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 Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud

1 MP3 CD - 37 episodes

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"King for A Day"
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Jack Benny Fred Allen FeudJack Benny Fred Allen FeudSince 1932, Jack Benny long amused radio audiences with his continuing gags, including his ah-hem thrifty spending habits, his perpetual age of 39, that dreadful violin playing.  Fred Allen also began his career in radio comedy since 1932, when he began the show "The Lint Bath Club Revue" with wife Portland Hoffa.  Allen was famous for ad-libbing and cracking up the audience with running comments on the jokes.

After child violinist Stewart Canin's performance on Allen's show, Fred Allen commented that  "a certain alleged violinist" (Jack Benny) should hide in shame.   Although the initial quip from Fred Allen was ad lib, the two met with their writers to expand the gag to their respective old time radio showsJack Benny continued the gag and promised (or threatened according to Allen) to play "The Bee" on his violin on the February 7th, 1937 show, eventually playing it on the February 28th. 

Some memorable lines from the Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud include:

Jack Benny Fred Allen Feud

Fred Allen: Jack, you couldn't ad lib a belch after a plate of Hungarian goulash.
Jack Benny: You wouldn't say that if my writers were here.

Allen: Why you fugitive from a Ripley cartoon!

Allen: How long have you been in the cake business?
Benny: Long enough to know a crumb when I see one.

Benny: You ought to do well in pictures, Mr. Allen, now that Boris Karloff is back in England.

Allen: Tomorrow night, in your ermine robe, you will be whisked by bicycle to Orange, New Jersey, where you will be the judge in a chicken-cleaning contest.
Benny: I'm KING for a Day!

The Benny-Allen feud reached its climax in the famous "King For A Day" sketch on Fred Allen's program, when Fred Allen stole Jack Benny's pants.

The decade long feud between Jack Benny and Fred Allen featured barbs between the two comedy greats on multiple old time radio shows including Allen's Alley, The Jack Benny Program, Command Performance, and The Big Show

The collection is organized chronologically to follow the comedic feud as it unfolded to the radio listener. See also: Down Allen's Alley (with Fred Allen).

See also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

37 shows - total playtime 21 hours 50 minutes
360405 Jack Benny 728 Clown Hall T
360426 Jack Benny 731 Boston Tea Party
370103 Jack Benny 814 More Buck Be
370124 Jack Benny 817 Jack Practic
370131 Jack Benny 818 Nightmares Of Fred Allen
370228 Jack Benny 822 Jack's Violi
370307 Jack Benny 823 Fight Of The
370310 Allen's Alley 623 Tht One Long Pan On Cruise Ship
370314 Jack Benny 824 From The Hot
380327 Jack Benny 926 Harry Von Ze
380518 Allen's Alley 666 Tht House That Jack Built
390129 Jack Benny 1018 Jack Goes In
390205 Jack Benny 1019 Jack Challen
401222 Jack Benny 1212 Christmas Sh
421224 Cpusa Christmas Special
430110 Allen's Alley 403 T T Jack Benny
431225 Cpusa Christmas Special Bob Hope
441001 Jack Benny 1601 Jack Looks F
441224 Cpusa Special Christmas Sh
450114 Jack Benny 1616 Mrs Nussbaum's Restaurant
450204 Jack Benny 1619 From St Alba
460519 Jack Benny 1734 Fred Allen Asks Jack To Appear
460526 Allen's Alley 489 King For A Day
470525 Jack Benny 1835 Allen's Alle
480509 Allen's Alley 565 Break The Contestant
490626 Allen's Alley W Jack Benny Last Show
500115 Jack Benny 2119 How Jack And
500212 Jack Benny 2123 Allen's Alle
501022 Jack Benny Dennis Tries To Borrow $50,000 For New Candy Business
501105 Big Show Debut Fred Allen, Jimmy Durante


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