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 Casey Crime Photographer

2 MP3 CDs - 80 episodes

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"The Gentle Strangler"
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Mystery, based on the novels by George Harmon Coxe (1943 - 1955)

Casey Crime Photo"SNAP!" Casey's crime photography often give him a snootfull of something foxingly mysterious. And the crime chase is on!

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Fans of Detective Fiction should be familiar with Black Mask magazine, which gave us such great Hard-boiled crime authors as Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Earl Stanley Gardner. Another very successful author for the magazine was George Harmon Coxe, who would be selected as a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America in 1964.

Alice ReinhartCoxe began writing in 1922, handling what ever genre he could in order to pay the bills. He especially enjoyed crime fiction. One of his popular characters, "Flashgun" Jack Casey, first appeared in Black Mask in 1934. Casey's job was as a photographer on the crime beat for "The Morning Express". He often worked with lovely reporter Ann Williams, and had a relatively good relationship with police detective Captain Logan. Jack Casey and Ann would hang out and discuss their assignments at the Blue Note Cafe, sharing wisecracks with the bartender Ethelbert and enjoying the fine jazz of the Archie Bleyer Orchestra or the Teddy Wilson Trio.

The short stories in Black Mask led to a pair of films, Women Are Trouble (1936) and Here's Flash Casey (1938). The films led to a series of novels, the first two published as serials in Black Mask. The characters came to CBS radio for the first time in 1943.

Staatsworth CottsThe program appear under different titles, Flashgun Casey (43-44), Casey, Press Photographer (44-45), Crime Photographer (45-47), and Casey, Crime Photographer (47-50). The title role was played by Matt Crowley, briefly by Jim Backus, and Staats Cotsworth. Jan Miner played his sidekick, reporter Ann Williams.

Author Coxes related that he had read and enjoyed stories where the Newspaper reporter got involved with the crimes they were reporting, and eventually solved them. However he began to wonder who was taking greater risks, the reporter or the photographer who had to get up-close and personal with the subjects. His first Flash Casey to appear in Black Mask would be the inspiration for the 1938 film "Here's Flash Casey".

Bill CullenThe radio network took a good deal of convincing before they took a risk on the characters, feeling that the market was already saturated with detective shows.Once production began, they went so far as to relegate the program to unfavorable late night time slots. However radio audiences responded and the show lasted on radio from 1943 until 1950.

The program did not enjoy the same success on television. Said star Darren McGavin about the short TV run "The cast of "Crime Photographer" didn't go down fighting,... They took off for the hills. It was so bad that it was never re-run..."

Side-kick Ann Williams was played by Jan Miller on both Radio and TV. Miller would achieve later fame as "Madge the Manicurist" in the Palmolive Dish Washing detergent ads.

For more newspaper-crime reporting, see also: Big Town, Big Story, Europe Confidential, Front Page Farrell, and Shorty Bell Cub Reporter.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 40 shows - total playtime 19 hours 30 minutes

Casey 430707 001 Case Of Switched Plates [Flashgun Casey]
Casey 440226 033 Clue In Clouds [Casey Press Photographer]
Casey 460603 137 Reunion Afrs Mystery Playhouse
Casey 460715 143 A Tooth For Tooth
Casey 460829 148 Red Raincoat
Casey 460905 149 Handkerchief
Casey 460919 151 Duke Of Skid Row
Casey 461219 164 Christmas Shopping
Casey 470116 168 Surprising Corpse
Casey 470206 171 Grey Kitten
Casey 470220 173 Twenty Minute Alibi
Casey 470306 175 Mysterious Lodger
Casey 470320 177 Demon Miner
Casey 470417 181 Box Of Death
Casey 470424 182 Gentle Strangler
Casey 470501 183 King Of Apes
Casey 470508 184 Laughing Killer
Casey 470522 186 Pickup
Casey 470703 192 Acquitted
Casey 470710 193 Lady Killer
Casey 470717 194 Casey And Selfmade Hero 2 nd Repeat Of 36
Casey 470724 195 Photo Of Dead
Casey 470731 196 Bright New Star
Casey 470807 197 Death In Lovers Lane Anchorhocking 1 st Anniv Show
Casey 470814 198 Chivalrous Gunman
Casey 470821 199 Busmans Holiday
Casey 470828 200 Hideout
Casey 470904 201 Loaded Dice
Casey 470911 202 Graveyard Gertie Repeat Of 128
Casey 470918 203 Tobacco Pouch
Casey 470925 204 Treasure Cave
Casey 471002 205 Miscarriage Of Justice
Casey 471009 206 Wedding Breakfast
Casey 471016 207 Camera Bug
Casey 471023 208 Lady In Distress
Casey 471030 209 Great Grandfathers Rent Receipt
Casey 471106 210 Tcot Blonde Lipstick
Casey 471113 211 Too Many Angels
Casey 471120 212 Earned Reward Repeat Of 122
Casey 471127 213 After Turkey Bill

Volume 2: 40 shows - total playtime 18 hours 6 minutes

Casey 471204 214 Serpent Goddess
Casey 471211 215 New Will
Casey 471218 216 Life Of Party
Casey 471225 217 Santa Claus Of Bums Blvd
Casey 480101 218 Hot New Years Party
Casey 480108 219 Queen Of Amazons
Casey 480115 220 Miracle
Casey 480122 221 Exconvict
Casey 480129 222 Piggy Bank Robbery
Casey 480205 223 Music To Die By
Casey 480212 224 Key Witness
Casey 480219 225 Witchcraft
Casey 480226 226 Fix
Casey 480304 227 Tough Guy
Casey 480311 228 Fog
Casey 480318 229 Murder In Black And White
Casey 480325 230 Blind Justice
Casey 480527 Gun Wanted
Casey 481125 264 Holiday
Casey 490310 279 Scene Of Crime
Casey 490505 287 Wolverine
Casey 490519 289 Cupid Is A Killer Repeat Of 112
Casey 490804 300 Sellout
Casey 490811 301 Death Of A Stranger
Casey 490825 303 Snowball
Casey 491020 311 Coffin
Casey 491110 314 Thunderbolt
Casey 491117 315 Upholsterer
Casey 500119 324 Wanted A Gun
Casey 500302 330 Bad Little Babe
Casey 500406 335 Fire
Casey 500413 336 Disappearance Of Mr Dizzel
Casey 500504 339 Suicide
Casey 500615 345 Unlucky Numbers
Casey 501109 366 Woman Of Mystery Afrts
Casey 501116 367 Upholsterer Repeat Of 315
Casey 540113 368 Road Angel Series Returns To Air
Casey 540120 369 Source Of Information
Casey Actress Auditions 470318
Casey Spring Promo Disc 1947 Pt 01



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