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 Danny Kaye

1 MP3 CD - 21 episodes

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"Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks"
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Danny Kaye
Comedy-variety (1945 - 46)

Danny KayeA red-haired, tongue-twisting entertainer invited his audience of children, and adults alike, in an all-out, knee slapping half hour of comedy fixed with musical acts. Danny Kaye, born David Daniel Kaminski and a one of the first owners of Seattle's baseball club, the Mariners, splashed onto the scene in 1940 when he appeared in the Broadway smash "Lady in the Dark," which boosted his career.

Danny's career musical career was so demanding that he had to play in a musical, "Two by Two," with a broken leg that he suffered a day before, since he did not use understudies. Nineteen-forty must have been a very interesting year for Danny for that was the year that he met, and married, Sylvia Fine,Danny Kayewho then took immediate charge of Danny's career. You could say that Sylvia defined Danny, who he himself so eloquently put it "[Sylvia] has a fine head on my shoulders."

Danny built such a following in the 1940s that even Samuel Goldwyn, famous producer and partial owner of the movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, jumped on Danny's "train." Goldwyn was so smitten with Danny that he tried and tried tirelessly for two straight years to sign Danny to contract that stipulated that he strictly do Technicolor musicals, which started with "Up in Arms." The contract also specified that Danny be paid a whopping $150,000 per film! This led to a string of musicals, one being the famous partnership with Bing Crosby in "White Christmas" in 1954; Danny served as a last minute replacement for "Singing in the Rain" star Donald O'Conner. Toward the latter end of his career and life, Danny made a memorable appearance as a zany dentist on the "Cosby Show." One of his most famous personal quotes goes, "Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it."

Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra on Danny Kaye Show

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

21 shows - total playtime 10 hours 22 minutes

Danny Kaye 450106 e01 First Show
Danny Kaye 450113 e02 The Story of His Life
Danny Kaye 450120 e03 Auction Sale
Danny Kaye 450127 e04 Singing in the Bathtub
Danny Kaye 450203 e05 back from washington
Danny Kaye 450210 e06 Air Mail Letter
Danny Kaye 450217 e07 Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
Danny Kaye 450303 AFRS 4 King Danny, The Kaye of Brooklyn
Danny Kaye 450303 e09 Opening Night of Playhouse
Danny Kaye 450310 e10 Theater Performance
Danny Kaye 450317 AFRS 6 Uncle Dan's Cabin

Danny Kaye 450324 AFRS 7 Mystery of the Murdered Meatball
Danny Kaye 450331 AFRS 8 The Great Donivitch Kayeoff
Danny Kaye 450407 AFRS 12 Danny Returns From New York
Danny Kaye 450414 AFRS 13 One Irish Man's Family
Danny Kaye 450511 e19 Guest Benny Rubin
Danny Kaye 451004
Danny Kaye 451026 Jack Benny Subs for Danny Kaye
Danny Kaye 460125 His Own Guest Star
Danny Kaye 460301 AFRS 39 The Wife of O'Riley
Danny Kaye Forecast 1940 When You Were 21


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