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 Drama Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 219 episodes

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"Lux Radio: Hitler's Children"
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Orson Welles circa 1939Drama is derived from the Greek root "action and is often used interchangeably with the word theater, which consists of both tragedy and comedy.  Used colloquially to indicate a genre, drama often refers to shows that are serious in tone.  OTRCAT selected these shows to represent our collection of Drama old time radio shows.

Most drama shows are well written and are produced with fine radio actors such as Orson Welles.  Included in this anthology is shows from the series, The Chase, in each show there is a chase scene of some kind that are equally as thrilling today.  Diamond Dramas is another themed drama show whose plot revolves around those precious sparkly gemstones, also known as a girl’s best friend.  Curtain Time, Ford Theater and Hallmark Playhouse are impeccably produced high quality radio dramas.

Other shows include in the collection deal with dramas in the past and the future.  The Fifth Horseman is a somber post-apocalyptic show concerning the theme "what if an atomic war started; anti-bomb activists created it fearful of humanity’s annihilation during the Cold War.  Lest We Forget and You Are There are both historical dramas of American and World History.

In all this is a wonderful collection of dramatic old time radio shows with a sample from many of our most popular dramatic series. 

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 71 shows - total playtime 33 hours 17 hours

1st Nighter 480108 1604 Help Wanted Female
1st Nighter 480304 1612 Order By The Lieut
Aat460518 08 My Sister Eileen
Aat460601 10 Arise, My Love
Aat461009 29 It Happened Tomorrow
Address Unknown 67xxxx 02 Charles Denton
Address Unknown 67xxxx 16 Jullian Penmark
Air 181 Electronics In Transportation
Air 196 Hurricane Maker
American Adventure 550929 Appointmentatford's
American Adventure 551006 Dialemergency
American Weekly 331026 The Wild West Of 1933
American Weekly 331228 The Book And Coin
Amtrail 08 On To Montarey
Amtrail 09 The California Gold Rush
Aot Abbotts #07 Afrts Canaryyellowsack
Aot Abbotts #6 Afrts Deadwhiteflame
Arch Oboler's Plays 390603 11 Dark World Steel Humbu
Arch Oboler's Plays 391230 41 This Precious Freedom
Arch Oboler's Plays 450510 05 Holiday 194 X
Authors Playhouse 440722 Johnny Cartwrights Camera
Authors Playhouse 440901 Soul Of The Great Bell
Best Plays 521207 Skylark
Best Plays 521214 Craig's Wife
Big Sister 15
Big Sister 21
Big Story 480505 Justice And A Guy Named Joe
Big Story 480519 Murder Victim Buried Alive
Black Museum 08 Canvas Bag
Brownstone Theater 450314 Cinderella Man
Campbell Playhouse 390203 09 Arrowsmith
Campbell Playhouse 390512 23 Our Town
Campbell Playhouse 391126 38 Dodsworth
Campbell Playhouse 400218 50 Dinner At Eight
Carling Country Skeleton Coast Incident
Carling Country The Longest Journey
Case Dismissed 540220 04 Child Support
Case Dismissed 540306 06 Adoption
Case Dismissed 540327 09 Liability For Minors
Cavalcade Of America 360219 020 The Bridge Of Builders
Cavalcade Of America 360422 029 Safty First
Cavalcade Of America 360617 036 Heroes Of Texas
Cavalcade Of America 360812 044 Development Of Band Musi
Cbsrw 560601 19 A Matter Of Logic
Cbsrw 560622 22 Another Point Of View
Cbsrw 560713 25 Case Of White Kitten
Charles Boyer 500718 Mink Adventure
Chase 520724 13 Apprentice
Chase 520921 17 Chinese Buddha
Chase 521012 20 Cat's Meow
Chase 521026 22 Iron Curtin Express
Columbia Workshop 361114 116 Hamlet 2o2
Corsican Brothers, Episode 09
Corsican Brothers, Episode 20
Corsican Brothers, Episode 33
Curtain Time 480228 C86 Reading Writing And Romance
Curtain Time 480703 104 The Worm Turns
Dangerously Yours 440820 08 Monsieur Beaucaire
Dangerously Yours 440917 12 The Shadow Of The Raven
Df 480725 005 The Making Of A Man
Df 480926 014 Shakespeare Of Harlem Langston Hughes
Df 481010 016 Little David Joe Louis
Diamond Dramas 450627 Highwayman's Diamond
Diamond Dramas 451016 I Still Have The Diamond
Dr.christian 380403 Harry Monroe And Scarf
Dr.christian 381101 Dr.christian For Mayor
Dr.christian 381115 The Accident
Drkildare 500720 26 Mrs Stanford
Drkildare 500921 35 S Lubinski
Drkildare 510119 51 Dr.conlon
Drkildare 510209 55 Anthrax Infection

