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 Catholic Hour

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes


"How to Meet Communism"
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The Catholic Hour was produced in co-operation with The National Council Of Catholic Men.  The show opened with hymns (from various Catholic choirs) such as "Like The Dawning Of The Morning", "Hail, True Body Of The Lord", "Panis Angelicus", "Adoramus Te."  The Catholic Hour is an excellent religious and intellectual old time radio show

Fulton SheenMany of the episodes featured heavy topics including communism, racism in America, and the role of the Catholic Church in government.  On the topic of interracial justice and equal rights, guest speaker Jerome Kerwin (sociology, University of Chicago): "The have equal rights as children in the house of the Lord."

The Catholic Hour featured different guest speakers on different topics.  Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen often hosted the program. Sheen is best known as the host of televisions' "Life Is Worth Living" in the 1950s and proclaimed, "We are at the end of a non-religious era."

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 59 minutes

Catholic Hr 420301 11 Spectators & Actors Drama Cross Vieni
Catholic Hr 420308 12 Divine Cost Stopping War Attende
Catholic Hr 420315 13 Trust In Gods Plan Populi Meus
Catholic Hr 420329 15 Prayer In Wartime Song Palms
Catholic Hr 420405 16 Crucifixion Lamentations Jeremiah
Catholic Hr 420412 17 Resurrection Victumae Pascalae Laudum
Catholic Hr 420419 18 Christian Courage Song Santa Maria
Catholic Hr 430103 01 Crisis In Christendom 1 War Revolution
Catholic Hr 430110 02 Thing We Are Fighting Against
Catholic Hr 430117 03 Some Barnacles Ship Democracy
Catholic Hr 430124 04 More Barnacles Ship Democracy
Catholic Hr 430131 05 Christian Order Legend Tchaikovski
Catholic Hr 430207 06 Christian Social Order Capital No Open
Catholic Hr 430214 07 Christian Order & Family Kyrie
Catholic Hr 430221 08 Christian Order & Education Adoro
Catholic Hr 430307 10 Overcoming Evil Song Good Shepherd
Catholic Hr 430314 11 Evil Has Its Hour Ave Regina Celorum
Catholic Hr 430321 12 War Judgment God O Mario
Catholic Hr 430328 13 Judgment Nations Atende Dominae
Catholic Hr 430404 14 Freedom In Danger Jerusalem Surge
Catholic Hr 430411 15 Moral Basis And There Was Darkness
Catholic Hr 430418 16 Jew & Christian In History Palms
Catholic Hr 430425 17 Easter O, Praise Ye Lord Holy Temple
Catholic Hr 430523 Social Regeneration Hour Liberation
Catholic Hr 440102 01 Call To Unity Gloria Patri
Catholic Hr 440109 02 Men Good Will Fierce Was Wild Billow
Catholic Hr 440116 03 Natural Law God Jesu Joy Mans
Catholic Hr 440123 04 Economic Condition World Prayer
Catholic Hr 440130 05 Political Condition World
Catholic Hr 440206 06 Domestic Conditions World Laude Sion
Catholic Hr 440213 07 Social Condition World Lord Have Mercy
Catholic Hr 440220 08 Intl Condition World Panis Angelicus
Catholic Hr 440227 09 Father, Forgive Them
Catholic Hr 440305 10 2nd Ave Maria
Catholic Hr 440312 11 3rd As Heart Panteth
Catholic Hr 440319 12 4th Jerusalem, Turn Thee To Lord
Catholic Hr 440326 13 5th Trumpet Shall Sound
Catholic Hr 440402 14 6th Dies Irae
Catholic Hr 440409 One Lord, One World 16 Easter. 1st
Catholic Hr 450401 You 18 Easter. 1st 'christus Resurrexit
Catholic Hr 460721 Church & Interracial Justice 1st Hail
Catholic Hr 461013 Christ King Safeguarding Our Future
Catholic Hr 470126 Light Lamps 1 Signs Our Times
Catholic Hr 470209 Light Lamps 3 Philphy Communism-no open
Catholic Hr 470216 Light Lamps 4 Comnism & Church-2nd half
Catholic Hr 470223 Light Lamps 5 How To Meet Communism
Catholic Hr 470302 Light Your Lamps 06 Communism & Women 1
Catholic Hr 470309 Light Your Lamps 07 Communism & Fam
Catholic Hr 480321 Modern Soul 12 Theology Of Conversi
Catholic Hr 480328 Modern Soul 13 Easter. 1st Hosanna



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