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 Les Damon Collection

4 MP3 CDs - 161 episodes

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Les Damon (DISK 1 ONLY) Guest Appearances
Les Damon (DISK 2 ONLY) Adv Abbotts
Les Damon (DISK 3 ONLY) Falcon 1
Les Damon (DISK 4 ONLY) Falcon 2

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Les DamonLes Damon was an actor his whole life. Born in Providence, 1908, he began learning his craft by touring with the Albee regional stock company, and eventually, went to England to apprentice with the Old Vic Company.

When he returned to America he was a seasoned professional actor, but there were more seasoned actors than there were jobs. He found his way to the Chicago radio industry, where actors were in demand for the Soap Operas. The Hummert Radio Factory was notorious for getting as much as they could out of their actors for little pay and less credit, but Damon seemed happy to have work.

Eventually, he found his way to New York where NBC placed him as radio's first Nick Charles in The Adventures of the Thin Man. As a working actor, he found himself in a number of roles. He was a regular player on the wartime anthology Words at War.

Damon answered his country's call and signed up. Although his acting experience could have got him a cushy Special Services posting, he put it all on the line, flying "over the Hump" in the China-Burma Theater, delivering supplies to Chiang Kai Shek's army. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

Returning from the War, Damon reclaimed his role on The Thin Man and found regular work as a supporting player on DuPont's Cavalcade of America. He made a couple of appearances on Gangbusters, including "The Case of the Park Avenue Pilferers", a pair of smooth operators looting apartments of New York's richest.

In 1950, Damon landed the radio role most associated with his name, The Falcon. Damon took the role over from Les Tramayne, but made it his own with a combination of his suave persona and hardboiled sensibility.

Les Damon on the RadioDamon was very much a man of his times. In the summer of 1950, he appeared twice on Dimension X. "Beyond Infinity" is the story of a couple who is shrunk to atomic size by a scientist's secret ray. Later in the decade, Damon appeared on eight episodes of X Minus One.

In 1954, Damon joined his co star from Thin Man, Claudia Morgan, for a season on The Adventures of the Abbotts. (Ms. Morgan went through several "husbands" on both shows. On Thin Man she starred with Les Damon twice, Les Tremayne twice, and David Gothard. On The Adventures of the Abbotts there was Don Briggs, Les Damon, and Mandel Kramer.)

By now, Damon was building a career playing character parts on TV, appearing on The Jackie Gleason Show, The Honeymooners, As the World Turns, The Edge of Night, even Have Gun, Will Travel. However, he still found time for radio by appearing on Suspense and Your's Truly, Johnny Dollar in 1960. One of his last appearances was in a supporting role on the Suspense episode "Lunatic Hour" on June 17, 1962. Les Damon succumbed to a massive heart attack on July 21, 1962. He was 53 years old.


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 53 shows - total playtime 24 hours 6 minutes

Big Story 501129192 Killer With Mind Of Little Boy
Big Story 510404 210 Poker Game Ends In Death
Big Story 510725226 Forty Minutes To Meet Deadline
Calv 480913 577 Gettysburg
Calv 481108 585 Garden Key
Calv 490117 595 Secret Operation
Calv 491025 627 Life Line
Calv 500404 650 Decision In Valley
Calv 500523 657 Portrait Of Author
Calv 500613 660 Redemption Of Laudi
Calv 500905 664 Iron Mountain
Calv 501226 680 Mockingbird Sang In Chic
Calv 510109 682 Spindletop
Calv 510116 683 There Stands Jackson
Calv 510213 687 Fiber 66
Calv 510327 693 King Of Nantucket
Calv 510424 697 No Doll Was Abigail
Calv 510522 701 Top Secret
Calv 510911 709 No One Is Alone
Calv 520226 733 Doctor Commando
Calv 520311 735 Adventure On Kentucky
Calv 520520 745 Green Wall
Calv 521118 762 Away All Boarding Parties
Calv 530203 773 Short Straw
Calv 530303 777 Star And Shield
Dimension X 500721 16 Beyond Infinity
Dimension X 500804 18 Perigis Wonderful Dolls
Fbi In Peace And War 541103 475 25,000 Dollar Bond
Gang Busters 480612 0533 Park Avenue Pilferers
Gang Busters 491126 0608 Hue And Cry
Great Plays 420111 094 Monsieur Poiriers Soninlaw
Mystery Theater 521008 38 Tcot Telltale Tie
Nht 510930 15 Retreads
Proudly We Hail 520406 183 Jet Flight
Suspense 591101 825 Reentry
Suspense 600221 841 Crank Letter
Suspense 600710 861 Report From Dead Planet
Suspense 620617 930 Lunatic Hour
Twenty First Precinct 550420 093 Doctor
Words At War 430624 01 Combined Operations
Words At War 430710 03 They Call It Pacific
Words At War 430923 15 They Shall Not Have Me
Words At War 431019 19 Shortcut To Tokyo
Words At War 431123 24 Escape From Balkins
Words At War 440201 34 White Brigade
X Minus One 551221 030 Marionettes, Inc
X Minus One 560118 034 Perigis Wonderful Dolls
X Minus One 560403 045 Howto
X Minus One 561212 Hostess
X Minus One 570220 089 Field Study
X Minus One 570417 097 Discovery Of Mornial Matha
X Minus One 571003 114 Wind Is Rising
Ytjd 601218 719 Wayward Kilocycles

