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 Mike Wallace Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 104 episodes

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Mike Wallace Microphone

Known as the "King of Confrontation," Mike Wallace got his start on radio quiz show Information Please. Only 21 years old at the time, he was a student at the University of Michigan and was billed as Myron Wallace "the spirit of youth." He later worked in various radio stations as an announcer, commercial spokesman, writer, and newscaster.

Mike WallaceSoon after WWII began, Mike Wallace enlisted in the US Navy as a communications officer and served in the Pacific Theater. When he was discharged, he returned to work in radio as a staff announcer with the Spike Jones show and Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life. He even tried radio drama in the show Stand By for Crime.

Like many newscasters on his day, including Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace hosted game shows including "Majority Rules", "What's in a Word", "The Big Surprise", and the pilot episode for "Nothing But the Truth."

After the tragic death of his son, he focused on serious news programming. Mike Wallace hosted a hardboiled interview program called Night Beat interviewing architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Kissinger.  

His interviews on the television program 60 Minutes are legendary. He interviewed heads of state, celebrities, and important people since the show's inception on September 1968 until his semi-retirement in 2006. 

Mike Wallace's nicknames were "King of Confrontation" and "Mike Malice" for his unforgiving interviewing style.  Known best for his tough interviewing style, he would always preface a hard question with the phrase "Forgive Me." 

This old time radio collection includes known appearances by Mike Wallace, sometimes billed as Myron Wallace.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 Recordings: Total Playtime: 25 hours, 1 minutes

A Life in Your Hands 490607 Final Curtain Call
A Life in Your Hands 490913 Boarder Killed
A Life in Your Hands 500525 Carol Carson Murdered
A Life in Your Hands 500718 Arson Case
A Life in Your Hands 500725 Carl Fortune
A Life in Your Hands 500829 Judge Hardy Shot
Amos & Andy 550320 Kingfishs Mother In Law Kicks Him Out
Apollo 11 15 Mike Wallace & Harry Reasoner
Apollo 11 20 International Reaction Mike Wallace
Crime Files Of Flamond 480425 Ruinous Report
Crime On Waterfront 490224 Aud 1 A Murder Of Mrs Lattimore
Curtain Time 480228 C 86 Reading Writing And Romance
Curtain Time 480508 096 Little Liar
Curtain Time 480522 098 See Ya In Funny Papers
Curtain Time 480605 100 You Dont Know Susie
Curtain Time 480626 103 I Hate Hollywood
Curtain Time 480703 104 Worm Turns
Curtain Time 480710 C 105 Dishonest Ghost
Curtain Time 480717 106 Story Of Pat & Mike
Curtain Time 480724 107 Quiet Young Man
Curtain Time 480731 108 Model Husband
Curtain Time 480807 109 Practically Engaged
Green Hornet 410614 509 Man Wanted For What
Info Please 390207 Myron Wallace
Mike Wallace Interviews 570428 Gloria Swanson
Mike Wallace Interviews 570505 KKK Eldon Edwards
Mike Wallace Interviews 570512 Philip Wylie
Mike Wallace Interviews 570609 Ralph Lapp
Mike Wallace Interviews 570616 Mary McBride
Mike Wallace Interviews 570623 David Hawkins
Mike Wallace Interviews 570630 Commando Kelly
Mike Wallace Interviews 570707 Steve Allen
Mike Wallace Interviews 570714 Diana Barrymore
Mike Wallace Interviews 570714 Diana Dors
Mike Wallace Interviews 570721 Glenn McCarthy
Mike Wallace Interviews 570804 Bob Feller
Mike Wallace Interviews 570812 Dagmar
Mike Wallace Interviews 570825 Fred Otash
Mike Wallace Interviews 570901 0928 Frank Lloyd Wright
Mike Wallace Interviews 570908 Eddie Arcaro
Mike Wallace Interviews 570908 George Jessel
Mike Wallace Interviews 570915 Orval Faubus
Mike Wallace Interviews 570921 Margaret Sanger
Mike Wallace Interviews 571102 Kirk Douglas
Mike Wallace Interviews 571116 Elsa Maxwell
Mike Wallace Interviews 571123 Eleanor Roosevelt
Mike Wallace Interviews 571128 Alexander de Seversky
Mike Wallace Interviews 571130 Bennett Cerf
Mike Wallace Interviews 571207 Drew Pearson
Mike Wallace Interviews 571221 Leonard Ross

Volume 2: 54 Recordings: Total Playtime: 24 hours, 50 minutes

Mike Wallace Interviews 580100 Walter Reuther
Mike Wallace Interviews 580104 Jean Seberg
Mike Wallace Interviews 580111 Nobel Prize Winners
Mike Wallace Interviews 580118 John Gates
Mike Wallace Interviews 580208 Pearl Buck
Mike Wallace Interviews 580222 Rudy Vallee
Mike Wallace Interviews 580308 Donald Keyhoe
Mike Wallace Interviews 580315 Oscar Hammerstein II
Mike Wallace Interviews 580322 Tony Perkins
Mike Wallace Interviews 580329 Peter Ustinov
Mike Wallace Interviews 580405 Lillian Roth
Mike Wallace Interviews 580412 Abba Eban
Mike Wallace Interviews 580419 Salvador Dali
Mike Wallace Interviews 580423 Aldous Huxley
Mike Wallace Interviews 580427 Reinhold Niebuhr
Mike Wallace Interviews 580511 William Douglas
Mike Wallace Interviews 580525 Erich Fromm
Mike Wallace Interviews 580622 Francis Lally
Mike Wallace Interviews 580629 Harry Ashmore
Mike Wallace Interviews 580706 Charles Percy
Mike Wallace Interviews 580713 Henry Kissinger
Mike Wallace Interviews 580817 Henry Wriston
Mike Wallace Interviews 580831 James McBride Dabbs
Mike Wallace Interviews 580907 Mortimer Adler
Mike Wallace Interviews 580914 Arthur Larson
Nuremberg Interview 611200 02
Security Agent Usa 490900 Tom Bennett
Sky King 470630 Prince Aron Zibi
Sky King 470723 Stolen Pearls
Sky King 470731 Benny Miller And Sheriff
SkyKing 510412 Lady Sheriff
Spike Jones 471024 S R W Tex Williams
Spike Jones 471031 S R W Jan August
Spike Jones 471107 Jack Owens
Spike Jones 471121 Dinning Sisters
Spike Jones 471128 Jack Smith
Spike Jones 471205 Three Suns
Spike Jones 480102 Buddy Clark
Spike Jones 480109 Nellie Lutcher
Spike Jones 480402 Harmonaires
Spike Jones 480409 Mel Torme
Spike Jones 480430 Page Cavannah Trio
Spike Jones 480507 Burl Ives
Spike Jones 480521 Ken Griffin
Spike Jones 480528 Frankie Laine
Stagestruck 540321 Life And Career Of Florenz Ziegfeld
Suspense 620624 931 With Murder in Mind
Suspense 620916 943 Golden Years
Suspense 620923 944 At Point Of A Needle
Suspense 620930 945 Devilstone
V&S 430723 Lodge Robe Needs Altering
YBYL 491102 4905 Secret Word Shoe
YBYL 491130 Window
YBYL 491207 Dust



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