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 Goofy Guys

7 MP3 CDs - 316 episodes

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"Riley Meets Red Skelton"
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Milton BerleThe kind of upright, hard working and intelligent men who built this great nation. The kind of men you can depend upon in a crisis. The type of the Men can get things done. These are the sort of men you won't find in our Goofy Guys collection!

For this collection, we've searched for men who are doing their very best, even when their very best isn't all that great.

Some of manhood's greatest failings seem to show up in situation comedies. And they start young, too, just ask Henry Aldrich. It seems like they don't grow as much wisdom as they should if you listen to the likes of Fibber McGee and Molly or The Great Gildersleeve. Of course there is nothing more manly than Fatherhood, but you wouldn't know from listening to The Life Of Riley with William Bendix. Of course part of the reason fathers have such fits might be little boys, even wooden ones like Charlie McCarthy.

Texaco Fire Chief brought us the Perfect Fool, Ed Wynn, in the 30's. Al Pierce was a door to door salesmen before he made his move to show business, and if he was as effective a salesmen as the one he played on his Columbia/Don Lee Network show, show biz was a good choice! Alan Young would be better known for his later association with Mr. Ed, but he built his reputation with his rapid fire jokes on the radio.

Bob Burns Bazooka: Bob Burns' Bob Burns had been a Marine in WWI before making a splash on radio; he would entertain his shipmates with a homemade instrument he called a bazooka, sort of a trombone made from pipes and whiskey funnel- the G.I.'s kept the name for their WWII antitank weapon.

Before he became Mr. Television, Milton Berle was a big hit on the radio, he was so dedicated to making it on the radio that Uncle Milty gave up a number of profitable night-club appearances to make his radio show. We'll forever wonder whether the world got the best of Red Skelton's many characters or if it was the other way around. Few acts lasted as long on the radio as Amos 'n' Andy, but the characters never quite got ahead even with their schemes.

If the fellows in our Goofy Guys collection don't display lots of manly intelligence, they do give us a good time. In the interest of gender equality, be sure to check our Wacky Women collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 34 minutes

aa440310 Sign On The Dotted Line
aa440317 Insurance Fraud
aa440324 Between Life And Death
aa440331 Long Lost Harold
aa440407 Dating Club Disaster
aa440414 The Butler Did It
aa440421 Of Sound Mind And Body
aa440428 Sapphire s Brother Leroy Visits
aa440505 The Electric Clock Caper
aa440512 Impersonating An Officer
aa440519 And The Winner Is
aa440526 Andy The Fugitive
aa440609 Shirt Trail
aa440616 One Step Ahead Of The Law
aa441006 Andy The Actor
aa441110 The Employment Agency
aa441117 Marriage Proposal Mixup
aa441124 Spot Removal Formula
aa441201 Ink Flow Fountain Pen Agency
aa441208 The House Of Frank Morgan
aa441215 Fake Suicide
aa441222 Annual Christmas Show
aa441229 Not Invited To The Party
aa450105 Honesty Insurance Company
aa450112 Washington s Love Letters
aa450119 Adoption Woes
aa450202 Lovelorn Lawsuit
aa450209 Andy Plays Soldier
aa450216 Sapphire Kicks Kingfish Out
aa450223 Wax Mustache
aa450309 More Tax Woes
aa450316 The Lecture Bureau
aa450320 Kingfish Buys A Car
aa450330 Easter Hat
aa450406 A Place To Call Home
aa450420 The Second-Hand Car
aa450427 Marriage Vows
aa450504 Beautiful Baby Contest
aa450511 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire Is Out To Kill Him
aa450525 Andy The Sailor
aa450601 Engaged To Hattie Mcdaniel
Al Pearce 391011 Sells Corsets
Al Pearce 400124 Sells Toothbrushes
Al Pearce 400207 Sells Hot Dogs
Al Pearce 400221 Sells Cosmetics
Al Pearce 400306 Sells Insurance (Gene Autry)
Alan Young 441212 0011 Alan Writes An Opera
Alan Young 450116 0016 Alan Wants To Hire Fred Waring
Alan Young 450130 0018 Becoming More Assertive
Alan Young 450213 0020 Raising Rabbits