Volume 2: 73 shows - total playtime 38 hours 37 hours

Empire Builders 301111 Armistice Day
Encore 460702 05 Man In White
Encore 460709 06 White Angel
Eternal Light 441008 01 A Rhode Island Refuge
Family Doctor 32 13 The Fire Alarm
Family Doctor 32 19 The Prospectors
Favorite Story 480626 41 Peter Ibbetson
Favorite Story 490129 72 Young Years
Fifth Horseman 460725 04 Crisis
Fifth Horseman 460801 05 Zero Minus One
Ford Th 480113 16r Girl Crazy Dress Rehearsal
Ford Th 480321 25 It's A Gift
Front Page Drama 340125 Romanoff Romance
Front Page Drama 340414 The Marie Antoinette Diamond
Globe Theater 440821 The Ghost Goes West
Globe Theater 441223 A Christmas Carol
Good News 381027 044 W Clark Gable
Good News 381229 053 W Bill Stern
Grand Marquee 460924 12 Mexican Interlude
Grand Marquee 470220 25 A Man's Home Is Her Castle
Gset 500416 146 Man Who Was Not Humble
Gset 531227 270 Incident In Bethlehem
Guest Star 015 Jinx Falkenburg
Guest Star 023 James Stewart
Gvl 1934 E12 Foul Play
Gvl 1934 E16 A Short Vacation To Danger
Gvl 1934 E17 Escape
Hallmark Playhouse 480812 009 The Old Nest
Hallmark Playhouse 481021 018 Mrs Parkinson
Hallmark Playhouse 481223 027 Story Of Silent Night
Hallsivy 500331 The Ivy Chamber Music And Knockwurst Society
Hallsivy 500421 Traffic And Cocoanuts
Hallsivy 501011 Phone Problems
Hello Americans 421129 03 Santa Domingo Hiati
Hello Americans 430103 08 Rhythms Of The Americas
Hollywood Star Playhouse 501009 25 Night & The River
Horizons West 06 Shoshone Country
Horizons West 10 Decision At Traveler's Rest
Leather Stocking Tales 32 08 The Deerslayer 08o13
Leather Stocking Tales 32 16 Last Of The Mohicans 03o13
Leather Stocking Tales 32 19 Last Of The Mohicans 06o13
Lest We Forget Stories To Remember 08 That Greek Dog
Lest We Forget The American Dream 07 One Small Voice
Love Story 371003 03 Love At Midnight
Love Story 371010 04 Gay Red Cape
Lux Radio Theatre Sa 07 The Meyerling Affair
Lux390918 229 Wuthering Heights
Lux400429 Smilin' Through
Lux410519 308 Model Wife
Lux410922 Lydia
Lux420921 363 How Green Was My Valley
Lux421019 367 My Favorite Blonde
Lux430524 398 Hitler's Children
Lux430628 403 The Great Man's Lady
Marriage 531206 E10 Liz Takes Up Painting
Marriage 540110 E15 Weekend In Vermont
Marriage 540228 E22 Is Liz Pregnant
Matinee Theater 450114 13 Smiling Through
Matinee Theater 450225 19 The Highwayman
Mayor 421007 01 An 11yearold War Orphan
Mayor 421021 03 Abandoned Baby
Mayor 430324 26 A Fraud Painter
Mgm Theatre 500120 15 Slightly Dangerous
Mgm Theatre 500127 16 Riptide
Mgm Theatre 500203 17 Stablemates
Mgm Theatre 500224 20 Come Live With Me
Mpres 480208 E033 Woodrow Wilson
Mpres 480222 E035 John Tyler
Mpres 480502 E045 Teddy Roosevelt
Myrt & Marge 460717 78 Mrs Hunt Comes To Mr Hunt's Off
Myrt & Marge 460719 80 Cast And Crew Questioned
Ne Episode 29 For Later Delivery
Ne Episode 32 Strange Judgement

