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 Meet the Press

3 MP3 CDs - 128 episodes

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"William Proxmire Senator of Wisconsin"
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Most of America is familiar with Meet the Press that exists in the 21st Century. It is a television panel focus on the newsmakers of the day. †What many people may not realize is that the original idea, that is the precursor to the modern NBC Sunday morning program, had its beginnings on the radio in the late 1950ís and early 60ís.

The press panel would incorporate various journalists and news people from newspapers and broadcasting networks, including the regular member Laurence Spivak, who produced the program. The Korean war, Cuban Missile Crisis, politics in general were on the minds of millions of Americans and Meet the Press radio program allowed the listener to have an "ear" into the workings of government and the possible scandals that might cross paths of the Washington insiderís club.

Laurence SpivakHowever, Meet the Press did not just focus on the government happenings. In fact the radio show went international and into the cultural paths of the day. Writers were illuminated, foreign leaders were lit-up and the notorious did not go unnoticed. To Meet the Press was to sit on the proverbial hot seat and be placed under the media microscope.

In one excellent example of Meet the Press, Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin was the focus. He had been leveling charges that the democrats in the House were not getting a fair shake on being heard and their concerns being purposely overlooked. As he faced Mr Spivak and three other panel members, his views on then Senator Johnson not playing fairly on a bipartisan level was being scrutinized. †Just as with other Meet the Press programs, Senator Proxmire could not escape the barrage of questions and expected answers that the press placed his way. Similar to the modern television offspring, the radio narrative did not fail to bring the expected pressure that the listening audience relished to be a part of.

In another Meet the Press episode, one of the few Republican victors of the recent election, Governor Nelson Rockefeller became a bit of a spotlight presence with his family background and prior government positions. The press panel member asked a rather direct question of the governor if he felt with his new election if New York would see a deficit or plus in its budget. Governor Rockefeller did not hesitate to categorically say, "deficit." †The governor came into a state that was laden with debt that surpassed many other states. The governor was placed under the microscope, yet he held his own. †Contrary to the way questions are handled today, the press showed a certain decorum of civility and allowed the panel focus to actually completely answer the interrogation.

These programs were examples of the type of focused and direct cross-examination that Meet the Press became famous for manipulating. The American audience might groan or hurrah over the answers given, but they never went away feeling as if they had been uneducated. Meet the Press brought an intellectual framework that was needful for a society that felt a need to know what was happening around their lives. The listening citizenry would tune in, expect an a program that was insightful and inspiring and always felt compelled to become established in the issues and news that overlayed their lives. "Meet the Press" was an invitation to meet the mind and the heartbeat of the American landscape.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 45 show - total playtime 20 hour 47 minutes

Meet Press 581221 Henry Cabot Lodge Sen Massachusetts
Meet Press 581228 Kwame Nkrumah Prime Minister Ghana
Meet Press 590104 Lt Gen James M Gavin Retired Us Army
Meet Press 590111 Sen Paul Douglas D Illinois & Sen Jacob K Javits R New York
Meet Press 590118 Anastas Mikoyan First Deputy Premier Of Soviet Union
Meet Press 590125 Arturo Frondizi President Argentina
Meet Press 590215 Stuart Symington Sen Missouri
Meet Press 590222 Sumner Slichter Economist Harvard
Meet Press 590301 William Proxmire Sen Wisc
Meet Press 590308 Neil Mcelroy Secretary Of Defense
Meet Press 590315 Raymond Saulnier Economist
Meet Press 590322 Robert Frost
Meet Press 590405 Paulhenri Spaak Secretary Gen Of Nato
Meet Press 590412 Tom Mboya Kenya Political Leader
Meet Press 590419 Fidel Castro Prime Minister Cuba
Meet Press 590503 Barbara Ward Economist Political Scientist
Meet Press 590517 Abba Eban Foreign Minister Israel
Meet Press 590524 Vannevar Bush Advocate Of Foreign Aid
Meet Press 590531 John L Lewis President United Mine Workers
Meet Press 590607 William Fulbright Sen Arkansas
Meet Press 590621 Three European Community Leaders
Meet Press 590628 Thomas Patton Steel Company Executive
Meet Press 590705 Thomas Murray Consultant Atomic Energy Commission
Meet Press 590712 Maxwell Taylor Army Gen U S Ambassador To South Vietnam
Meet Press 590719 Nelson Rockefeller Governor New York
Meet Press 590726 Robert Kennedy
Meet Press 590802 Charles Halleck Rep Indiana
Meet Press 590809 Herbert Hoover Former President
Meet Press 590816 David Lawrence Governor Pennsylvania
Meet Press 590823 Erwin Canham President U S Chamber Of Commerce
Meet Press 590906 Michael Disalle Governor Ohio
Meet Press 590913 Carl Sandburg Edward Steichen Photographer
Meet Press 590920 V K Krishna Menon Indias Ambassador To U N
Meet Press 591011 Edmund Pat Brown Governor California
Meet Press 591018 Charles Percy Sen Illinois
Meet Press 591025 Mark Hatfield & J Howard Edmondson
Meet Press 591101 Edgar Kaiser Chairman Kaiser Steel
Meet Press 591108 James Mitchell Secretary Of Labor
Meet Press 591115 Richard Bolling Representative Missouri
Meet Press 591122 John Mccone Chairman Atomic Energy Commission
Meet Press 591129 John Medaris Army Gen
Meet Press 591220 Philip Noelbaker
Meet Press 600103 John F Kennedy Sen Mass
Meet Press 600110 Stuart Symington Sen Missouri Candidate For President
Meet Press 600117 Ezra Taft Benson Secretary Of Agriculture

