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 Frank Merriwell

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"Tap Day"
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Frank Merriwell
Juvenile Adventure 1946 - 49

"There it is, an echo of the past - an exciting past, a romantic past - the era of the horse and carriage, gas-lit streets and free-for-all football games: the era of one of the most beloved characters in American fiction, Frank Merriwell."

Frank MerriwellThe precocious young scamp is a well loved stock character in sit-coms. The bib-overall wearing, tousle-headed lads are well represented by My Son Jeep, Leroy from The Great Gildersleeve, Henry Aldrich, culminating with TV's Bart Simpson. As much fun as these characters are, it is good to know that their exact opposite not only exists, but make great listening!

Examples of these fine young men, will call them un-scamps, may be easy to mock, but there adventures are always thrilling, and the only way they get through them is with grit, determination, and the moral strength of well-raised young American manhood. Examples include Terry from Terry and the Pirates, Jerry Dugan of Jerry of the Circus and Jerry Of Fair Oaks, and Jack Armstrong, All American Boy. Another addition to the list is Frank Meriwell.

Frank Meriwell was created by dime-novelist Gilbert Patten, writing under the pseudonym Burt Standish. Frank MerriwellPatten would write that his character "had little in common with his creator or his readers... The name was symbolic of the chief characteristics I desired my character to have. Frank for frankness, merry for a happy disposition, and well for health and abounding vitality."

Meriwell first appeared in magazine stories in 1896, and in a comic strip in 1928. He would become the model for many later athletic heroes. Meriwell's classmates said of him "He never drinks. That's how he keeps himself in such fine condition. He won't smoke, either, and he takes his exercise regularly. He is really a remarkable freshie."

Frank Meriwell first appeared on the radio in an serial from March through June, 1934. Twelve years later the network revived the series, with Frank and his friends Bart Hodge and Inza Burrage attending school at Yale. The series is a "case of the week" drama as opposed to a serial, peppered with turn of the century New England references. "An echo of the past, an exciting past, a romantic past, the era of horse and carriage, gas lit streets, and free-for-all football games. The era of one of the most beloved heroes of American fiction, Frank Meriwell."

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For more all-American fun, see also Jack Armstrong, All American Boy.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 18 hours 27 minutes

Frank Merriwell 461005 001 Riddle Of Wrong Answers
Frank Merriwell 461019 003 Clue Of Numbers
Frank Merriwell 470315 024 Big Top Adventure
Frank Merriwell 470809 045 Riddle Of Dry Wells-1st half
Frank Merriwell 480515 085 Ballot Box Mystery
Frank Merriwell 480522 086 Mystery Of Iron Door
Frank Merriwell 480529 087 Missing Mascot
Frank Merriwell 480605 088 Stolen Masterpiece
Frank Merriwell 480612 089 Tap Day
Frank Merriwell 480619 090 Thunderstorm Mystery
Frank Merriwell 480626 091 Unreasonable Aunt
Frank Merriwell 480703 092 Unwelcome Rescue
Frank Merriwell 480724 095 Sold At Auction 2
Frank Merriwell 480731 096 Secret Of Old Mill
Frank Merriwell 480904 101 Magic Lantern Mystery
Frank Merriwell 480911 102 Live Ghost
Frank Merriwell 480925 104 Professors Decision
Frank Merriwell 481002 105 Ransomed Football
Frank Merriwell 481009 106 Yale Bulldog
Frank Merriwell 481023 108 Mystery Of Missing Records
Frank Merriwell 481106 110 Doubtful Alibi
Frank Merriwell 481113 111 Front Page Story
Frank Merriwell 481120 112 Senior Dinner
Frank Merriwell 481127 113 Surprise Play
Frank Merriwell 481204 114 Duplicate Dean
Frank Merriwell 481211 115 Bench Warmer
Frank Merriwell 481218 116 Quarantine
Frank Merriwell 490108 118 Gold Fever
Frank Merriwell 490115 119 Snow Trap
Frank Merriwell 490129 121 Green Hill
Frank Merriwell 490226 123 Unexpected Game
Frank Merriwell 490305 124 Championship Game
Frank Merriwell 490312 125 Danger In River
Frank Merriwell 490319 126 Boomarang Pitch
Frank Merriwell 490402 128 April Shower
Frank Merriwell 490416 130 Urgent Errand
Frank Merriwell 490507 133 Sawdust Adventure
Frank Merriwell 490528 136 Frank Merriwells Promise
Frank Merriwell 490604 137 Mystery Man



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