Volume 3: 75 shows - total playtime 38 hours 55 hours

Nbcut 481226 021 Alice In Wonderland
Nbcut 490213 027 Tom Jones
Nbcut 490306 030 Tales
Nbcut 490403 034 Jane Eyre
Nbcut 490515 040 Heart Of Darkness
On Stage 530115 03 A Poetic Tragedy
On Stage 530319 11 Eddie
On Stage 530326 12 Dig The Thief
One Mans Family Book 073 Chapter 01
One Mans Family Book 078 Chapter 05
One Mans Family Book 129 Chapter 14
Origin Of Superstition 35 09 Whistling In Dressingroom
Origin Of Superstition 35 17 Standing Behind Chair
Orson Welles Almanac 440202 02 Lionel Barrymore
Philip Marlowe 490604 036 Unfair Lady
Point Sublime 480322 Men Goes To Sf With War Vet
Point Sublime 480405 Blinded War Vet Sees
Ports Of Call 1936 18 Switzerland
Ports Of Call 1936 20 Egypt
Pp 411 Howard Collins
Pp 416 Pioneer Museum
Pp 417 Vernon Jackson
Rcp 481206 Five Extra Nooses
Rcp 490117 Portrait Of Lenore
Rcp 490207 Machine
Readerdigest 461128 39 I Like To Remember George Sexton
Readerdigest 470327 56 The Story Of Oliver Wendel Holmes
Readerdigest 470522 64 The Lion And The Mouse
Readerdigest 470710 71 Deep In The Heart Of Show Biz
Readerdigest 470911 79 Madam Curie
Redbook 320707 (07) Tribal Law
Redbook 320728 (10) Kiss And Jail
Rogers Of The Gazette 531015 14 Maggie & Barbara
Rogers Of The Gazette 531111 18 Town Clock
Screen Guild Theater 401124 062 Allergic To Ladies
Screen Guild Theater 421019 114 Yankee Doodle Dandy
Sdp 490306 E009 A Foreign Affair
Sdp 490501 E017 The Trouble With Women
Sdp 501214 E081 The Lady Gambles
Showtime W Frankie Masters 470126 Open The Door Richard
Silver Theater 381225 (13) Challenge For Three Part 1
Silver Theater 390219 (21) Escape From Tomorrow Part 2
Skippy Hollywood Theatre 387 The Terrible Meek
Sp Ep 19 Rescue Of Admir~ed
Sp Ep 21 Helping Spanish~ld
Sp Ep 34 Margot Verculot~0f
Stroke Of Fate 531018 The Burrhamilton Duel
Stroke Of Fate 531129 Battle Of Quebec
Studio One 470701 Baby Cyclone
Suspense 420902 011 The Hitchhiker
Suspense 431007 Philomel Cottage Orson Welles
Suspense 440413 Magnificent Barastro Orson Welles
Suspense 440525 093 Donovan's Brain, Part Two
Tales Of Fatima 490528 21 Time To Kill
Texaco 390920 Hedda Hopper, Saturday's Children
Texaco 391018 Edgar Rice Burroughs,her Master's Voice
Texaco 391115 Criminal Code
The Biggest Heart 510302 Marie Wichert
Theat Of Rom 440718 03 Stage Door
Theat Of Rom 450320 038 The Citadel
Theat Of Rom 450918 064 One Life To Lose
Theat Of Rom 450925 065 Hired Wife
Theater Guild Ota 461222 155 Papa Is All
Theater Guild Ota 470406 070 Still Life
Theatre Royal 540906 11 The Overcoat
Theatre Royal 540920 13 The Case Of Bardell Vs Pi
This Is My Best 450403 31 Diamond As Big As The Ritz
Warner Brothers 380508 06 That Certain Woman Pt. 1
Warner Brothers 380515 07 That Certain Woman Pt. 2
Warner Brothers 380522 08 Don't Bet On Blondes
Yankee Yarns 470929 Passaconway
Yankee Yarns 500730 Vacations
You Are There 480321 Philadelphiajuly41776
You Are There 480919 Virginiaratifiestheconstitution
You Are There 490109 Trialofcharlesi



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