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 Christmas Detectives

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes


"Rings for Santa"
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Jack WebbPeace on Earth and goodwill to men seems like a hard time for murder and robbery, but without murder and robbery, we wouldn't have a reason to enjoy Christmas Radio Detective Shows.

Old time radio detective heroes would never let the bad guys get away, but, well, it is Christmas, so it should be no surprise when some of the bad guys wind up being, well, not really so bad, so it is understandable if they sometimes get away, in the spirit of the Season.

  • Sherlock Holmes helps to rescue a Christmas Eve Party when Professor Moriarty plots to steal a rich family's presents, but Dr. Watson gives them to his house keeper's children.
  • Simon Templar, played by Vincent Price on The Saint, spends Christmas Eve in a Santa Suit following a trail of bodies in "19 Santas".
  • "The Man With the Action Packed Expense Account", Johnny Dollar, spends a Christmas investing the case of a prospector named Kris Kringle wants to leave his fortune to his burro in "The Carmen Kringle Matter".
  • On Calling All Detectives, Jerry Browning finds six Santas at his Christmas party, all of whom have their pockets picked, but where is the mysterious Sixth Santa? And who is the Mysterious benefactor of the Veterans Hospital?
  • Frank Sinatra as Rocky Fortune finds a job over the holidays as a department store detective and Santa's lunch-time replacement, then winds up involved in a Christmas jewelry heist.
  • Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolfe become involved in a case where someone is slaughtering street-corner Santa Clauses, only to find out that one of the Santas is a millionaire.
  • Hard-boiled but soft hearted cop Sgt Joe Friday of Dragnet always had a soft spot for the Christmas Season, and gave us one of the most uplifting and one of the depressing of Christmas stories. In "Rifle for Christmas" a cherished present is involved in a terrible Holiday accident, while "The Big Little Jesus" is a misunderstanding as much as a crime when the Baby Jesus from a Nativity display goes missing.
  • Christmas is still a working day for newspaper people like Casey, Crime Photographer. On this Christmas Casey is assigned to cover a mysterious gentleman who hands out new dollar bills to the bums living on the street. Can this gesture really make a difference, or will the dollars just cross the bar at a local gin-joint?

The detectives always get their man and can solve any mystery. Well, almost any mystery. No detective has yet to explain how and intruder enters the house every year through the chimney and leaves presents...

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 37 minutes

Big Town 481221 15 Prelude To Christmas
Boston Blackie 481222 Rings For Santa
Brdwy Is My Beat 491224 015 Nick Norman, Santa Claus
Brdwy Is My Beat 511222 092 B Malpaugh And The Scimitar
Calling All Detectives 481224
Casey 461219 Christmas Shopping
Casey 471225 Santa Clause Of Bum Blvd
Charlie Chan Fiery Santa Claus 049
Charlie Chan The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus
Crime Photographer 461219 Christmas Shopping
Damon Runyan 490313 Dancing Dans Christmas
Damon Runyan 491225 Dream Sweet Rose
Dragnet 490728 Big Missing
Dragnet 501221 Rifle for Christmas
Dragnet 531222 Big Little Jesus
Dragnet Christmas Parody Freberg
Falcon 501224 17 Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Fat Man Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Harry Lime 510921 008 Roguesholiday
Let George 501225 Santa Claus On Glass
Let George Do It 510129 Christmas In January
Let George Do It 511225 Christmas Letter
Nero Wolfe Slaughtered Santas
Nick Carter 431225 Christmas Adventure
Nightbeat 511221 073 Five Days Off For Christmas
Nightwatch 540524 E06 Santa Baby
Richard Diamond 491224 Christmas Carol
Richard Diamond 511221 Christmas Carol
Rocky Fortune 531222 Plot To Murder Santa
Saint 491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses
Saint 501224 Christmas Eve Problems
Scarlet Queen 471224 15 Th Llama-Wise Guy From The East
Sherlock 451224 Night Before Xmas
Sherlock 471221 Christmas Bride
Sherlock Holmes 451224 198 The Night Before Christmas
Sherlock Holmes 471221 13 Adventure Of Christmas Bride
Sherlock Holmes 550313 The Blue Carbuncle
Texas Rangers 501224 Christmas Present
Texas Rangers 511223 Christmas Payoff
This Is Your Fbi 481224 Return Of St Nick
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 491224 031 How I Played Santa
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551219 288 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt1
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551220 289 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt2
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551221 290 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt3
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551222 291 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt4
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551223 292 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt5
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 561223 Missingmouse
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 571222 Carmen Kringle
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591213 Sudden Wealth
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591220 Red Mystery



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