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 Horses In Old Time Radio

5 MP3 CDs - 204 episodes

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The horse was first domesticated more than 4,000 years ago, and the noble animal has been a part of mankind's development ever since. The horse has been a part of agriculture, warfare, sport, religion and recreation.

We like to think of the wild horse as the nobility of the steppes and plains where they evolved. They are, in fact, a prey animal and have developed physical characteristics and behaviors in response.

Lone Ranger Silver Horse BowingHorses are highly social animals. The herd is a primary means of protection from predators. As a herd, while individuals are resting or eating, there are always herd members watching for approaching danger. These instincts are part of the reason the horse so willingly serve man.

Horses have excellent vision and can see 350 degrees without moving their heads. Each of their ears can rotate 180 degrees, which makes their auditory sense beneficial to their survival. It may also be why they are such delightful characters on Radio.

Western movies were hugely popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood, in part because “horse operas” were relatively cheap to make. This economy is laughable when compared with how cheap it is to put a horse on a radio program. In fact, on the radio they didn't even need a horse!

The Old West was built by men on horseback, even when the Old West was a radio studio in Detroit. One of the greatest of all radio horses was the Lone Ranger’s companion, Silver. Silver was the son of King Silvin and the gentle Musa. The great herd lived in a secret valley, but the bad guys led by Butch Cavendish had heard of the magnificent horses and wanted to tame them to ride away from their robberies. The Lone Ranger knows of Butch’s plans, but can the Masked Rider act in time to save the King of the horses?

Desperate to get George on Television, Gracie decides to enlist the aid of none other than Hopalong . She convinces Hopalong that George used to have an act with a horse, but George thinks he wants to see him dance with his old girlfriend, Trixie Lorraine. When has there been any confusion when Gracie Allen is involved?

William Conrad on GunsmokeOn the Gunsmoke episode “Don’t Pester Chester” the deputy has a run-in with a pair of no-good cowboys. They drop a rope around Chester and drag him out of town behind their horses. Seeing his friend near death, Marshall Dillon is so angry that he hangs his guns in the jail and goes after the cowboys. If Matt Dillon is dangerous with a pair of six-guns, imagine how mean and cunning he can be with just his fists and his wits!

The racetrack at Santa Anita is a bit of a playground for Hollywood types. Even Texaco Town has a horse. Unfortunately, he cannot find a race for his horse. That is until he gets a challenge from Jack Benny, who thinks his old Maxwell is faster than Eddie’s horse!

One of the funniest race horse stories in radio situation comedy was based on a real situation. Jack Benny’s valet, Rochester, had a horse entered in the Kentucky Derby. Rochester was played by Eddie Anderson, who shared his boss’s enthusiasm for the ponies. Anderson invested in a string of thoroughbreds, one of which, Burnt Cork, Amos and Andywas actually entered in the 1945 Kentucky Derby. On The Jack Benny Program, Jack made out as though he sold the horse to Rochester for $4 (Jack used the horse for plowing his daisy field- thinking he could make rubber from the flowers!) The gang is highly supportive of Rochester’s efforts, but Jack won’t let him go to Kentucky until he checks with his fortune teller.

Burnt Cork was the first entry in the Kentucky Derby owned by an African American, but Andy of Amos ‘n’ Andy bought a fine horse from the Kingfish. What Andy doesn’t know is that Kingfish’s brother in law has the horse because he is too old to race anymore. The problems of being a Racing Tycoon in Harlem!

In “Muddy Track” on Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills, Suspense, a down-on-his-luck horse player is studying his racing form when a pretty girl buys him a drink. The girl's friend is a bookie who offers our track-side scientist a job, a job that gets him framed for murder!

The Lux Radio Theater production of “Thunderhead, Son of Flicka” stars Roddy McDowell, Rita Johnson and Preston Foster reprising their screen roles as a family in the story of a boy's love for his horse.

During the War, when rubber rationing was a reality, Fibber McGee bought a horse because the tires on his car were so thin. It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time, but how will he tell Molly?