Volume 2 - 43 shows - total playtime 22 hours 58 minutes

Alan Young 450227 0022 Honeymoon Trail
Alan Young 450403 0027 Old Love Letters
Alan Young 460910 0001 Landscaping Rehearsal
Alan Young 460927 0002 The Letter East
Alan Young 461011 0004 Cucamonga Killer
Alan Young 461025 0006 Alan The Movie Star
Aldrich Family 481118 Grab Bag
Aldrich Family 481125 Thanksgiving Dance And Turkey Run
Aldrich Family 481202 Remodeling Homer
Aldrich Family 481216 Weekly Party
Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program
Aldrich Family 481230 New Year's Eve Party
Aldrich Family 490203 Shoveling Snow
Aldrich Family 490210 Geometry Homework
Aldrich Family 490217 Mrs Aldrich's Antique Chairs
Aldrich Family 490303 Planning A Trip To Dc
Aldrich Family 490407 Blind Date
Aldrich Family 490414 Henry The Shortstop
Aldrich Family 490421 Takes Gladys To School Play
Aldrich Family 490428 Date With A Tall Girl
Archie Andrews 460727 Drugstore Mix Up
Archie Andrews 461019 Plumbing Woes
Archie Andrews 470315 The Red Cross Benefit
Archie Andrews 470909 Taking a Bath
Archie Andrews 471213 Christmas Shopping
Archie Andrews 480515 The Hiccups
Archie Andrews 480612 Archie Fights A Cold
Archie Andrews 480710 Archie Gets Dresed For A Date
Archie Andrews 480717 Mr Andrews Wallpapers Room
Archie Andrews 480807 Suffering From The Heat
Archie Andrews 480821 Going On A Picnic
Archie Andrews 480904 The Big Dance
Archie Andrews 480911 Archie Borrows A Tire Jack
Archie Andrews 480918 Archie's In Love
Archie Andrews 480925 Free Movie Tickets
Archie Andrews 481030 Halloween Party
Archie Andrews 481106 Locked Out Of The House
Archie Andrews 481113 A Good Night's Sleep
Bergen McCarthy 390903 122 Wendy Barrie
Bergen McCarthy 390924 125 Anita Louise
Bergen McCarthy 391112 132 Jean Arthur
Bergen McCarthy 391126 134 Loretta Young
Bergen McCarthy 391203 135 Maureen Ohara

Volume 3 - 47 shows - total playtime 23 hours 38 minutes

Bergen McCarthy 391210 136 Lansing Hatfield
Bergen McCarthy 400421 Charles Laughton
Bergen McCarthy 401027 Frankie Laine
Bergen McCarthy 410921 W W C Fields
Bergen McCarthy 411123 221 W Albert E. Wiggam
Bergen McCarthy 420303 Edward Everett Horton
Bergen McCarthy 420503 W Edward Everett Horton
Bergen McCarthy 420621 Judy Garland
Bergen McCarthy 420628 W Walter Brenan
Bergen McCarthy 420906 Charles Ruggles
Bergen McCarthy 421005 Rosemary Clooney
Bergen McCarthy 421018 From Quantico Marine Base
Bob Burns 400418 KMH Dorothy Lamour and Music Maids
Bob Burns 430218 For Lifebuoy
Bob Burns 430401 For Lifebuoy April Fool's Day
Bob Burns 430408 for Lifebuoy Meat Shortage
Bob Burns 430415 For Lifebuoy Spreading Rumors
Bob Burns 471125 Audition Show
Bob Hope 490405 Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer Sketch
Bob Hope 490405 Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer
Bob Hope 500207 W Fred Allen
Bob Hope 500314 Guest Fred Allen
Bob Hope 500321 Bing Crosby
Bob Hope 500613 Last Show For Lever Brothers
Bob Hope 510130 W Judy Garland
Bob Hope 520429 Horse Jockey (William Holden)
Bob Hope 531106 William Holden Jack Kirkwood
Bob Hope 541118 Guest - Jack Kirkwood
Dennis Day 470827 039 Becomes A Drama Critic
Dennis Day 470903 040 Runs For Mayor
Dennis Day 470924 043 Impersonates A Big Railroad Boss
Dennis Day 471001 044 Tries To Enlist Support For A New Jail
Dennis Day 471022 047 Gets A Second Job Selling Insurance
Dennis Day 471203 053 Tries To Get A Job As Society Editor
Dennis Day 471217 055 Mrs Anderson Bcm Pres Club
Dennis Day 480114 059 Mr Anderson Steal Own Painting
Dennis Day 480128 061 Does A Radio Show
Dennis Day 480317 068 Enters Mr Anderson Baby Pict Contest
Dennis Day 480407 071 Mildred Try Keep Radio Station On Air
Dennis Day 480421 073 Is Misquoted In Newspaper
Duffys Tavern 490316 The Bully W Sheldon Leonard
Duffys Tavern 490323 Archie Opens Account W $10
Duffys Tavern 490330 Durante & Sothern Act In Arch
Duffys Tavern 490406 Archie & Finnegan Double Date
Duffys Tavern 490413 Millionaire Bum J Everett Poi
Duffys Tavern 490420 Will Miss Duffy Marry W Cass D
Duffys Tavern 490504 The Boys Play Poker (Charles Coburn)

