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 Civil War Collection

1 MP3 CD - 24 episodes


"There Stands Jackson"
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Civil War

More than participation and victory in WWII, even more than the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War shaped the modern United States.

The "Question of Slavery", considered the cause of the War, had been neatly sidestepped by the founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution. The fragile early Union of States and the winning of the Revolution had to be the priority; even then the greatest minds among the Patriots recognized that the issue could tear the States asunder.

Ulysses GrantThe economics of Slavery were turning. The invention of the Cotton Gin increased the amount of cotton that could be processed and increased the demand for slave labor to grow it. Slavery was anathema to people in states where it was not practiced. Polarization between the states over the issue was also demographic; in the South, where 95% of African-Americans lived, they comprised nearly one third of the population. In the North they were barely 1% of the population, and then mostly in the larger cities. Emancipation was therefore thought to be a thing to be feared in the South.

The Civil War was the first Industrialized War; use of telegraph, railroads, steam ships and mass produced weapon by both sides set the pattern for future European and Asian Wars. Total War, as demonstrated by Sherman's March through Georgia, and the trench warfare of the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign would be a foreshadow of the first World War.

The Industrialization of the Destruction brings home its futility. Because the American Civil War often pitted neighbor against neighbor, even brother against brother, it is filled with great drama, both real and imagined.

Civil War FlagThere are stories of bravery and sacrifice, honor and cowardice, desperation and hope from both sides of the conflict. Every medium has been a format for these stories, and radio is no exception. This is very well chronicled in the article "Civil War in Old Time Radio" by Tim DeForest. In addition to the episodes referenced in the civil war article, the Civil War Collection includes:

  • Studio One rendition of "The Red Badge of Courage"
  • Vincent Price helps to tell the story of assassin John Wilkes Booth in the rare recordings, The Thirteenth Juror
  • You Are There gives us a News Report of the Battle of Bull Run
  • Cavalcade of America gives us a dramatization of a meeting between Lincoln and the Vice President of the Confederacy in "With Malice Towards None"
  • Tennessee Jed in "Dalton Wants to Renew the Civil War" reminds us that the American Western legend took place between the end of the Civil War and the Battle of Wounded Knee.

See also: Abraham Lincoln Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

24 shows - total playtime 11 hours 55 minutes

American Portraits 510731 Ep4 There Stands Jackson
Anthology 550213 50 Salute To Lincoln
Calv 460114 462 Venture In Silk Hat
Calv 520212 731 With Malice Toward None
CBS Radio Workshop 570303 55 Ballad of Iron Horse
Crime Classics 531209 e24 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Escape 471210 018 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Family Theater 501129 197 The Clown
Fort Laramie 561007 Galvanized Yankee
Gunsmoke 531226 088 The Guitar
LR 530209 2355 Conference W General Lee
Mr President 481031 071 Abraham Lincoln
NBC Univeristy Theater 490508 039 Red Badge Of Courage
Studio One 470610 07 Red Badge Of Courage
Suspense 571215 729 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Tennesse Jed 451226 Dalton Wants to Renew Civil War
Thirteenth Juror 490423 What Happened John Wilkes Boothe
You Are There 470707 01 Assassination Of Lincoln
You Are There 480222 19 The Battle Of Gettysburg
You Are There 480404 24 The Monitor And The Merrimac
You Are There 481003 44 The First Battle Of Bull Run
You Are There 481107 49 Lee & Grant At Appomattox
You Are There 490522 77 Bombardment Of Fort Sumpter
You Are There 490905 79 Capture of John Wilkes Booth



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