This collection includes all things horse of course in old time radio straight from the horse's mouth at the microphone. You can lead a horse to great old time radio shows, but your can't make him listen.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 44 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 7 minutes

Aa 520504 Kingfish buys a Race Horse
Adv. In Research 283 Billion Dollar Wager
Arthur Godfrey Collection 481008 X Gene Autry
Bb 460514 Merry Go Round Murder
Bimb 500623 040 Steve Courtney Murder
Bing Crosby 410612 Ethel Waters
Bob & Ray 490906 Tuesday After Labor Day
Bobby Benson 531026 Headless Horseman Runs Fast
Box 13 490501 37 Much Too Lucky
Burns And Allen 490505 32 William Boyd George Cowboy
CBSRMT 740224 E0045 Horse That Wasnt For Sale
CBSRMT 760206 E0427 Straight From Horses Mouth
Cbsrw 570303 55 Ballad Of Iron Horse
Cdnp 500807 E44 Giddyup Horsey
Chandu 481026 087 Spell Cast
Cloak And Dagger 500528 03 Trojan Horse
Crime Classics 531007 E15 Hangman And William Palmer
Dday 480623 Bets On Horses By Mistake
Dennis Day 470924 043 Impersonates Big Railroad Boss
Df 481017 017 Boy Who Was Traded For Horsegeorge Carver
Dr Christian 501129 626 No Good
Duffys Tavern 511130 416 Archie Inherits Half Race Horse
Eternal Light 580914 0701 High Places
Fibber 420224 0315 Fibber Buys Horse
Fibber 420414 0321 Spring Festival Parade
Fibber 421117 0339 Twenty Thousand Dollars In Sofa
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 540604 0914 Hot Tip From Uncle Dennis
Fort Laramie 560122 01 Playing Indian
Fort Laramie 560212 Woman At Horse Creek
Fort Laramie 560415 12 Stage Coach Stop
Fort Laramie 560429 14 Capture
Fort Laramie 560603 19 Dont Kick My Horse
Fort Laramie 561021 39 Indian Scout
Frank Race 490731 14 Vanishing Favorite
Ft 531014 340 Ballad Of Dan Mcbirdy
Good News Of 390511 072 Ed Sullivan
Grand Marquee 470508 36 Crazy Over Horses
Great Plays 400324 Captain Jenks Of Horse Marines
Great Plays 410406 Beggar On Horseback
Gunsmoke 520705 011 Never Pester Chester
Gunsmoke 530328 049 Quarter Horse
Gunsmoke 531107 081 Stolen Horses
Gunsmoke 531212 086 Cast
Gunsmoke 540515 108 Indian Horse

Volume 2: 46 recordings - total playtime 20 hours 42 minutes

Gunsmoke 550122 145 Sins Of Father
Gunsmoke 550326 154 Horse Deal
Gunsmoke 550917 179 Thoroughbreds
Gunsmoke 570602 269 Ben Tollivers Stud
Gunsmoke 570915 284 Child Labor
Gunsmoke 580112 301 Second Son
Gunsmoke 580209 305 Jokes On Us
Gunsmoke 580406 313 Yorky
Gunsmoke 580518 319 Stallion
Gunsmoke 580608 322 Hot Horse Hyatt
Gunsmoke 581214 349 Kittys Injury
Gunsmoke 590111 353 Wolfer
Gunsmoke 590719 380 Second Arrest
Hgwt 581130 E002 Road To Wickenberg
Hgwt 590607 029 Roped
Hgwt 600131 E063 Bad Bert
Hgwt 600703 E085 Dad Blamed Luck
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510528 058 They Call Me Lucky 2
Hollywood Star Playhouse 520110 090 Frontier
Hollywood Star Playhouse 520413 08 Six Shooter
Jack Benny 19421122 George Washington Slept Here Premiere
Jack Benny 19430425 Rochesters Horse Is In Kentucky Derby
Jack Benny 19531025 Jack Buys G String
Jack Benny 421108 1406 Twink Family
Jack Benny 451028 1705 $ 85,000 Bet
Jack Benny 460310 1724 Lost Weekend
Jack Benny 550424 2831 Renting Maxwell To Movie Studio
Jack Benny Program 380515 297 Murder In Library
Jack Benny Program 451021 557 Jack Dreams Of Race Horse Texas Sandman
Jack Benny Program 500910 736 Back From London
Jeff Regan 481113 Guy From Gower Gulch
Kraft 440629 Swinging On Star,roy Rogers
Let George Do It 461025 002 Cowboy Star Afraid Of Horses
Lightning Jim 000000 019 Thunder To Rescue
Lightning Jim 000000 022 Little Bear Repays Debt
Lightning Jim 07 Jim Shows Black Bear White Mans Trail
Lr 380124 0004 Silver Mine Susprise
Lr 380128 0006 Abilene Horse Thieves
Lr 380805 0087 Fourday Ride
Lr 381209 Origin Of Silver
Lr 400802 Horse Named Toby
Lr 410404 0496 Land Grabbers Loss
Lr 410428 0506 Wild Horses Untamed
Lr 410813 0551 Son Of Silver 2o6
Lr 410829 0558 Man And His Horse
Lr 421202 0752 Half Loaf

