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 Christmas Dramas

2 MP3 CDs - 65 episodes

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"Lux Radio: Its a Wonderful Life"
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Its a Wonderful Life

Cary GrantChristmas is a time of reflection on the meaning of Christmas with faith, redemption, goodwill, and peace. This collection features Christmas Drama Shows with of the best performances in old time radio to lift your spirit.

The jewel of the Christmas Drama Collection is Lux Radio Theater presentation of some of the most beloved Christmas Movies of all time including Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, Meet Me in Saint Louis, The Bishop's Wife and more. All most of the original casts that make these Christmas Classics so special including Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife, and many more.

There are multiple and unique versions of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol including Basil Rathbone's famous performance as the stingy and terrible Ebenezer Scrooge.  Bah humbug!

Hollywood Star Playhouse's Christmas specials include Gift of the Magi, The Story of Silent Night, and Home for Christmas.

In Vic and Sade, Grandpa Snyder decides to sell Christmas cards for extra money. His poor hearing leads to a misunderstanding of verses.

Orson WellesRadio City Playhousehas a unique performance about two journalists on Christmas Eve on "Twas the Night Before Christmas." They are away from their loved ones in search of goats attached to a red wagon for the wife of the newspaper's owner.

One Man's Family features Christmas at the Barbur's as father promises to be a better person in the New Year after Betty came home from the hospital.

Orson Welles gives a moving performance reading from the Bible for the Theatre Christmas Show.

Cavalcade of America presents historic stories in American History. Included in this collection is a touching story about an orphan 12 year old boy who finds homes for his brothers and sisters after the loss of their mother.  There is also a touching story about American prisoners of war in WWII determined to celebrate Christmas under the direst of circumstances.

We wish you peace on earth and good will towards men.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 33 recordings - total playtime 19 hours 38 minutes

A Christmas Carol 390000 Basil Rathbone
Anthology 541219 42 Poetry For Christmas
Authors Playhouse 411221 109 Christmas By Injunction
Biggest Heart 501222 Santa Robinoffs Christmas Party
Campbell Playhouse 381223 03 Poor Christmas Carol
Campbell Playhouse 391224 Christmas Carol Part 1
Campbell Playhouse 391224 Christmas Carol Part 2
Cavalcade Of America 361209 Story Of Christmas Seals
Cavalcade Of America 411222 Green Pastures
Cavalcade Of America 421221 A Child Is Born
Cavalcade Of America 441225 America For Christmas
CBSRW 561223 47 Allis Bright
Chirstmas Program A Christmas Carol W Ronald Colman
Columbia Workshop 401222 2059 Plot To Overthrow Christm
Front Page Drama 331221 Christmas Eve Ghost
Globe Theatre 441223 Christmas Carol
God With Us Christmas Story
Good News 381222 Christmas Show
Grand Central Station 491224 Miracle For Christmas
Grand Central Station Traditional Christmas Program
Hallmark Playhouse 461219 Room For Stranger
Hallmark Playhouse 470320 Gift Of Magi
Hallmark Playhouse 481223 Story Of Silent Night
Hallmark Playhouse 491222 Silent Night
Hallmark Playhouse 521214 Home For Christmas
Hollywood Players 461225 All Through House
Hollywood Radio 441222 Santa Claus Jones
Lux Radio Theater 381226 Snow White
Lux Radio Theater 391225 Pinocchio
Lux Radio Theater 411222 Remember Night
Lux Radio Theater 450618 Canterville Ghost
Lux Radio Theater 450917 Christmas Holiday
Lux Radio Theater 451224 Ill Be Seeing Your

Volume 2: 32 recordings - total playtime 15 hours 48 minutes

Lux Radio Theater 461202 Meet Me In St Louis
Lux Radio Theater 470310 Its A Wonderful Life
Lux Radio Theater 471222 Miracle On 34 th Street
Lux Radio Theater 481220 Miracle On 34 Th Street
Lux Radio Theater 511210 Lemon Drop Kid
Lux Radio Theater 530511 829 Bishops Wife Cary Grant
Matinee Theatre 441224 10 A Stable In Bethlehem Pn
Mayor 421224 213 A Christmas Carolotrcat.com
Mayor 480121 Burning Christmas Tree
Mpres 491225 131 Man At Gate Of World
NBC Theater 490508 It A Wonderful Life
New Worlds A Comin 441224 27 Christmas Program
One Mans Family 491225 Touch Of Chrsitmas Spirit
One Mans Family 501225 Christmas At Barbours
Orson Welles 411222 Theatre Christmas Show
Proudly We Hail 511223 168 Christmas Story
Radio City Playhouse 481220 Three Men
Radio City Playhouse 491225 Twas Night Before Christmas
Romance Ranchos 411224 16 Christmas At San Gabriel
Screen Directors Playhouse 490508 018 Its A Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 491223 048 Miracle 34 th Street
Screen Guild Players 430111 Holiday Inn
Sealed Test Variety 481223 Christmas Show
Sealtest Variety Theater 481223 Christmas Show
Theat Of Rom 451225 078 Messiah
Theater 5 641224 104 Wish Fullfillment Machine
This Is My Best 441219 16 Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Vic Sade 391121 Smelly Clark Solicits Christmas Gifts
Vic Sade 411212 34 Xmas Gifts
Vic Sade 420806 Xmas Cards Cod
Vic Sade 421027 Suggestion Box Boss Present
Vic Sade 431126 Christmas Present



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