Volume 4 - 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 32 minutes

Duffys Tavern 490511 Whistlin Sam W Chester Morris
Duffys Tavern 490518 Most Popular Bartender On 3rd
Duffys Tavern 490525 Ed Wynn Narrates Archies Opera
Duffys Tavern 490601 Archie Wants to Marry Rich Agatha Pitz
Duffys Tavern 500518 Hedda Hopper Plans a Party
Duffys Tavern 501110 Archie Asks Cedric Hardwicke Roommate
Duffys Tavern 501117 Archie's Nephew Visits
Duffys Tavern 501201 Latin Night at Duffy's (Bobby Capo)
Duffys Tavern 501208 Archie Wants to Sell the Tavern
Duffys Tavern 501222 Charles Colburn Plays Santa Claus
Duffys Tavern 501229 Archie Cuts Prices by Ten Percent
Duffys Tavern 510105 Archie Dates Joan Bennett
Duffys Tavern 510112 A Lady From Draft Board
Duffys Tavern 510119 Literary Society Meeting
Duffys Tavern 510216 Archie Goes To The Opera
Duffys Tavern 510223 Arthur Teacher Quits-Maxie Rosenbloom
Duffys Tavern 510316 Fashion Lecture W Arthur Treacher
Duffys Tavern 510323 Culture Comes To Duffys
Duffys Tavern 510330 Archie Throws Party W A Shaw
Duffys Tavern 510406 Singing Detective W Rudy Vallee
Duffys Tavern 510420 Archie Wants To Be A Lion Tamer
Ed Wynn 320726 T F C Ive Got Rhythm
Ed Wynn 320830 T F C Snezing Song
Ed Wynn 321101 T F C Ale Ale Gangs All Here
Ed Wynn 350122 T F C Ed Writes Book
Ed Wynn 350409 T S Opra Massas In De Cold Cold
Ed Wynn 450205 E W S Ed Becomes A Warden
Ed Wynn Happy Island 001
FMM 440516 0404 Policemans Balluncle Sycamores Pistol
FMM 440530 0406 Old Muley Caught
FMM 440606 0407 Invasion Of Europe
FMM 440613 0408 Putting Up Porch Swing
FMM 440620 0409 Getting Ready For Ranch Vacation
FMM 441010 0410 Fibber Cant Find His Hip Boots
FMM 441017 0411 No Maple Syrup
FMM 441024 0412 Bank Statement Error Mining Stock
FMM 441031 0413 Duck Hunter Fibber
FMM 441114 0414 Night School
FMM 441128 0416 Wallace Wimple Physical Culture Specialist
FMM 441205 0417 Fibber Puts Ironing Board And Presses Pants
FMM 441212 0418 Radio Quiz Show
FMM 441219 0419 Early Christmas Presents
FMM 441226 0420 Mcgee Controls His Temper
FMM 450102 0421 Diamond Stick Pin
FMM 450109 0422 Mushrooms
FMM 450116 0423 Shampoo
FMM 450123 0424 Too Much Energy
FMM 450130 0425 Merchant Marines
FMM 450206 0426 Case Of Crosseyed Cat
FMM 450213 0427 Piano Tuner

Volume 5 - 51 shows - total playtime 23 hours 39 minutes

GG461211 Leroy Afraid of a Bully
GG461218 Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter
GG461225 Christmas Caroling at Home
GG470101 New Year's Costume Ball
GG470108 Leila Back for a Visit
GG470115 Jolly Boys Sleigh Ride
GG470122 Dancing School
GG470129 Marjorie's Hotrod Boyfriend
GG470205 Magazine Salesman
GG470212 Gildy the Executive
GG470219 Substitute Secretary
GG470226 Gildy Tries to Fire Bessie
GG470305 The Crooner
Henry Morgan 420507
Henry Morgan 460901
Henry Morgan 470129
Henry Morgan 470305
Henry Morgan 470611
Henry Morgan 471105
Henry Morgan 491209 Spoof on Murder Mysteries
Henry Morgan 491216 Water Shortage
Jack Carson Show 461002 01 Runs for County Commissioner
Jack Carson Show 470115 16 George Burns and Gracie Allen
Jack Carson Show 470205 19 Hires a Bodyguard
Jack Carson Show 470226 22 Fourteen Days Left
Jack Carson Show 470305 23 Sam Spade
Jack Kirkwood Show 450119
Jack Kirkwood Show 450618
Jack Kirkwood Show 450619
Jack Kirkwood Show 450625
Jack Paar Show 470601 01 Disagreement In Shade
Jack Paar Show 470622 04 Spoof On Fan Magazine Interviews
Jack Paar Show 470727 09 Singing Cowboy Parody
Jack Paar Show 470817 12 Jack Benny
Jack Paar Show 470831 14 Parody Of Bbc Radio Shows
Jack Paar Show 470921 17 This Is America
Jack Paar Show 470928 18 HairTonics-School-MailDelivy-last
Life of Riley 450513 069 Peg's Mother Visits
Life of Riley 450908 077 Riley Is Fired
Life of Riley 450915 078 Feud with New Neighbor
Life of Riley 450922 079 Junior Is Head Of House
Life of Riley 451020 083 Pegs Old Boyfriend Sydney
Life of Riley 451124 088 Babs & SimonMarried
Life of Riley 451201 089 BPLA Lodge Election
Life of Riley 451208 090 Job Promotion Exam
Life of Riley 451215 091 Grandmas Boy Friend
Life of Riley 460202 098 School Play
Life of Riley 460309 103 Babs Music Scholarship
Life of Riley 460316 104 Riley Buys An Insurance
Life of Riley 460406 107 Riley Finds Fur Coat
Life of Riley 460413 108 Riley Thinks Junior is

