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2 MP3 CDs - 64 episodes

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"Green Cap Case"
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1950s LineupPolice Drama (July 6, 1950 – February 20, 1953)

The Lineup is a realistic police drama that gives radio audiences a look behind the scenes at police headquarters. Bill Johnstone plays Lt. Ben Guthrie, a quiet, calm-as-a-cupcake cucumber. Bill JohnstoneJoseph Kearns and later Wally Maher (1951 to 1953) plays Sgt. Matt Grebb, a hot-tempered hot plate who is easily bored.

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The director and script writer often rode with police on the job and sat in on the police lineups to get ideas for The Lineup. They also read dozens of newspapers daily and intermeshed real stories with those that they used in the show.

With Dragnet a smash hit, realism in police dramas was popular at the time this show aired. Don't be caught without this old time radio show in your collection!

See also the true crime story series: Dragnet, Did Justice Triumph, Official Detective, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Border Patrol, Up for Parole, Calling All Cars, Call the Police, and Unit 99

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 32 shows - total playtime 15 hours 10 minutes

LineUp 500720 Eddie Gaynor Framed For Murder
LineUp 500803 Two Young Girls Killed By Hit And Run
LineUp 500923 Gas Station Robbery
LineUp 501116 The Candy Store Murder
LineUp 501123 The Topaz Earring Case
LineUp 501130 The Cop Killer
LineUp 501207 The Jersey Parallel
LineUp 501221 The Holsteder Case
LineUp 501228 The Elsner Case
LineUp 510104 The Case of Frankie and Joyce
LineUp 510111 The Mad Bomber
LineUp 510118 Yudo in Ypsilanti
LineUp 510201 The Grocery Store Matter
LineUp 510208 The Senile Slugging Case
LineUp 510215 The Cigar Box Boys Case
LineUp 510222 The Silver Swan Case
LineUp 510227 Stefano And Haddock
LineUp 510306 The Check Killer Case
LineUp 510612 The Harrowing Handball Haggada Case
LineUp 510619 Lieutenant Guthrie Kidnapped
LineUp 510626 The Mad Bomber
LineUp 510705 The Syncopic Sweazy Sweat Out Case
LineUp 510905 The Pointless Pierson Polemic Palarity Case
LineUp 510912 The Senile Slugging Case
LineUp 510926 The Fur Flaunting Floozy
LineUp 511004 The Wild Wild Woman Case
LineUp 511011 The Frivolous Forger Fracas
LineUp 511018 The Nicely Nixed Nixon Case
LineUp 511101 The Jolted Justice Job Case
LineUp 511108 The Pixie Picker Pickle Case
LineUp 511122 The Keenly Clipped Kenovak Case
LineUp 511129 The Railroad Roundhouse Roundup Case

Volume 2: 32 shows - total playtime 14 hours 51 minutes

LineUp 520205 The Potting Peter Case
LineUp 520304 Murdering Mercers Malingering Case
LineUp 520318 The Mirthless Moonshiners Methyl Murders
LineUp 520325 The Bakery Bandits Bad Blooper
LineUp 520506 Babs the Baggy Bungling Brunette Bombshell
LineUp 520610 Lobdells PoodleCut Tomato Case
LineUp 520617 The Pitiful Patricide Case
LineUp 520624 The CutieCalling Culprit Case
LineUp 520701 The Guided Gang Case
LineUp 520708 The Lugar Lugging Laddie Case
LineUp 520715 The Twitching TwistsTwentyTwo Tweaking Case
LineUp 520722 The Drinkler Kidnapping Case
LineUp 520729 The Charles Crocked Clobbering Case
LineUp 520805 The Karger Kops a Klinker Case
LineUp 520910 The Jane Doe Case
LineUp 520917 The Fresno Break Case
LineUp 521001 The Poker Party Killings
LineUp 521008 The Teachers Pet
LineUp 521015 Bentleys Boo Boo Case
LineUp 521022 The Green Cap Case
LineUp 521029 The Sobbing Singer Saga
LineUp 521105 The BeBop Bandits Bungling BangBang
LineUp 521112 The Buggered Bunco Boys
LineUp 521119 The Modern Sounds Case
LineUp 521126 The MatthewsMurray Mish Mosh Case
LineUp 521212 The Gasoline Bandit Case
LineUp 521219 The Two Tough Thugs Thing
LineUp 530102 Cowardly Castro
LineUp 530109 Once Upon a SnowPlow
LineUp 530211 Good Enough to Eat
LineUp xxxxxx Boots Kracov Killing
LineUp xxxxxx Hansen's Body In Stone Quarry



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