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 Devil and Mr O

1 MP3 CD - 27 episodes

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"Alley Cat"
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Devil and Mr O was created by Arch Oboler as part of the famous Lights Out series of radio programs. His first version of the radio macabre portrayals were produced during the early 1940s. The Lights Out program was already a hit across the nation as the first horror series that made people wince, scream and re-think" their dinners. When Oboler took over the creation of the series, he wasted no time in presenting his talent for the weird and fantastic to the American audience. If the dialog and storyline did not draw you to the edge of your seat, the sound effects were sure to place you there. Arch Oboler is Mr. O.,your host.

Arch ObolerAlley Cat
It is later than you think" opened the program. Mr. O brought this program, as well as the others, to the radio audience. Alley Cat starts with Linda hanging out with her friends at her home, when her husband Johnny shows up and kicks out her friends from their home. The couple turns from intense anger to amorous affection...or so it seems.

Where are You
Mr O begins this horrisode about how he came to write this particular play. He describes having met a young couple in love and their inspiring him to pen this play. The story begins with Michael and Eve going up the elevator wanting to discuss nothing but their love...and the trip going up. The world is going crazy with WWII happening, but all they want to do is head up to the top of the building...the Empire State Building... and see the wonders of the world from a higher perspective. Their love is all they focus on as the world goes on...their excitement is based on their new life together. This is their honeymoon and...well why dont you find out what happens next.

These programs are but a couple of the many that Arch Oboler presented to the airwaves. Each one a different nuance and way of drawing the listener in and keeping him there. Mayhem, murder and much more were the illustrations brought out with each episode that demanded you full frightened attention.

For more Arch Oboler productions, see also: The Arch Oboler Collection, Everyman's Theater, Plays for Americans and Lights Out.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

27 shows - total playtime 12 hours 42 minutes

Devil & Mr O 710910 Arch Obolers Demo
Devil & Mr O 710917 01 Alley Cat
Devil & Mr O 710924 02 Neanderthal
Devil & Mr O 711001 03 Revolt Of Worms
Devil & Mr O 711008 04 Where Are You
Devil & Mr O 711015 05 Mr Freak
Devil & Mr O 711022 06 Gravestone
Devil & Mr O 711029 07 Ancestor
Devil & Mr O 711105 08 Nature Study
Devil & Mr O 711112 09 Big Mr Little
Devil & Mr O 711119 10 No Escape
Devil & Mr O 711126 11 Vacation With Death
Devil & Mr O 711203 12 Hole
Devil & Mr O 711210 13 Live Forever
Devil & Mr O 711217 14 Going Down
Devil & Mr O 711224 15 Balance Sheet
Devil & Mr O 711231 16 House Is Haunted
Devil & Mr O 720107 17 Official Killer
Devil & Mr O 720114 18 Hungry One
Devil & Mr O 720121 19 Three Thousand Dollars
Devil & Mr O 720128 20 Chest
Devil & Mr O 720204 21 Paris Macabre
Devil & Mr O 720211 22 Rocket From Manhattan
Devil & Mr O 720218 23 Hollywood Visitor
Devil & Mr O 720225 24 Cemetary
Devil & Mr O 720303 25 Speed
Devil & Mr O 720310 26 Shrinking People



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