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 Old Fashioned Revival Hour

2 MP3 CDs - 91 episodes

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Gwinn Fuller OckengaFeature Christian hymns and gospel, the Old Fashioned Revival Hour is a classic old time radio Christian evangelicalism.  The show was lead by Pastor Charles E Fuller who was one of the first radio ministers.  He dedicated his life to the ministry and often traveled around the country and aired live revivals. 

During WWII, The Old Fashion Revival Hour broadcast out of Long Beach to reach military personal about to enter the pacific theater.  The Old Fashioned Revival Hour offers traditional Christian hymns with luminous voices.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 46 Shows: 38 hours, 30 minutes

OFRH 390924
OFRH 471005 Put That On Mine Account
OFRH 471109 Return Of Christ
OFRH 471123 Dead In Christ
OFRH 490102 Living Water
OFRH 490116 Great Physician
OFRH 490508 Noah Witnessed By Faith
OFRH 490515 Topology Of Noahs Ark
OFRH 490522 Obedience Of Faith 1
OFRH 490529 Obedience Of Faith 2
OFRH 490605 Tragedy Ofa Wrong Choice
OFRH 490612 Supreme Test Of Faith
OFRH 490821 Moses Forsook
OFRH 490828 Moses Keptthe Passover
OFRH 490904 Christ Our Passover
OFRH 490911 Isreals Obedience
OFRH 490918 Those Who Depart Fromthe Faith
OFRH 500204 Conversion Of Ninevah
OFRH 500716 Role Of Russia In These Last Days
OFRH 500820 Though He Slay Me Yet Will ITrust Him
OFRH 500930 Brother Love
OFRH 501006 Why Does God Permit Evil Inthe World
OFRH 501013 Just Shall Live By Faith
OFRH 501020 Consider Your Ways
OFRH 501112 Eight Questions
OFRH 501224 Incarnationand Birth Of Christ
OFRH 501225 Special Christmas Program
OFRH 501231 Multitudes Inthe Valley Of Decision
OFRH 510107 Path Of Disobedience
OFRH 510114 Jehovahs Disobedient Servant
OFRH 510121 Jehovahs Obedient Servant
OFRH 510204 Conversion Of Ninevah
OFRH 510211 Gospel Of Jesus Christ
OFRH 510218 Repent Believeandthe Gospel Of God
OFRH 510225 Demons
OFRH 510304 Disease
OFRH 510311 Death
OFRH 510318 Parable of the Sower
OFRH 510325 Leaven of the Saducees
OFRH 510513 Sign of the Lords Return
OFRH 510520 Budding of the Fig Tree
OFRH 510930 Brotherly Love
OFRH 511014 Duty Responsibilityand Practice
OFRH 511028 His Workmanship
OFRH 511111 Church
OFRH 511118 Redemption Through His Blood

Volume 2: 45 Shows: 38 hours, 16 minutes

OFRH 511125 Work of the Holy Spirit
OFRH 511202 Dead In Trespassesand Sins
OFRH 511209 Conditions Inthe World Today
OFRH 511216 Gods Richesin Glory
OFRH 511223 His Great Love
OFRH 511230 His Workmanship
OFRH 520106 Christ Our Peace
OFRH 520113 Gods Spiritual Temple
OFRH 520120 Walk Worthily
OFRH 520203 Spiritual Gifts
OFRH 520210 Alienated From God
OFRH 520217 Great Change
OFRH 520224 Grieve Notthe Spirit
OFRH 520302 Walking Inthe Light
OFRH 520309 Spirit Filled Life
OFRH 520316 Spirit Filled Christian Home
OFRH 520323 Spiritual Warfare
OFRH 520406 Satan
OFRH 520413 Bodily Resurrection
OFRH 520420 Girdle Of Truth
OFRH 520427 Appointed Day
OFRH 520511 Breastplate Of Righteousness
OFRH 520518 Gospel Of Power
OFRH 520601 Helmet Of Salvation
OFRH 520608 Hiding Place
OFRH 520615 Sword of the Spirit
OFRH 520622 Prayer 1
OFRH 520629 Prayer 2
OFRH 520713 Stand Fast Inthe Faith
OFRH 520720 From Sonship To Servanthood
OFRH 520727 Sin Unto Death
OFRH 520803 God Gave Them Up
OFRH 520810 Budding of the Fig Tree
OFRH 520817 Signs of the Times
OFRH 520824 Signofthe Endofthe Age
OFRH 530000 Resurrectionandthe Believer
OFRH 530215 Repent Ye Thereforeand Be Converted
OFRH 530222 First Opposition Tothe Gospel
OFRH 530320 Phillipandthe Ethiopian
OFRH 530405 Seeingthe Risen Lord
OFRH 530412 Pauls Consecration For Service
OFRH 530419 Pauls Early Training Backside of the Desert
OFRH 530726 Forbidden Bythe Holy Spirit To Preach
OFRH 600000 Listener Letters

390924 KNX Charles Fuller



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