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 Judy Canova

3 MP3 CDs - 94 episodes

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"Going To An Opera Masquerade"
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Ruby Danridge plays Geranium on Judy Canova ShowJudy Canova with Pigtails
Comedy-variety (1943 - 53)

Judy Canova Show tonight 9 pm at KIRO Colgate Tooth PowderThe pigtails-and-calico fad was huge on college campuses across the United States in 1943, which can be attributed to one Miss Judy Canova, born Juliette Canova, and a direct descendent of Italian sculptor Antonio Canova, whose "The Three Graces" are displayed in the Louvre.

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Judy Canova, the character, derived from her then Husband Bob Burns' persona, was first built in to her act early on in her career--basically, a hillbilly, hog caller, and hayseed. Judy started her career in a traveling family group, usually yodeling, singing and playing guitar, with her Sister Annie and her brother Zeke.The sibling trio were called, but what else than the Three Canovas.On a very fortunate night while the Canovas were performing in a nightclub act in New York Cityin 1933, Rudy Vallee, the famous saxophonist and host of his then popularshow Fleischmann Hour, happened tobe in the audience while the Canovas performed. An astonished Vallee approached Judy and asked her to appear on his show.From that moment on, Judy's career left the ground.

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The Judy Canova Show opened with a monologue and novelty song, and then broke out into sidesplitting half hour comedy skit. Judy Canova as CowgirlSometimes, Judy would go off and tell tall tales about her pig, Loverboy, or about her chopped-liver-ice-cream lovin' Cousin Ureenus. Some memorable catchphrases regularly came from the comic genius of cast member Mel Blanc, who played Pedro the Mexican Gardener-Chauffeur; he once uttered "Pardon me for talking in your face, senorita-thirty days hacienda, April, June, and sombrero." One of the most unforgettable catchphrases came in Judy's closing theme Goodnight Soldier during war times, which went "wherever you may be…my heart's lonely…without you."

Judy CanovaDisk 1 and 2 are Judy Canova Show while Vol. 3 contains guest appearances in Judy Canova in various programs including Burns and Allen, Command Performance, Dennis Day, Here's To Veterans, Mail Call, Old Gold Comedy, One Man's Family, Radio Hall of Fame, Recollections at 30, Royal Gelatin Hour (Rudy Vallee), Screen Guild Theater, Sealtest Variety Hour, Its Time To Smile, and Which is Which.

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Volume 1: 34 shows - total playtime 15 hours 38 minutes

Judy Canova 430706 001 First Show
Judy Canova 430727 004 Rome Wasnt Built In Day
Judy Canova 430824 008 Date With Mickey Rooney
Judy Canova 430831 009 Getting Pig Back To Rancho Canova
Judy Canova 430907 010 Getting Mineral Water For Pig, Lover Boy
Judy Canova 431012 015 Jailed Breaking Into Cary Grants House
Judy Canova 431019 016 Back From Army Camp
Judy Canova 431109 017 Judy Into Hollywood To Get Turkey
Judy Canova 431116 018 Description Of Prize Fight
Judy Canova 440229 033 Just Back From Rancho Canova Motel
Judy Canova 440307 034 Building Judys New House
Judy Canova 440314 035 First Rest Home Guest
Judy Canova 440321 036 Trip To Hollywood Canteen
Judy Canova 440627 050 Judy Gone For Summer
Judy Canova 450106 001 Judy To Live With Mrs Uppington
Judy Canova 450526 021 Prettiest Girl At Brentwood Fashion Show
Judy Canova 450602 022 Like Fish Out Of Waterbrenda Laverne
Judy Canova 450616 024 Horse Named Crowbait
Judy Canova 450623 025 Masquerade Ball
Judy Canova 450630 026 Going Home For Summer
Judy Canova 450901 027 Judy Comes Back From Farm
Judy Canova 450915 029 An xclusive Place In Brentwood
Judy Canova 451103 036 Judy And Saxophone
Judy Canova 451110 037 Gurgle Soda Pop Contest
Judy Canova 451201 040 Judy In New York
Judy Canova 451222 043 xclusive Brentwood Society Part
Judy Canova 460105 045 Judy Model
Judy Canova 460202 049 Genealogy Society
Judy Canova 460209 050 Valentinesflashback To Cactus Junction
Judy Canova 460223 052 Looking For Judys Dream Man
Judy Canova 460413 059 Trading In Old Car
Judy Canova 460608 067 Judy Prepares For Quiz Show
Judy Canova 460615 068 Two Gun Gertie, Play
Judy Canova 460831 071 Back From Cactus Junction

