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 Gene Autry

2 MP3 CDs - 135 episodes

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"Gene Autry on Melody Ranch"
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Gene Autry publicity photoGene Autry, America's Yodeling Cowboy, was "back in the saddle again" for 16 years on radio, sponsored by Wrigley's Doublemint Gum. His background as a singing cowboy in the Republic westerns of the 1930s made him a singing cowboy movie star with fans of all ages, and his 1932 hit "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine", his first gold record, established his reputation as a recording artist. He got on radio via a Chicago radio station with a show sponsored by Sears, and then went to the very popular The National Barn Dance. Sears catalogs kept featuring his records, so his fame grew as a singing star throughout the 1930s.

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By 1940 Gene Autry was one of the four most popular movie stars in America, a major network radio star, and a top-selling recording artist and proud to have be on the air doing "Gene Autry's Melody Ranch," a radio version of his pictures. That is, a few songs, some rip-snortin' action that was like a mini-Republic movie within the show, and some knee-slappin' humor with the boys, especially his sidekick Pat Buttram. Johnny Bond was Gene's singing duo "pardner" and did the comedy, too. Gene Autry with guitarCarl Cotner was the steel guitar slinger extraordinarily. There were many featured singing groups through the years, including the King Sisters, the sister act that is associated with Alvino Rey, who married Louise King. Gene went on to do The Gene Autry Show on TV, and along the way had becoming a savvy investor and businessman. Gene had written many tunes, including "Here Comes Santa Claus," in 1949 but earlier in his career via his association with the Wrigley family of Doublemint and Chicago Cubs fame in Chicago, he had learned that owning a sports teams was a great investment.

Gene went west again, to rope the ownership of Major League Baseball's California Angels, along with a number of radio and television stations. Autry's career included nearly a hundred movies, 16 years on radio, more than 600 records that sold millions (seven gold and two platinum), nearly a hundred TV shows, and more than thirty years of personal appearances across the country and overseas, Gene Autry was pushing 91 at the time of his death in 1998. He remains the only Western star on the top ten all-time box office moneymaker list. As the boys at the Melody Ranch might say, "That Yodeling Cowboy dun' real good!"

For more Autrey performance, see also the Melody Ranch and Melody Roundup recordings. See also the adventures of Gene's horse: Adventures of Champion.

For more OTRCAT singing cowboys, see also:


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Volume 1 - 42 shows - total playtime 17 hours 7 minutes
400101 1st Show
470629 I Hate To Say Goodbye
470629 The Devil s Saint
480919 San Fernando Valley
481200 ChristmasParty
481221 Here Comes Santa Claus
490820 The Story Of Gene's Guitar
490917 Lonesomest Cowboy
491024 Mystery Of Lost Treasure
491029 Tracking Counterfieters
500900 Heart As Big As Texas
500930 Ragtime Cowboy Joe
510609 Cattlemen s Association Money Stolen
510616 Cody Bennett Dams Up Lake
510901 Buck vs Kate
521115 JOHN LO
530000 Election For Sheriff
530920 CHURCH
550129The Ringo Mine
560129 CHAMPIO
560129 Hair Of Gold
560513 last show
Mike Carter
Mike Connors
Murdock the Rustler
New Owner of the Square D
Pat Butram, Private Eye
Pat Looses Champion
Pedro Chavia
Phony Hoof and Mouth
Plane Crashes in Snow
Recovered $60,000
Red Medders
Robbed & Shot
Silver Eagle
Skeleton Pass
Steve Larkin
Steve Williams
Valley Free Press

Volume 2 - 87 shows - total playtime 35 hours 17 minutes

Autry - 1937 Radio Broadcast
Autry - Art Richards
Autry - Aunt Martha
Autry - Bill Collins and Mike Hixon
Autry - Buck and Kate
Autry - Carol Barton
Autry - Clem Olson
Autry - Cody Bennett
Autry - Concertina
Autry - Devil's Saint
Autry - Doc Reardon
Autry - El Gaucho
Autry - Fake Holdup
Autry - Graft in Desert Springs
Autry - Grandma Brian
Autry - Hermit's Crossing
Autry - How Gene Found Champion
Autry - Indians Accused of Crimes
Autry - Jeff Marlowe
Autry - La Paloma
Autry - Little Joe
Autry - Maisie Clark
Autry - Mama Maria's
Be Honest With Me
Bloom Is On The Sage
Calab Hooten Story
Capturing A Robber
Champion Saves Gene's Life
Church in Wilson Valley
Clem Harding s Newspaper
Convict Looking for Job
Cowboy Blues
Cowhand Johnny Bond
Dear Heats And Gentle People
Dixie Canonball
Down Yonder
Dr Reardon Charged w Murder
Eddie Jarvis Ex Convict
For Me And My Gal
Four Leaf Clover
Gay Ranchero
Gene Conned Out Of 5000
Gene Enters Show Biz
Gene Helps Sheriff Dobbs
Gene is Held Up
Ghost Of Black Mountain
Girl Cons Johnny Bond
Gold Can't Buy Love
Honey I'm In Love With You
Hoof And Mouth Disease
Hot Digidy (final show)
Hunt For Jim Snyder s Killer
I Tipped My Hat 1st half 1949
I'm An Old Cowhand
I've Got Spurs
John Loves Martha
Lawlessness in Skeleton Pass
Marshall Jackson
Mrs Hayes Builds A Boys Ranch
My Adobe Hacienda
Mystery Of The Concertina
Neighbor Killed By Gene s Gun
Old Fashioned Hoedown (copy2)
Old Fashioned Hoedown
Old Time Religion
Origin Of Champion
Outlaws Steal Rodeo Money
Pat Captures Rustlers In Camera
Pat Plays Detective
Plane Crashes Near Ranch
Rancho Grande
Rebellious Preacher
Red Madder's Story
Ridin' To Tennessee
Runaway Boy Wants A Job
San Antonio Rose 1954
San Fernando Valley
She's My Sunflower
Sioux City Sue 1954
Smuggling Near Mesa Vista
Steve Larking Charges For Water
The Vanishing
Trouble At Hermit s Crossing
Uncle Billy Harlow
Young Girl Kidnapped


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