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 Family Doctor

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes

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"False Witness"
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Broadcasters Program Syndicate/Bruce Eells and Associates syndication, Dramatic Serial (1932)

"Hello there, this is the Family Doctor..."

old doctors bagThe people of Cedarton are generally pretty healthy. More important, they are basically good people. Both of these are a source of satisfaction to Ol’ Doctor Grant Adams. Of course even decent folks slip up once in a while. And Doc Adams is willing to guide them in finding and fixing their faults, whether it is the town gossip finding out how her sniping can actually hurt someone, or the overweight local cop being a little too vigilante of strangers when he should be paying more attention to his own health. Another time Ella Marie is feeling suicidal, but then the dam bursts.

The show comes to us from the syndication team of Bruce Eells Productions. The Family Doctor episodes each have their own complete story, so don’t look for cliff-hangers. But many of the other soap opera elements are there, including the organ music (mostly used by the syndicators to give the local stations time for advertisements).

Cedarton is the sort of town we all wish we could live in. It is a fair bet that Doc Adams feels that way. It will be worth your time to visit there for a while. Dr. Adams closes each episode:

"This is the family doctor. I'll be in to see you again right soon. Goodbye…"

For more great human drama, see Heartbeat Theater, Adventures of Uncle Jimmy, One Man's Family, Doctor Christian, Freedom USA, Doctor Six-Gun, and Green Valley Line.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 9 hours 18 minutes

Family Doctor 32 01 False Witness
Family Doctor 32 02 Wanted - Bright Youngster
Family Doctor 32 03 Error in Diagnosis
Family Doctor 32 04 Enjoyment
Family Doctor 32 05 Once to Every Boy
Family Doctor 32 06 Cupid Without Wings
Family Doctor 32 07 Glass Houses
Family Doctor 32 08 Race With the Stork
Family Doctor 32 09 Secret Between Three
Family Doctor 32 10 The Flood
Family Doctor 32 11 The Fatty Brain
Family Doctor 32 12 Farewell to Johnny
Family Doctor 32 13 The Fire Alarm
Family Doctor 32 14 Bison Pete's Revenge
Family Doctor 32 15 The Love Scene
Family Doctor 32 16 The New Home
Family Doctor 32 17 Nature Takes its Course
Family Doctor 32 18 Tolerance
Family Doctor 32 19 The Prospectors
Family Doctor 32 20 All Bets are Off
Family Doctor 32 21 Dr Adams, Detective
Family Doctor 32 22 The Committee Meeting
Family Doctor 32 23 Pete May, Ambulance Driver
Family Doctor 32 24 Louder Than Words
Family Doctor 32 25 The Carnival
Family Doctor 32 26 Patchwork
Family Doctor 32 27 Chick's Date
Family Doctor 32 28 The Beauty Contest
Family Doctor 32 29 Casting
Family Doctor 32 30 The Pageant
Family Doctor 32 31 The Doctor Goes Shopping
Family Doctor 32 32 House Cleaning
Family Doctor 32 33 Campaigning
Family Doctor 32 34 The New Suit
Family Doctor 32 35 New York
Family Doctor 32 36 Out of Control
Family Doctor 32 37 The Call
Family Doctor 32 38 The Decision
Family Doctor 32 39 Farewell



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