Volume 3: 45 recordings - total playtime 25 hours 31 minutes

Lr 430407 0806 Dans Horse 5o6
Lr 430412 0808 Branded For Murder
Lr 430825 0865 Feud On Boulder Creek
Lr 431208 0911 Lone Ranger Lode 17o21
Lr 440214 0941 Buffalo Bill 1o16
Lr 440410 0971 Calamity Jane 7o16
Lr 440424 0977 Sam Bass 8o16
Lr 470808 1495 Outpost
Lr 480630 1635 Lone Rangers Origin
Lr 500522 1931 Tribal Talisman
Lr 520418 2229 War Horse
Lr 530130 2351 Ret Of Cavendish 20th Ann Show
Lr 531204 2481 Horse Traders Secret
Lr 540329 2529 Burly Scotts Sacrifice
Lr 540903 2596 Last Show Cold Spring Showdown
Luigi 500905 098 Luigi Sells Ice Cream
Luigi 510508 132 Horse And Wagon Delivery Service
Luke Slaughter 580525 13 Outlaw Kid
Luke Slaughter 580601 14 Cattle Drive
Lux Radio Theater 370531 135 Plainsman
Lux Radio Theater 410526 309 Virginia City
Lux Radio Theater 420413 347 North West Mounted Police
Lux Radio Theater 430104 377 Bugle Sounds
Lux Radio Theater 431220 419 Dixie
Lux Radio Theater 440313 430 In Old Oklahoma
Lux Radio Theater 450528 485 Kentucky
Lux Radio Theater 460225 516 Thunderhead; Son Of Flicka
Lux Radio Theater 471208 593 Ride Pink Horse
Lux Radio Theater 510122 730 Broken Arrow
Lux Radio Theater 550322 915 Rawhide
Macabre 611211 05 Midnight Horseman
Maisie 500309 16 Manicurist, Bookie In Barbershop
Maisie 510308 56 Mertons Dreams
Meet Meeks 490205 Are Peggy & Harold Cousins
Melody Ranch 470629 Devil S Saint
Mr Keen 491110 Engaged Girl Murder
Mr President 481107 072 Theodore Roosevelt
My Friend Irma 530602 274 Irmas Boss Buys Race Horse
Our Miss Brooks 481107 014 Work Horse
Pat Novak 490306 304 Fleet Lady
People Are Funny 460111 00x Man Who Sold An Icebox To An Eskimo
Philco Radio Time 480107 Lone Ranger And Walter Okeefe
Philip Marlowe 490702 B40 Dude From Manhattan
Philip Marlowe 500502 B82 Sea Horse Jockey
Philo Vance 481214 023 Murdock Murder

