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 Frontier Gentleman

1 MP3 CD - 42 episodes


"The Shelton Brothers (Audition)"
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Western (1958)

John DehnerAdult Westerns on the radio weren't anything new when Frontier Gentleman came to radio in 1958. Gunsmoke had been on the air since 1952, and James Stewart's The Six Shooter had aired in 1953-54. It is likely that there would have been more produced, but by the late 50s television had begun to claim radio's talent as well as its audience.

This is not to say that there wasn't room for more great adventure on Radio. Frontier Gentleman tells the adventures of an English newspaperman who is sent to document life on the American Frontier. Interestingly, newspaperman Kendall, played by John Dehner, interacts with a  number of historical characters, including Calamity Jane, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Sitting Bull and General George Custer.

As the series progresses we learn more about J.B. Kendall. For much of his life he had been an officer in the British Army, stationed in the Punjab region of India, which means that he is an aristocrat, but he is far from being a dude. The experience has made him a very competent pistol marksman. And having faced the enemy, there is little that he fears.

Kendall is well played by John Dehner. Dehner's career began as an animator for Disney Studios, and he went on to play in over 260 movies and TV programs. John DehnerOn radio he made several appearances in supporting roles on Gunsmoke and Philip Marlowe before taking the starring role on Frontier Gentleman. The final episode aired on Nov 16, 1958. The following Saturday it was replaced by the radio version of Have Gun, Will Travel, starring John Dehner as Paladin, an aristocratic "gun for hire" based in San Francisco.

Have Gun, Will Travel was already a popular television series starring Richard Boone as Paladin. At the beginning of the radio version, the stories were usually adaptations of the TV program from earlier in the week, but eventually original stories were written for the radio. The TV version continued to broadcast until 1963, but when the network canceled all of their radio dramas in November 1960, a finale was written for the radio. A regular character, Hey Boy, the Chinese bellhop, was played by Ben Wright. Wright earlier played J.B. Kendall in an audition version version of Frontier Gentleman.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

42 shows - total playtime 23 hours 30 minutes

FG580130 00 The Shelton Brothers (audition)
FG580202 01 The Shelton Brothers
FG580209 02 Charlie Meeker
FG580216 03 Honky Tonkers
FG580223 04 Kendall's Last Stand
FG580302 05 The Lost Mine
FG580309 06 The Claim Jumpers
FG580316 07 Big Sam for Governor
FG580323 08 The Actress
FG580330 09 Gentle Virtue
FG580404 10 Powder River Kid
FG580413 11 The Trial
FG580420 12 Aces and Eights
FG580427 13 Random Notes
FG580504 14 Daddy Buckbucks
FG580511 15 The Cannibal
FG580518 16 Advice To The Lovelorn
FG580525 17 The Cowboy
FG580601 18 School Days
FG580608 19 The Bellboy's Prisoner
FG580615 20 The Well
FG580629 21 Gambling Lady

FG580706 22 Education of Kid Yancey
FG580713 23 Justice of the Peace
FG580720 24 Jesse James part1
FG580727 25 Jesse James part2
FG580803 26 Nebraska Jack
FG580810 27 The Cat Man
FG580817 28 Wonder Boy
FG580824 29 Belle Siddon's Encore
FG580831 30 Belle Siddon Strikes Back
FG580907 31 The Last of Belle Siddon
FG580914 32 A Horse For Kendall
FG580921 33 Indian Lover
FG580928 34 The Gold Digger
FG581005 35 The Librarian
FG581012 36 Aces and Eights
FG581019 37 The Preacher
FG581026 38 The Rainmaker
FG581102 39 Nasty People
FG581109 40 Holiday
FG581116 41 Random Notes


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