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 Kay Kyser (Kollege of Musical Knowledge)

2 MP3 CDs - 51 episodes

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Kay Kyser
quiz show (1937 July 29, 1949)

Kay KyserKay Kyser was a well know cheerleader during his college days at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and somewhat of a local celebrity on campus due to his abundant enthusiasm and stage presence. He became a bandleader soon after college and soon developed his well know quiz show The Kollege of Musical Knowledge which was a smashing success.

The Kollege of Musical Knowledge is a Music quiz show filled with hilarity and musical numbers. Quite popular during WWII, the show helped to fame many of Kyser's tunes, including "Three Little Fishies" and "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition." Kyser and the band adorned themselves with costumes for the show. Bandleader Kay Kyser, known as "the old professor" on the show, wore a black robe and mortarboard hat. The band wore beanies atop their heads and letter sweaters spelling out the name of the sponsor (whether it was Lucky Strike, Colgate, or Pillsbury).

Kay Kyser on Radio Guide MagazineKyser always enjoyed it when a contestant answered a true question "false" in the true-false part of the quiz, and shouted "That's right, you're wrong!" When a contestant would answer a question wrong, Kyser would then shout to the audience, "Students!" and the audience would together shout the correct answer at the contestant.

Kay Kyser was very active during WWII and was the first bandleader to performer in front of servicemen. As a bandleader he stood out because he danced with the music and was a basically over the top fun performer.

This updated collection includes seven newly found Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge for 17 rare episodes in total (many are AFRS recordings). In addition to the Kollege of Musical Knowledge old time radio shows, we have found 30+ guest appearances by Kay Kyser on a number of comedy and variety shows including Amos and Andy, Burns and Allen, Command Performance, GI Journal, Jack Benny, Jubilee, Treasury Star Parade, Bill Stern, and more.

See also the Steven Beasley article 'Kay Kyser: Opening the Kollege Doors'. If you enjoy humorous quiz shows, see also You Bet Your Life and 20 Questions.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 17 shows - total playtime 8 hours 28 minutes

Kay Kyser 074 Marine Base Goleta Ca Afrs 1944
Kay Kyser 075 Long Beach Ca USCG Afrs 1944
Kay Kyser 080 440503 El Toro Marine Base Afrs
Kay Kyser 081 Long Beach Ca Afrs 1944
Kay Kyser 090 Miramar Ca Phil Harris Hosts
Kay Kyser 096 440809 Phil Harris Subbing For Kay Afrs
Kay Kyser 097 440816 W Phil Harris
Kay Kyser 100 Afrs
Kay Kyser 107 Afrs
Kay Kyser 122 Afrs
Kay Kyser 137 Army Redistribution Center Santa Ana Ca Afrs
Kay Kyser 170 Kay Kyser Herry Colona Gary Cooper
Kay Kyser 440000 Constitition Hall Washington D.c. Afrs
Kay Kyser 441011 Alameda Air Station Afrs
Kay Kyser 441018 Afrs
Kay Kyser 470826 Audition Show
Kay Kyser 471206 Comedy Of Errors

Volume 2: 34 shows - total playtime 19 hours 37 minutes

Amos & Andy 440225 022 Sunday Monday Or Always
Amos & Andy Mus Hall 540923 Guest Kay Kyser
Bill Stern 460201 E 326 Kay Kyser
Burns & Allen 431214 Kay Kaysers Blind Date
Burns & Allen 460124 W Kay Kyser
Burns & Allen 460926 Needing New Refrigerator
Burns & Allen 480212 Babysitting For Kay Kyser
Cpusa 420401 006 Kay Kyser Bea Wain
Cpusa 420830 031
Cpusa 421224 000 Christmas Special
Cpusa 430220 053 F Langford I Kabibble K Kyser
Cpusa 430828 081 B Crosby J Garland J Conway
Cpusa 440408 Langford Kabibble Kyser
Cpusa 450419 170 Kay Kyser Gary Cooper Edward
Cpusa 451225 Special 1945 Christmas Show
Cpusa 460505 220 Kay Kyser Alan Young
Cpusa 460529 000 4 th Anniversary Special
Cpusa 471223 302 Kay Kyser
Gi Journal 440602 Fine And Dandy
Gi Journal 441229 075 Kay Kyser [USAFN] Ann Miller
Gi Journal 450615 099 Fred Waring Kate Smith Orson Welles
Jack Benny 391022 1103 Stanley
Jubilee 242 Al Killian Kay Kyser
Jubilee 243 Kay Kyser Al Killian Hadda Brooks
Kay Kyser Fragment
Mail Call 441005 112 Kay Kyser Jackhaley
Nbc War Bond Parade 440207 07 Ronald Colman Kay Kyser
Recollect at 30 570102 28 Ladies Night
Screen Guild 421130 120 Ball Of Fire
Sealtest 490224 23 Detective Show Parodys
Treasury Star Parade 42 027 W Kay Kyser
Treasury Star Parade 42 028 W Kay Kyser
Treasury Star Parade 42 031 W Kay Kyser



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