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 Drop Dead

1 MP3 CD - 8 episodes

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"The Dark"
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Drop Dead is a psycho horror recording by Arch Oboler that will leave you at the edge of your seat or under your bed.  Purely your choice as to where you would enjoy ruminating over the episodes coming into your home. Here are a few to sample.

Peter Lorre publicity photoI'm Hungry
This piece used the voice composite of Peter Lorre to illustrate the wonders of cuisine. Oh, in this case the epicurean delight was the brains of a young lady...no longer attached to her body. The voice would have you be convinced he was no psycho, simply a hungry participant in the episode. Never fear...on wait that would be a silly concept. Please, do fear....fear greatly. Never know when he will be hungry again.

Taking Papa Home
Harold is going home...a bit on the drunk side. He is retired and has been celebrating with his wife. So, now it is time to go home...in the bit up old junker that seems to die on the worst times. Harold's wife is trying to get the heap to start...while parked on the train tracks. Harold is now passed out and his wife is struggling to get him out of the vehicle. The train gets closer as the little lady is screaming...but no good. Harold Stays dead...dead drunk that is.

Scared WomanPosse
The old west comes alive on the radio in the great expanse of radio. The narrator voices about the poor individual that is struggling and crying...while being ready to be hung. His moral code seems warped as he lets the audience know the poor guy does like to make a fuss over his impending demise.  So he helps the situation along by shooting off his 6-gun and scaring off the horse. Thus begins the slow strangulation of the poor soul dangling from the tree branch. But, the narrator isn't without a touch of humor. He chides the listening public with the last phrase, "He's a kicker aint he".

Chicken Heart
Science fiction horror is what is introduced in this piece. The narrator wanted you to enjoy the idea of a chicken heart growing and beating....with no chicken to be in. The people around the building that the chicken heart is in are amazed at the way the chicken heart keeps growing. The edifice cannot contain the growing menace. Finally, the experts gather to decide how to confront the "monster" that has the town in terror and concern. But why give away the whole story. It would be terrible to not let you...enjoy. So, now what do you think about chickens?

For more Arch Oboler productions, see also: The Arch Oboler Collection, Everyman's Theater, Plays for Americans and Lights Out.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

8 recordings - total playtime 36 minutes

Drop Dead 01 Introduction to Horror
Drop Dead 02 Im Hungry
Drop Dead 03 Taking Papa Home
Drop Dead 04 Dark
Drop Dead 05 A Day At Dentist
Drop Dead 06 Posse
Drop Dead 07 Chicken Heart
Drop Dead 08 Laughing Man




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