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2 MP3 CDs - 95 episodes

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"Curious Cop"
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FalconDetective Mystery (1943 -53)

Ken Lynch and Les Damon
Les Tremayne

The Falcon radio show was loosely based on the series of popular detectives movies with the Falcon character created by Michael Arlen. Some Falcon aficionados believe Drexel Drake created the character The Falcon in 1936. The Falcon was the alternative identity for the detective Michael Waring (or Gay Lawrence or Gay Falcon). His name and character-type changed as The Falcon soared from short stories to film to novel to radio to film again.

The history of the character known as The Falcon is complex: The Falcon first appeared in the short story by Michael Arlen as a hardboiled detective with a nose for adventure. Drexel Drake's Falcon character was named Michael Waring and he was a dark shadowy detective almost as seedy as the criminals themselves.

The first Falcon film featured the suave gentlemen's detective named Gay Falcon. The second Falcon film was based on a Raymond Chandler's novel about Phillip Marlowe featuring The Falcon as your standard Hardboiled Detective popular at the time.

Subsequent films and serials featured Gay Lawrence and later his equally successive detective sibling Tom Lawrence (after The Falcon was killed in the film, "The Falcon's Brother"). After the success of The Falcon on film, George Sander adopted the lead character for two novels.

Falcon RadioRadio producers used the name The Falcon, but the character's personality changed drastically. The Falcon radio show debuted 1943, and aired for the next ten years on various networks. This radio version of The Falcon featured a somewhat rude and shadowy detective, weary of police--similar to the character by Drexel Drake character.

Originally sponsored by Gem Razor Blades, The Falcon's lead role was filled by several actors . Most notably, Les Tremayne appeared in the role in the late 1940s and Les Damon in the early 1950s. Toward the end of the show's run The Falcon changed careers and found work in espionage.

For more hard hitting detective action, don't forget to call on some of the most popular detectives: Phillip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, Let George Do It, The Saint, and Boston Blackie.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 episodes: 21 hours 26 minutes

Falcon 451127 Murder Is A Family Affair
Falcon 481101 Murder Is A Bad Bluff
Falcon 490220 Murder Is A Knockout
Falcon 500514 Amorous Bookkeeper
Falcon 500823 Larcenous Lark
Falcon 500830 Case Of The Disappearing Doll
Falcon 500903 01 Quarrelsome Quartet
Falcon 500910 Worried Champion
Falcon 500924 Friendly Target
Falcon 501001 Talented Twins
Falcon 501015 07 Case Of The Careless Client
Falcon 501022 08 Case Of The Double Nephews
Falcon 501029 09 Double Exposure
Falcon 501104 10 Rich Racketeer
Falcon 501112 11 Widow's Gorilla
Falcon 501119 12 Puzzling Pinup
Falcon 501126 13 Stooge's Errand
Falcon 501203 14 Case Of The Harried Husband
Falcon 501210 15 Case Of The Raw Deal
Falcon 501217 16 Baby Brother
Falcon 501224 17 Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Falcon 510107 18 Invisible Thug
Falcon 510114 19 Case Of The Happy Hoodlum
Falcon 510121 20 Substitute Target
Falcon 510128 21 Bellicose Boxer
Falcon 510204 22 Neighbor's Nightmare
Falcon 510211 23 Mighty Muscle
Falcon 510218 24 Superfluous Murder
Falcon 510225 25 Practical Joker
Falcon 510304 26 Gangster's Girl
Falcon 510311 27 Unsilent Butler
Falcon 510318 28 Witty Widow (1st Half Only)
Falcon 510325 29 Talented Twins
Falcon 510401 30 Worried Wife
Falcon 510408 31 Carved Ham
Falcon 510415 32 Case Of The Shopkeeper's Gun
Falcon 510422 33 Missing Miss
Falcon 510429 34 Big Talker
Falcon 510506 35 Flaming Club
Falcon 510513 36 Dutch Doll
Falcon 510520 37 Curious Cop
Falcon 510527 38 Unwelcome Wife
Falcon 510606 39 Proud Papa
Falcon 510613 40 Sweet Swindle
Falcon 510620 41 Broken Fingerprint
Falcon 510627 42 Case Of The Nervous Shakedown
Falcon 510704 43 Everybody's Gun
Falcon 510711 44 Vanishing Varmint
Falcon 510718 45 Cautious Cousin

Volumes 2: 46 episodes: 20 hours 23 minutes

Falcon 510725 46 Plenty Twenty
Falcon 510801 47 Case Of The Hypocritical Hypo
Falcon 510815 49 Loose Lips
Falcon 510823 50 Case Of The Larcenous Lark
Falcon 511220 61 Case Of The Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Falcon 520131 67 Case Of The Invisible Thug
Falcon 520214 69 Missing Patient
Falcon 520221 70 Gold Ring
Falcon 520228 71 Natural Seven
Falcon 520306 72 Killers Key
Falcon 520313 73 Grand Gamble
Falcon 520320 74 Murdering Misses
Falcon 520406 76 Deadly Dame
Falcon 520410 77 Handy Helpmate
Falcon 520417 78 Jumping Jack
Falcon 520424 79 Weeping Willow
Falcon 520501 80 Fatal Fix
Falcon 520508 81 Case Of The King Of Hearts
Falcon 520515 82 Falling Star
Falcon 520522 83 Case Of The Happy Hoodlum
Falcon 520529 84 Burning Bridges
Falcon 520605 85 Dirty Dollar
Falcon 520619 86 Vanishing Visa
Falcon 520626 87 Menacing Mamselle
Falcon 520703 88 Babbling Brooks
Falcon 520710 89 Running Waters
Falcon 520717 90 King Of Clubs
Falcon 520724 91 Broken Key
Falcon 520731 92 Lonely Hunter
Falcon 520807 93 Rolling Stones
Falcon 520814 94 Gorgeous Greek
Falcon 520821 95 Silent Butler
Falcon 520828 96 Carless Corpse
Falcon 520907 97 Jack Of Diamonds
Falcon 520914 98 Strawberry Blonde
Falcon 530615 Treacherous Trio
Falcon 530622 Ace Of Spades
Falcon 530706 Faded Rose
Falcon 540412 Big Fix
Falcon 540531 Snappy Snapshots
Falcon Disguised Murderer
Falcon Murder Knows No Borderline
Falcon Murdering Wife
Falcon Perfect Crime
Falcon Vanishing Varment
Falcon Wandering Wife



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