Zelmas Boy
Molle 471031 Now You See Her, Now You Dont
Molle 471114 Four Fatal Jugglers
Molle 471128 Two Men In Furnished Room
Molle 480402 Betrayer
Molle 480430 Make No Mistake
Molle 480514 Close Shave
Molle 480521 Solo Performance
Molle 480625 Doctor Discord



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