Volume 2: 45 show - total playtime 20 hour 36 minutes

Meet Press 600124 Hyman Rickover Admiral Father Of Atomic Navy
Meet Press 600131 Thruston Morton Sen Kentucky
Meet Press 600207 Paul Dudley White Physician Heart Specialist
Meet Press 600214 Jacob Javits Sen New York
Meet Press 600221 George Smathers Sen Florida
Meet Press 600228 Henry Jackson Sen Washington
Meet Press 600306 Herman Talmadge Governor Sen Georgia
Meet Press 600313 Thomas Lanphier Missile Expert
Meet Press 600320 Konrad Adenauer Chancellor West Germany
Meet Press 600327 Thomas Dewey Former Governor New York
Meet Press 600403 Hubert Humphrey Sen Minnesota
Meet Press 600410 Keith Glennan Administrator Nasa
Meet Press 600417 Martin Luther King Jr Civil Rights Leader
Meet Press 600424 Adlai Stevenson Governor Illinois
Meet Press 600501 Wayne Morse Democrat Oregon
Meet Press 600508 Chester Bowles Representative Connecticut
Meet Press 600515 Willy Brandt Mayor West Berlin
Meet Press 600522 Alexander Kaznacheev Soviet Expert
Meet Press 600529 William Fulbright Sen Arkansas
Meet Press 600605 George Aiken Sen Vermont
Meet Press 600612 Nelson Rockefeller Governor New York
Meet Press 600619 Douglas Dillon Secretary Of Treasury
Meet Press 600626 George Gallup Pollster
Meet Press 600703 Leroy Collins Governor Florida
Meet Press 600904 James P Mitchell
Meet Press 600911 Richard M Nixon
Meet Press 600918 Henry Cabot Lodge
Meet Press 600925 James J Wadsworth
Meet Press 601002 Alexander Douglashome Foreign Secretary Great Britain
Meet Press 601016 Sen John F Kennedy
Meet Press 601023 Henry Jackson Sen Washington Thruston Morton Sen Kentucky
Meet Press 601030 Teresa Casusa Former Aide To Fidel Castro
Meet Press 601113 Richard Scammon Electoral Expert
Meet Press 601127 Frank Pace Jr Vicechairman Commission On National Goals
Meet Press 601204 Robert Anderson Secretary Of Treasury
Meet Press 601211 Sen Paul Douglas Illinois
Meet Press 601218 John Mccone Chairman Atomic Energy Commission
Meet Press 601225 Henry Heald President Ford Foundation
Meet Press 610101 Gen E P Quesada
Meet Press 610108 Everett Dirksen & Charles Halleck
Meet Press 610122 James M Landis
Meet Press 610129 Sergio Rojas Santamarina
Meet Press 610205 Luther H Hodges Sec Of Commerce
Meet Press 610212 Adam Clayton Powell Jr
Meet Press 610219 Abraham Ribicoff

Volume 3: 38 show - total playtime 16 hour 53 minutes

Meet Press 610226 George Padmore
Meet Press 610305 Paul A Samuelson
Meet Press 610319 Styles Bridges
Meet Press 610402 Hubert Humphrey
Meet Press 610409 Dr Robert C Weaver
Meet Press 610416 Konrad Adenauer
Meet Press 610423 Dr I S Ravdin & Dr Sydney Farber
Meet Press 610430 Sen Jw Fullbright
Meet Press 610507 Habib Bourguiba
Meet Press 610514 Dr Jonas Salk
Meet Press 610528 James E Webb & Dr Hugh L Dryden
Meet Press 610604 Edward R Murrow
Meet Press 610611 Dr Arnold J Toynbee
Meet Press 610618 John G Tower
Meet Press 610625 Arthur H Dean
Meet Press 610702 Gen Thomas D White
Meet Press 610716 Mohammad Ayub Khan
Meet Press 610723 Chester Bowles
Meet Press 610730 Franz Josef Straus & Wilhelm Grewe
Meet Press 610813 John J Mccloy
Meet Press 610820 Secretary Of State Dean Rusk
Meet Press 610827 William E Miller
Meet Press 610903 Dr Walter W Heller
Meet Press 610917 Adlai E Stevenson
Meet Press 610924 Robert F Kennedy
Meet Press 611001 Frederick H Boland
Meet Press 611008 Dr Tingfu Tsiang
Meet Press 611015 Dr Cheddi Jagan
Meet Press 611022 Frank B Ellis
Meet Press 611029 Glenn T Seaborg
Meet Press 611105 Primeminister Nehru Of India
Meet Press 611126 Fowler Hamilton
Meet Press 611203 Edmund Gullion
Meet Press 611210 George W Ball
Meet Press 611217 George Meany
Meet Press 611224 Sergeant Shriver
Meet Press 620107 Charles Halleck
Meet Press 620121 Douglas Dillon



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