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 Jack Benny Christmas

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes

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"Jack Buys Don Cuff Links"
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Jack Benny Santa

Jack Benny was an American institution in old time radio comedy with his running gags including his basement installed by Spike Jones, Jack Benny plays the violin for Dennis Day's familyhis perpetual age of 39, the feud with Fred Allen, the awful violin playing, and his miserly spending habits.  But it was during the holidays that the Jack Benny's Christmas shows highlighted the best comedy and music for the holidays.

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As one might imagine, gift giving for the very parsimonious Jack Benny became a hysterical conversation with confused shopping clerk often played by Mel Blanc, who's sanity is tested by waiting on Benny.  In one memorable skit, Jack Benny debated which shoelaces to buy Don Wilson.  In later episodes he opted to buy other small gifts for Wilson from cuff links, golf tees to a box of dates with an equal about of penny-pinching hilarity. 

Jack Benny's holiday guest appearances in such classic radio shows as Phil Harris and Alice Faye show, Command Performance, are also included in this collection.  This is a delightful collection of shows of the Christmas Holiday season. 

See also: Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud and Christmas Collection. For more comedy Christmas compilations, see also Fibber McGee Christmas and Great Gildersleeve Christmas and New Years.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 shows - total playtime 25 hours 43 minutes

Jack Benny 341216 610 Russia Throu
Jack Benny 361206 810 Money Aint
Jack Benny 361220 812 An Old Fashi
Jack Benny 361227 813 Buck Benny R
Jack Benny 371212 911 Christmas Sh
Jack Benny 371219 912 Little Red R
Jack Benny 381211 1011 Christmas Sh
Jack Benny 381218 1012 Returning To
Jack Benny 381225 1013 Jacks Chris
Jack Benny 390101 1014 Goodbye 1938
Jack Benny 391210 1110 Murder On Th
Jack Benny 391217 1111 Christmas Sh
Jack Benny 391217 Christmas Shopping [Eastcoast]
Jack Benny 391217 Christmas Shopping [Westcoast]
Jack Benny 391224 1112 Christmas Op
Jack Benny 401222 1212 Christmas Sh
Jack Benny 401229 1213 Father Time
Jack Benny 410105 1214 Christmas Gi
Jack Benny 411228 1313 Jack Talks A
Jack Benny 431212 1510 Dennis Moth
Jack Benny 431219 1511 Jack And Mar
Jack Benny 431226 1512 Christmas At
Jack Benny 441217 1612 Jack Meets F
Jack Benny 441224 1613 Trimming A T
Jack Benny 451223 1713 The English
Jack Benny 461208 1811 Jack Buys Do
Jack Benny 461215 1812 Jack Learns
Jack Benny 461222 1813 Christmas Pa
Jack Benny 461229 1814 Jack, Mary,
Jack Benny 471221 1912 Last Moment
Jack Benny 471228 1913 New Tenant
Jack Benny 481219 2012 Jack Buys A
Jack Benny 491218 2115 Mary Buys Ja
Jack Benny 491225 2116 Rochester Is
Jack Benny 501217 1115 Jack Buys Do
Jack Benny 501224 2216 Beavers Come
Jack Benny 511202 2312 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links
Jack Benny 521207 2413 Happy Time
Jack Benny 521214 2414 Christmas Gopher Trap For Don
Jack Benny 521221 2415 Setting Up Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 531213 2514 Christmas Show From Palm Springs
Jack Benny 531220 2515 Cactus Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 541205 2611 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 541219 2613 Christmas At Palm Springs
Jack Benny 561200 Jack Benny Christmas Special

Command Perf 441225 Christmas Special
Dennis Day Christmas Is For The Family
481217 Guest Jack Benny
Phil Harris & Alice Faye 481219 Jack Benny As Santa Cl
Phil Harris & Alice Faye 491225 Jack Benny as Santa



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