Volume 2: 34 shows - total playtime 16 hours 14 minutes

Judy Canova 461012 077 Crescent City Gold Rush
Judy Canova 461019 078 Judy At Radio
Judy Canova 461109 081 Dreams About Marriage.mp3
Judy Canova 461214 086 Queen Of Rose Bowl
Judy Canova 461221e087 Quiet Christmas Party
Judy Canova 461228 088 Western Sketch Amateur Show
Judy Canova 470201 093 Mrs Prootwhistles Party
Judy Canova 470222 096 Judy On Wishing Well Quiz Sh
Judy Canova 470412 103 In Spring, Young Mans Fan
Judy Canova 470419 104 Hollywood Glamor Contest
Judy Canova 470426 105 Opera Masquerade
Judy Canova 470920 118 American Life Magazines Story O
Judy Canova 471004 120 Judys Screen Test
Judy Canova 471018 122 Humphrey Cooper, Handsome Actor
Judy Canova 471129 128 Day In Life Of Judy
Judy Canova 471213 131 Queen Of Brentwood Rodeo
Judy Canova 480103 134 Great Hopes For Leap Year
Judy Canova 480110 135 Judy Dejected Over Humphrey Coop
Judy Canova 480117 136 ddie Cantor For President
Judy Canova 480124 137 Judy Hasnt Made Progress Romant
Judy Canova 480207 139 Judy Going To Palm Springs
Judy Canova 480228 142 Publicity
Judy Canova 480320 145 New Publicity Manager Masquerad
Judy Canova 480327 146 Publicity Man Tries To Create Ne
Judy Canova 480403 147 Famous Pr Man Handling Judys Ca
Judy Canova 480410 148 Judy Gets Ticket On Sunset Blv
Judy Canova 480424 150 Judy Sees Mrs Pierce About Publi
Judy Canova 480501 151 An Oscar For Judy
Judy Canova 480529 155 Judy Reads Scripts
Judy Canova 480619 158 Interviewing For Road Show
Judy Canova 480626 159 Leaving On Personal Appearance T
Judy Canova 481204 169 Lord Chumley Has Dinner With Jud
Judy Canova 481211 170 Judy Has Chrush On Humphrey
Judy Canova 490205 178 Judy Sees Two Boyfriends

Volume 3: 26 shows - total playtime 14 hours 15 minutes

Burns Allen 430223 J21 Huckleberry Bucket
Command Perf 420507 012 Betty Grable, Jack Benny, Judy Canova
Command Perf 420911 030 Bing Crosby Connee Boswell Kay Kyser
Command Perf 421103 040 Betty Grable dgar Bergen Judy Canova
Command Perf 430814 079 Rosalind Russell, Judy Canova, Xavier Cugat
Command Perf 450322 167 Miss Gushmores Finishing School
Command Perf 450719 184 Judy Canova, Hoosier Hot Shots, Danny Kaye
Command Perf 470805 284 Judy Canova Dave Street Mel Blanc
Country Fair 000000 01 Judy Canova
Dennis Day 480925 Dennisroomrentedout
Heres To Vets 470619 [judy Canova] 1st, Got Saturday Date V
Its Time To Smile 430113 097 Judy Canova
Mail Call 440223 079 Jerry Cooper, Judy Canova
Mail Call 440510 090 F. Langford Judy Canova Jerry Colonna
Old Gold Comedy Theater 450429 26 Scatterbrain
One Mans Family 520427 20 Th Anniversary Show
Radio Hall Of Fame 450218 064 How Deep Is Ocean
Radio Hall Of Fame 451216 107 Judy Canova
Recollect At 30 570102 28 Ladies Night
Royal Gelatin Hour 380526 Judy Canova
Royal Gelatin Hour 380707 Dennis King, Judy Canova
Royal Gelatin Hour 380915 Brian Aherne
Screen Guild Theater 450205 231 Joan Of Ozarks
Sealtest 490127 20 Douglas Fairbanks
Texaco Star Theatre 420628 77 Vacation Plans
Which is Which 450124 Phil Silvers, Judy Canova



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