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 Judy Garland Collection

1 MP3 CD - 53 episodes


"Judy Garland on Bob Hope Show"
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Judy Garland on the Radio
June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969

Judy GarlandJudy Garland star of screen, stage, and radio is a Hollywood legend. Her career spanned movies, concerts, radio, television, and she was popular with the U.S. troops when she toured the camps of WWII. Known throughout the world as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, she performed her entire life from the age of two to her untimely death at the age of 47. Known to have suffered personal difficulties, Judy Garland continued to perform on stage and remains known as one of the greatest performer of all time.

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Judy GarlandBorn as Francis Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922, her mother managed her and her two sisters ("Suzy" and "Jimmie") as The Gumm Sisters. Judy was known as Baby Gumm. The group later changed its name to The Garland Sisters with the suggestion of George Jessel, a comedian. Judy, no longer a baby and actively looking for a movie career, choose the name Judy because it sounded peppy. On October 1, 1935, 13 year old Judy with the urgings of her mother signed a contract with MGM.

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Judy Garland starred in 43 movies, 31 of which were with MGM. Her biggest features were Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, Easter Parade, The Harvey Girls, A Star Is Born, In the Good Old Summertime and The Pirate.

Judy Garland and Bob Hope
She married 5 times throughout her life. In 1945 she married Vincente Minnelli, who had directed her in 'Meet Me in St Louis.' In 1946 her daughter and a starlet in her own right, Liza Minnelli, was born.

This fabulous collection is an anthology of guest appearances of Judy Garland staring and singing in the most popular old time radio shows such as the Bing Crosby, Lux Radio, Screen Guild Theater , and many others.

See also: The Rat Pack Collection.

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53 shows - total playtime 26 hours 38 minutes

Bing Crosby
Bing 491005 Guest Judy Garland
Bing 520604
Bing 521030 (04) Emcee Judy Garland (Bing Absent)
Bing Crosby 501206 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510207 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510307 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510314 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510321 Judy Garland (LOW)
Bing Crosby 510328 Judy Garland

Bob Hope
390307 Guest Judy Garland

Charlie McCarthy Show
420503 Charlie McCarthy Show Judy Garland
bm411207 Judy Garland

Chesterfield Time
491005 Guest Judy Garland

Command Performance
451224 Command Performance Special ChristmasShow
CP420618 018 William Powell Autry Garland Tilton
CP430828 081 B.Crosby Judy Garland J.Conway
CP440715 128 Claudette Colbert Durante B.Hutton
CP440819 134 J.Garland Danny Kaye H.Forrest

Danny Kaye Show
451005 Sinatra & Garland sub for Danny

GE 521030 Judy Garland

GI Jive
GI JIVE AFRS 856 Tommy Dorsey - Well Get It

Good News
GN 380414 e024 Judy Garland Fannie Brice
GN 380505 e027 Guests Clark Gable and Judy Garland
GN 381020 e43 Judy Garland Guest Joan Crawford
GN 390629 e083 Guests Stars From the Wizard of Oz
GN 391117 e39 wNorma Shearer Judy Garland

Hallmark Theater
Hallmark Theater Cinderella Judy GarlandLeo is On The Air

Leo on the Air
1938 Listen Darling
1938 Love Finds Andy Hardy
1939 Babes in Arms
1939 Wizard of Oz
Leo the Air 1940 Little Nelly Kelly
Leo the Air 1941 Babes on Broadway
Leo the Air 1941 Life Begins For Andy Hardy
Leo the Air 1942 For Me and My Gal
Leo the Air Everybody Sing
Leo the Air Holiday

Lux Radio Theater
lux401028 Strike Up the Band
lux411117 326 Merton of the Movies
lux421012 366 Morning Glory
lux421228 377 A Star Is Born
lux461202 549 Meet Me In St Louis
lux501225 727 The Wizard of Oz

Mail Call
430109 (019) Groucho, Judy Garland, Jose Iturbi
450411 (140) Judy Garland

Philco Radio Time
461127Philco Radio Time (07)Old Buttermilk Sky [Judy Garland]
470219Philco Radio Time (19)Connecticut [Judy Garland]

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild Theater 411109 090 Babes In Arms
Screen Guild Theater 430322 136 For Me and My Gal

Thirty Minutes in Hollywood
371024 (04) Guest Judy Garland Age15

Your Hit Parade
Your Hit Parade 430000 Medley Ross, Simms, Dinah



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