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Nat: 90 Years Young: Reliving old time radio in MP3
Old Time Radio Memory:

"I was born in 1921 and raised during those hard years of the depression. But we kids never thought about being poor as we were all in the same boat. I remember, after my father left for work at 4:00pm, Mom and I took in the movies, it cost a dime for me and 15 cents for Mom (double feature). Other nights, Mom played cards with her lady friends and I took over the radio! I remember in the winter, we had no steam heat so I sat in front of the big iron coal stove with my feet in the oven with the radio right beside me. Gosh, I loved it, and I knew all the shows. I didn't go much for the 'kid stuff' except for Lone Ranger and of course, I wasn't interested in the love stuff. BUT, those comedy, mystery and horror radio shows were my love! And for some reason or other, (I guess I was a pretty tough tomboy) I was never frightened!

NatThen of course, I grew up and as a young lady, I drifted away from the radio. Then I became interested in TV (when I wasn't going out dancing) and following years (getting married, raising children, keeping house) took up all my time, ending the day with a TV movie or something.

Now in the last few years since I have become a 'seasoned citizen', I naturally slowed down and needed something to fill my time and interest me. My sons hid my car keys and they won't let me drive anymore and I do really have a "very low threshold for boredom" - I was really on the threshold of depression until I discovered OLD TIME RADIO on my computer. 

"What the heck is this?" my sons helped explain to me what mp3s were all about so I went ahead and bought the MP3 CD Player and ordered some disks from Jon. What a great surprise! What a Godsend! I've become pretty knowledgeable about the system and have acquired quite a collection for myself. I have several books on the subject also… especially about radio actors – I mean the really great RADIO performers (not the movie stars). I am really a great fan of theirs (they're probably all up in the big radio studio in the sky now) but I sure admired and still admire them. The Lights Out, Inner Santum and the great horror shows that have come out later are still my favorites. The wonderful Escape and Suspense series and other horror stuff – they still don't scare me and I still have the enjoyment of listening to all the spooky stuff. The Line-Up and 21st Precinct are two great cop shows – just like living in the city again! And let's not forget Jack Benny!

So… I'm not bored anymore. When I retire for the evening, I have my glass of wine and my MP3 CD Player next to me and all is right!


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Nat: "9
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Reliving old time radio in MP3"


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