Volume 4: 18 recordings - total playtime 8 hours 32 minutes

Philo Vance 490719 054 Racket Murder
Red Ryder 420305 14 Trouble At Iron Horse Junction
Red Ryder420414 31 Chief Clearwater
Rogers Of Gazette 531118 19 Do It Now
Sam Spade510209 234 Sure Thing Caper Nbc
Sealtest 490428 31 Horserace
Sherlock Holmes 480111 16 Case Of Sudden Senility
Sherlock Holmes 480215 21 Case Of Shoscombe Old Place
Sherlock Holmes 590825 06 Adventure Of Shoscombe Old Place
Smilin Eds Buster Brown Gang 490305 Alamo, Race Ho
Stoopnagle & Bud 350315 Gloomchasers
Straight Arrow 490324 060 Land Of Our Fathers Aka Uprising
Suspense 481111 314 Muddy Track
Suspense 530126 497 Spencer Brothers
Suspense 600410 848 Two Horse Parley
Tales Of Texas Rangers 501217 23 Cactus Pear
Texaco Town 380202 71 Race Against Jack Bennys Maxwell
The Saint 501203 22 Martin Hickson

Volume 5: Horse Racing
51 recordings - total playtime 5 hours 43 minutes

Ky Derby 360501 62 Running Pt 1 Preview Show
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 2 Prerace Show End Cu
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 3 Hanford Aboard Bold Ven
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 4 Postrace Show Begin
Ky Derby 370507 63 Running Pt 1 Preview Show
Ky Derby 370508 63 rd Running Pt 2 Pre Race & Race Call
Ky Derby 370508 63 rd Running Pt 3 Kurtsinger Aboard War A
Ky Derby 380507 64 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Lawrin
Ky Derby 390504 65 Running Preview Show Abruptly Ends
Ky Derby 400503 66 Running Pt 1 Preview Show Fragment
Ky Derby 400504 66 Running Pt 2 Prerace & Call
Ky Derby 400504 66 Running Pt 3 Bierman Aboad Galahadio
Ky Derby 410503 67 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Whirlaw
Ky Derby 430501 69 Running Longden Aboard Count Fleet
Ky Derby 450609 71 st Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Hoop J
Ky Derby 460504 72 Running Call Post Race Mehrtens On
Ky Derby 460504 72 Running Pre Race & Po Call Inc
Ky Derby 470503 73 rd Running Guerin Aboard Jet Pilot
Ky Derby 480501 74 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Citatio
Ky Derby 480501 74 Running Pre Call And Post
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 1 Pre Race Show
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 2 Call Brooks On Ponder
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 3 Post Race Show
Ky Derby 500506 76 Running Boland Aboard Middleground
Ky Derby 510505 77 Running Mccreary Aboard Count Turf
Ky Derby 510505 77 Running Pre Race Cut Short
Ky Derby 520503 78 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Hill Ga
Ky Derby 530502 79 Running Moreno Aboard Dark Star
Ky Derby 540501 80 Running York Aboard Determine
Ky Derby 550507 81 st Running Shoemaker Aboard Swaps
Ky Derby 570504 83 Running Hartack Aboard Iron Liege
Ky Derby 580503 84 Running Valenzuela Aboard Tim Tam
Ky Derby 590502 85 Running Shoemaker Aboard Tomy Lee
Ky Derby 610502 87 Running Sellers Aboard Carry Back
Ky Derby 620505 88 Running Hartack Aboard Decidedly
Ky Derby 630504 89 Running Baeza Aboard Chateaugay
Ky Derby 640502 90 Running Hartack Aboard Northern Dan
Ky Derby 640502 90 Running Post Race Show Excerp
Ky Derby 650501 91 st Running Shoemaker On Lucky Debonair
Ky Derby 660507 92 Running Call Post Race Brumfield On
Ky Derby 690503 95 Running Hartack Aboard Majetic Pri
Ky Derby 710501 97 Running Pre Race And Call Avila On Ca
Ky Derby Memories Of 1938 Eddie Arcaro Wins On Lawrin
Ky Derby Memories Of 1951
Ky Derby Memories Of 1963 Baeza Wins On Chateaugay
Seabiscuit 370227 Santa Anita Handicap
Seabiscuit 380305 Santa Anita Handicap
Seabiscuit 380812 Vs. Ligaroti
Seabiscuit 381101 Vs. War Admiral
Seabiscuit 400302 Santa Anita Handicap
Sports Memories 1951



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