Volume 2: Adventures of the Abbots:
13 shows - 6 hours - 33 minutes

Abbotts #1 Afrts Cotroyalpurscooter
Abbotts #2 Afrts Rickshaw red lipstick
Abbotts #3 Afrts The yellow chip
Abbotts #4 Afrts Burnt copper powder
Abbotts #5 Afrts Blood red diamond
Abbotts #6 Afrts Dead white flame
Abbotts #07 Afrts Canary yellow sack
Abbotts #08 Afrts Clue of the ivory thread
Abbotts #09 Afrts Fabulouse necklace
Abbotts #10 Afrts The pink elephant
Abbotts #11 Afrts Blue rocket expr
Abbotts #12 Afrts Dead white lifeboat
Abbotts #13 Afrts Unc walters town

Volume 3: The Falcon Volume 1:
49 episodes: 21 hours 26 minutes

Falcon 451127 Murder Is A Family Affair
Falcon 481101 Murder Is A Bad Bluff
Falcon 490220 Murder Is A Knockout
Falcon 500514 Amorous Bookkeeper
Falcon 500823 Larcenous Lark
Falcon 500830 Case Of The Disappearing Doll
Falcon 500903 01 Quarrelsome Quartet
Falcon 500910 Worried Champion
Falcon 500924 Friendly Target
Falcon 501001 Talented Twins
Falcon 501015 07 Case Of The Careless Client
Falcon 501022 08 Case Of The Double Nephews
Falcon 501029 09 Double Exposure
Falcon 501104 10 Rich Racketeer
Falcon 501112 11 Widow's Gorilla
Falcon 501119 12 Puzzling Pinup
Falcon 501126 13 Stooge's Errand
Falcon 501203 14 Case Of The Harried Husband
Falcon 501210 15 Case Of The Raw Deal
Falcon 501217 16 Baby Brother
Falcon 501224 17 Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Falcon 510107 18 Invisible Thug
Falcon 510114 19 Case Of The Happy Hoodlum
Falcon 510121 20 Substitute Target
Falcon 510128 21 Bellicose Boxer
Falcon 510204 22 Neighbor's Nightmare
Falcon 510211 23 Mighty Muscle
Falcon 510218 24 Superfluous Murder
Falcon 510225 25 Practical Joker
Falcon 510304 26 Gangster's Girl
Falcon 510311 27 Unsilent Butler
Falcon 510318 28 Witty Widow (1st Half Only)
Falcon 510325 29 Talented Twins
Falcon 510401 30 Worried Wife
Falcon 510408 31 Carved Ham
Falcon 510415 32 Case Of The Shopkeeper's Gun
Falcon 510422 33 Missing Miss
Falcon 510429 34 Big Talker
Falcon 510506 35 Flaming Club
Falcon 510513 36 Dutch Doll
Falcon 510520 37 Curious Cop
Falcon 510527 38 Unwelcome Wife
Falcon 510606 39 Proud Papa
Falcon 510613 40 Sweet Swindle
Falcon 510620 41 Broken Fingerprint
Falcon 510627 42 Case Of The Nervous Shakedown
Falcon 510704 43 Everybody's Gun
Falcon 510711 44 Vanishing Varmint
Falcon 510718 45 Cautious Cousin

Volume 4: The Falcon Volumes 2:
46 episodes: 20 hours 23 minutes

Falcon 510725 46 Plenty Twenty
Falcon 510801 47 Case Of The Hypocritical Hypo
Falcon 510815 49 Loose Lips
Falcon 510823 50 Case Of The Larcenous Lark
Falcon 511220 61 Case Of The Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Falcon 520131 67 Case Of The Invisible Thug
Falcon 520214 69 Missing Patient
Falcon 520221 70 Gold Ring
Falcon 520228 71 Natural Seven
Falcon 520306 72 Killers Key
Falcon 520313 73 Grand Gamble
Falcon 520320 74 Murdering Misses
Falcon 520406 76 Deadly Dame
Falcon 520410 77 Handy Helpmate
Falcon 520417 78 Jumping Jack
Falcon 520424 79 Weeping Willow
Falcon 520501 80 Fatal Fix
Falcon 520508 81 Case Of The King Of Hearts
Falcon 520515 82 Falling Star
Falcon 520522 83 Case Of The Happy Hoodlum
Falcon 520529 84 Burning Bridges
Falcon 520605 85 Dirty Dollar
Falcon 520619 86 Vanishing Visa
Falcon 520626 87 Menacing Mamselle
Falcon 520703 88 Babbling Brooks
Falcon 520710 89 Running Waters
Falcon 520717 90 King Of Clubs
Falcon 520724 91 Broken Key
Falcon 520731 92 Lonely Hunter
Falcon 520807 93 Rolling Stones
Falcon 520814 94 Gorgeous Greek
Falcon 520821 95 Silent Butler
Falcon 520828 96 Carless Corpse
Falcon 520907 97 Jack Of Diamonds
Falcon 520914 98 Strawberry Blonde
Falcon 530615 Treacherous Trio
Falcon 530622 Ace Of Spades
Falcon 530706 Faded Rose
Falcon 540412 Big Fix
Falcon 540531 Snappy Snapshots
Falcon Disguised Murderer
Falcon Murder Knows No Borderline
Falcon Murdering Wife
Falcon Perfect Crime
Falcon Vanishing Varment
Falcon Wandering Wife



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