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 Fat Man

1 MP3 CD - 47 episodes


"Murder Sends A Christmas Card"
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Fat Man
Detective Drama,
based on a character
created by Dashiel Hammett (1946 - 51)

There he goes into that drugstore …
he's stepping on the scale.
Weight? …
two hundred thirty-seven pounds ...
fortune - DANGER!
Whooooooo is it?
The Fat Mannnnn ….

The Fat Man character was Brad Runyan, played by Jack Scott Smart who gave an excellent lighthearted performance. The series made good use of author Dashiel Hammett's name (see also Thin Man), although the author had little to do with the radio series. The name The Fat Man was the title of a chapter in the book A Maltese Falcon.

The series was later adapted in the mid-1950s. The other Fat Man was played possibly by Lloyd Berrell. Pepto Bismol comically sponsored the show for an upset stomach and to help digestion after over eating. Although the lead character Brad Runyan weighed 237 pounds, he was popular with the ladies. The cast also included Betty Garde, Paul Stewart, Linda Watkins, Mary Patton as Lila North and Vicki Vola, Dan Ocko, Rolly Bester, and Robert Dryden. The success of the old time radio series led to a movie, The Fat Man, directed by William Castle in 1951.

Jack Scott Smart also appeared in other old time radio programs including The March Of Time, the Theater Guild On The Air, Blondie, Fred Allen Show, and Jack Benny Program. For other large protagonists, see also: Down Our Way, Nero Wolfe, Big Guy, Scattergood Baines, and Nero Wolfe

These recordings are also included in the Dashiell Hammett Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Fat Man
47 shows - total playtime 21 hours 48 minutes

Fat Man 460121 The Nineteenth Pearl
Fat Man 460200 Twice Told Secret
Fat Man 460708 The Black Angel
Fat Man 460909 The Crooked Horse
Fat Man 471003 A Window For Murder
Fat Man 480102 Murder Plays Hide And Seek
Fat Man 480409 Murder Rents A Flat
Fat Man 490401 Murder Wins The Draw
Fat Man 490722 Murder is the Medium
Fat Man 510117 Nightmare Murder
Fat Man 510905 Order For Murder
Fat Man 01 Murder Squares the Triangle
Fat Man 02 Murder Plays the Horses
Fat Man 03 Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Fat Man 04 Murder Runs a Want Ad
Fat Man 05 Murder Wears A False Face
Fat Man 06 Murder Stalks the Dead
Fat Man 11 Murder Through a Crystal
Fat Man 12 Murder Makes a Ham
Fat Man 15 Murder & The Peacock
Fat Man 16 Murder Calls The Undertaker
Fat Man 17 Murder Seeks a Lost Penny
Fat Man 18 Murder Makes A Statute
Fat Man 21 Murder Rings a Bell
Fat Man 22 Murder Repeats Itself
Fat Man 23 Murder Rides a Wheelchair
Fat Man 24 Murder Finds a Coffin
Fat Man 25 Murder for Sale
Fat Man 26 Murder by Mail 471003
Fat Man 29 Murder Shows an Unfamiliar Fac
Fat Man 30 Murder Makes The Kings Coffin
Fat Man 33 Murder Makes a Black Moon
Fat Man 34 Murder Makes a Phantom Face
Fat Man 35 Murder Makes a Silent Partner
Fat Man 36 Murder Makes Music
Fat Man 37 Murder Writes A Story
Fat Man 38 Murder Meets An Uncertain Lady
Fat Man 39 Murder Shows A Card
Fat Man 40 Murder Makes A Payoff
Fat Man 45 Murder In The Dark
Fat Man 46 Murder Shows Eyes in the Dark
Fat Man 47 Murder Makes a Broken Heart
Fat Man 48 Murder Pays Dividends
Fat Man 49 Murder From The Past
Fat Man 50 Murder Made Stylish
Fat Man 51 Murder Takes A Picture
Fat Man 52 Murder Is Forecast

j scott smart
J. Scott Smart who played
Brad Runyan, THE FAT MAN!




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