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 Jack Kirkwood

1 MP3 CD - 65 episodes


"Jack Kirkwood Show May 1 1953"
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Jack Kirkwood Ad

Jack KirkwoodJack Kirkwood was well loved by his peers and popular with the public. Born in Scotland, Jack Kirkwood moved to the US as an adult to become an entertainer in Vaudeville.  Kirkwood was on the radio in small roles as early as the 1920s, but made a splash with the hit show Mirth and Madness with his wife, Lillian Leigh.  His next show was The Jack Kirkwood show and then At Home with the Kirkwoods.

Jack Kirkwood had a well know repeated role on The Bob Hope Show.  Some call Jack Kirkwood Bob Hope's second banana, but in actuality Bob Hope often played the straight man to Jack Kirkwood's hijinks. 

It is difficult to find most of the history of Jack Kirkwood's life and work.  However, his contributions to golden age of radio was extensive.  He was on such shows as The Bob Hope Show, Edgar Bergen, Ozzie & Harriet, The Alan Young Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny Program, the star-studded show train Railroad Hour, and many more.

This extensive compilation contains The Jack Kirkwood Show, many of his guest appearances, and a rare recording of At Home with The Kirkwoods.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

65 recordings - total playtime 32 hours 30 minutes

Al Jolson
Al Jolson 490519 71 Mh W Dorothy Kirsten

Alan Young Show
Ays 440000 Alan Wants To Be A Reporter
Ays 440000 Guest Jack Kirkwood

At Home with the Kirkwoods
At Home w The Kirkwoods 470917 Lil Wants To Go

Bergen and McCarthy
Edgar Bergen 520525 600 W Mills Brothers
Edgar Bergen 521005 W 15th Radio Aniv. W R Clooney
Edgar Bergen 521109 607 Marilyn Monroe
Edgar Bergen 540228 657 W June Allyson & Dick Powell
Edgar Bergen 551218 Candy Bergen Xmas
Edgar Bergen 551225 Christmas Show
Edgar Bergen 560101
Edgar Bergen 560122 W Rudy Whistler
Edgar Bergen 560205
Edgar Bergen 560304 Fugitives From The F B I
Edgar Bergen 560318 Mc Carthys Cavalcade Of Flops
Edgar Bergen 560325 Mortimers Ups & Downs
Edgar Bergen 560408 Interplanetary Western
Edgar Bergen 560415 Ben Him
Edgar Bergen 560422 Lost In The Woods

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 490405 Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer Sketch
Bob Hope 491220 W R Fleming B Crosby
Bob Hope 500207 W Fred Allen
Bob Hope 500314 Guest Fred Allen
Bob Hope 500321 Bing Crosby & Doris Day
Bob Hope 500606 W Arthur Godfrey
Bob Hope 500613 Last Show For Lever Brothers
Bob Hope 510123 Fort Ord Jack Kirkwood & Bing Crosby
Bob Hope 510130 W Judy Garland
Bob Hope 511016 Ava Gardner Jack Kirkwood [INC]
Bob Hope 511225 Long Beach Va Hosp Christmas Show Story
Bob Hope 520429 Horse Jockey (William Holden)
Bob Hope 520520 034 Marilyn Maxwell, Jack Kirkwood
Bob Hope 531106 William Holden Jack Kirkwood
Bob Hope 540528 Jack Kirkwood
Bob Hope 541118 Guest - Jack Kirkwood
Wm.holden Jack Kirkwood

Dennis Day
Dennis Day 481204 098 Mr. Andersons Love Letters

Doris Day
Doris Day Show 531223 Looking For Don Wilsons Santa

Fibber McGee and Molly
Fibber Mcgee 481221 567 Taking Packages To The Post
Fibber Mcgee 481228 New Years Eve Dance

Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Playhouse 481118 022 My Financial Career
Hallmark Playhouse 481125 023 Free Land

Jack Benny
Jack Benny 420426 1330 Jack Hawkin

Jack Kirkwood Show
Jack Kirkwood Afrs 742
Jack Kirkwood Afrs 743
Jack Kirkwood Show 450119
Jack Kirkwood Show 450618
Jack Kirkwood Show 450619
Jack Kirkwood Show 450625
Jack Kirkwood Show 450627
Jack Kirkwood Show 450831 Were Not Shooting Dice
Jack Kirkwood Show 451114
Jack Kirkwood Show 530403
Jack Kirkwood Show 530501
Jack Kirkwood Show 530504
Jack Kirkwood Show August
Jack Kirkwood Show House Painter

Much ado Dolittle
Much About Dolittle 500323 Hans Conried Get A Job

Ozzie and Harriet
Ozzie & Harriet 481031 E05 Haunted House
Ozzie & Harriet 481107 E06 Ozzie Is In A Rut
Ozzie & Harriet 481128 E09 Intelectual Curiosity
Ozzie & Harriet 481205 E10 A Visit From Bing Crosby

Railroad Hour
Railroad Hour 500102 The Red Mill
Railroad Hour 500123 069 The Merry Widow
Railroad Hour 530126 The Merry Widow

Thrills of the Highway Patrol
Thrills Of The Highway Patrol 026



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