Volume 6 - 49 shows - total playtime 23 hours 14 minutes

Life of Riley 460420 109 Giant Easter Bunny
Life of Riley 460427 110 Gambling Doesn't Pay
Life of Riley 460504 111 Rileys Take In Gillises
Life of Riley 460511 112 Junior Forgets Mother's Day
Life of Riley 460518 113 Playing Hooky
Life of Riley 460525 114 Riley the Human Cannonball
Life of Riley 460601 115 The Riley Family Of Actors
Life of Riley 460608 116 The Bread Shortage And The Bl
Life of Riley 460615 117 A New Suit for Fathers Day
Life of Riley 460629 119 Paper Route Subscription Cont
Life of Riley 460907 121 The Paper Route Contest
Life of Riley 460914 122 Riley Doesnt Want Peg To Worry
Life of Riley 460921 123 Riley Hides On Boat To Catch
Life of Riley 460928 124 Riley Bribes Junior To Win Fo
Life of Riley 461005 125 Good Neighbor Riley
Life of Riley 461019 127 Bus Company Lawsuit
Life of Riley 461026 128 Riley Gets A Job In South Ame
Life of Riley 461109 130 Junior Goes To Camp
Life of Riley 461123 132 Riley the Football Hero
Life of Riley 461130 133 Free Medical Advice from
Life of Riley 461224 First Xmas
Life of Riley 461228 137 New Years Eve 10 Dates For
Life of Riley 470111 139 Efficiency Expert
Life of Riley 470125 141 Rileys Honeymoon
Milton Berle 470805 22 The Great Outdoors
Milton Berle 470812 23 Summer Sports
Milton Berle 470819 24 Relaxation
Milton Berle 470826 25 Railroads
Milton Berle 470902 26 South America
Milton Berle 470909 27 American Farmers
Milton Berle 470916 28 Salute to Radio
Milton Berle 470923 29 Automobile Industry
Milton Berle 471007 31 The Old West
Milton Berle 471014 32 New York Theater
Milton Berle 471021 33 Good Health
Milton Berle 471028 34 U S Navy
Milton Berle 471104 35 Football
Milton Berle 471111 36 Washington, DC
Milton Berle 471118 37 Opera
Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney 440710 Jerrys Birthday Bicycle
Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney 480705 Lloyd
RedSk Photography
RedSk Postman, The
RedSk Public Speeches
RedSk Railroads
RedSk Sad Texan, The
RedSk Skelton vrs the Hospital
RedSk Skunk Patrol Benefit
RedSk Some People Won't Pay Their Debts

Volume 7 - 26 shows - total playtime 12 hours 51 minutes

RedSk Stray Animal
RedSk Stray Dog
RedSk Sunday Dinner
RedSk Take Me Out To the Ball Game
RedSk Taxi Cabs
RedSk Telephones
RedSk Things To Be Thankful For
RedSk Things We Never Knew About Busses
RedSk Three Cent Stamp, The
RedSk To Park or Not To Park
RedSk Town Gossip, The
RedSk Town Social, The
RedSk Traffic is Terrible
RedSk Travel Is So Broadening
RedSk Travel to Hawaii
RedSk Trying To Be Helpful
RedSk Vacation
RedSk Vacations Vol I
RedSk Vacations Vol II
RedSk Willie Lump Lump and the Traffic Court
RedSk Willie Lump Lump
RedSk With Ozzie and Harriet
RedSk Women Are Ruling the World
Truth Or Consequences 450623
Truth Or Consequences 471220 Christmas Show
Truth Or Consequences 480306 Last Walking Man



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