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 Burns and Allen

5 MP3 CDs - 274 episodes

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"Income Tax Time"
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George Burns & Gracie Allen
Classic comedy shows (1932- 50)

Grace Allen and George BurnsBurns & Allen AdBurns and Allen are one of the most beloved couple in old time radio. They got started, like many of the greats of old time radio, in vaudeville, which is really just the touring popular entertainment in America prior to movies. Gracie was the sparkplug of the act, always the center of attention. George played the foil, the guy vainly trying to make sense of the ditzy world of Gracie. By the early 30s, Gracie was probably the best known woman on radio. Gracie often sang in a voice that showed she was also an excellent comedienne songstress.

By the early 1940's, Burns decided that their act needed a change.He decided that the audience knew Gracie's and his reactions well enough that it would be possible to play off them, Gracie Allen for President posterand create situations something like screwball comedy, but with the Burns and Allen touch. Jack Benny and Burns and Allen worked much the same way with their comedy.Vaudeville's snappy patter and give and take jokes, good even if the audience didn't know you, could be developed into running gags and put-downs based on character. Burns was always astute when it came to comedy - he lead the brainstorming sessions that wrote the shows, and carefully edited his writers with the final word on what was cut and what stayed. Elvia Allman play Gracie's friend Tootsie Sagwell and Gale Gordon and Hans Conried made frequent appearances.

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Look who's here George Burns and Gracie Allen Maxwell Coffee TimeSo in 1942, George and Gracie became, in their characters, the perfectly normal husband and wife that is, if Gracie's non sequiturs and impulsive behavior could be considered perfectly normal. For Gracie, of course, it was perfectly normal, and the American public continued their love affair with her.The shows had names after the sponsors, such as Maxwell House Coffee Time, or The Ammident Show - it was the Burns and Allen show to the public. Other fine radio actors were a part of the fun. Mel Blanc did the happy postman, and was also famous for his zany characters on The Jack Benny Show, and his own Mel Blanc Show. Elliott Lewis, a veteran of many radio "bit" parts on the Burns and Allen shows of the 40s.

Burns and Allen went on to TV, as did many of the greatest radio stars that had worked in vaudeville - Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton and others.

Burns and Allen Radio Program starring Lucille Ball radio ticket, April 4, 1944

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Volume 1 (1932 - 40) - 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 42 minutes

Big Broadcast Of 1932B&A Skits
B&A 340926 A02 Leaving For America
B&A 360115 B16 Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson
B&A 361125 Landing Of The Indians At Plymouth
B&A 361202 Gracie As A Dramatic Actress
B&A 361209 Gracie Honors New Orleans
B&A 361216 Poncho Villa Rides Again
B&A 361223 C13 Christmas
B&A 370106 From New York W Ken Roberts
B&A 370113 Gracie Honors Los Angeles
B&A 380110 D40 Gracie`s Murder Mystery
B&A 380117 D41 Another Murder Mystery
B&A 381007 E00 Gracie Reads Frank Parker's Te
B&A 400228 F22 Government Job 1of14
B&A 400306 F23 Hats Off To Gracie 2o14
B&A 400313 F24 Gracie's Triumphant Return 3o14
B&A 400327 F26 Surprise Party Platform 5o14
B&A 400403 F27 Till The Cows Come Home 6o14
B&A 400410 F28 Gracie Wins Wisconsin 7o14
B&A 400417 F29 All Promises Are Fictitious 8o1
B&A 400424 F30 The Biggest In The World 9o14
B&A 400508 F32 Aunt Clara Kangaroo 11o14
B&A 400515 F33 Rah Rah In Omaha 12o14
B&A 400522 F34 George's Malady 13o14
B&A 400529 F35 Sweeping Into Office 14o14
B&A 400613 Swiss Family Robinson Pt.2

B&A 400626 Last Broadcast For Hinds
B&A 400708 G02 Grandpa's 92nd Birthday
B&A 400729 G05 Kiddie Party
B&A 400805 G06 George's Movie
B&A 400812 Gold Rush Gracie
B&A 400819 George Late For Show
B&A 400826 G09 Elsie Trellafas Is Suing George
B&A 400902 G10 George Is On Trial
B&A 400909 G11 George Owes Money For Phone Cal
B&A 400916 G12 George Needs A Guest Star
B&A 400923 G13 George Writes A Newspaper Column
B&A 400930 G14 George Is Kidnapped By A Gangster
B&A 401007 G15 George Disguises Himself As A W
B&A 401014 G16 What's Wrong With Gracie
B&A 401021 G17 Professor Thorndyke Studies Gra
B&A 401028 G18 George Wants Out Of Broadcastin
B&A 401104 G19 George Tries To Impress Fifi
B&A 401111 G20 Gracie Writes A Musical Comedy
B&A 401118 G21 Thanksgiving Show
B&A 401125 G22 Rehearsing Next Week's Show
B&A 401202 G23 The Sponsor Drops By
B&A 401209 G24 George Gets A Black Eye
B&A 401216 G25 Gracie Writes A Play
B&A 401223 G26 Christmas Show
Volume 2 (1941 - 43) - 62 shows - total playtime 29 hours 34 minutes

B&A 410113 G29 Impressing Cobina Wright
B&A 410120 G30 Visits Art Gallery
B&A 410127 G31 George Plans To Recover A Mink
B&A 410224 H21 Gracie Is Late For Show
B&A 410317 St Patrick Parade
B&A 411007 001 Looking For A Singer
B&A 411021 The Insurance Exam
B&A 411104 Playing Mrs North
B&A 411118 Keith Fowler Gracies Old Crush
B&A 411216 329 Mailing A Christmas Package
B&A 411223 I12 Santa & The Wicked Witch
B&A 421006 J01 Married, But Single
B&A 421013 J02 Successful Marriage Manual
B&A 421020 J03 Pooling Resources
B&A 421027 J04 99year Lease
B&A 421103 J05 The Man From Mgm
B&A 421110 J06 Expecting A Baby
B&A 421117 J07 Hat Box Hostage
B&A 421124 J08 The Uplifters Club
B&A 421201 J09 Messy Mechanics
B&A 421208 J10 Being Neighborly
B&A 421215 J11 The Swami's Preductions
B&A 421222 J12 Santa & The Wicked Pirate
B&A 421229 J13 Gracie's Dating Service
B&A 430105 J14 Dr Jekyll And Mr Burns
B&A 430119 J16 Making George Jealous
B&A 430126 J17 King George
B&A 430202 J18 Good Help Is Hard To Find
B&A 430209 J19 Guest Charles Laughton
B&A 430216 J20 Guest Veronica Lake
B&A 430223 J21 Huckleberry Bucket

B&A 430302 The Uplifters
B&A 430302 J22 Guest Madeleine Carroll
B&A 430309 J23 W Jose Itubi & Deems Taylor
B&A 430316 J24concerto For Index Finger
B&A 430323 J25 Making George Sick
B&A 430330 J26 Victory Garden
B&A 430406 J27 Big Jake
B&A 430413 J28 Gracie Wants George To Be A Law
B&A 430420 J29 Broke Uncle Hurbert
B&A 430427 Concerto For Index Finger
B&A 430525 J34 George Runs For The School Boar
B&A 430601 J35 Gracie Appears In Traffic Court
B&A 430608 J36 Gracie & Tootsie Work For Milli
B&A 430831 K01 W F Sinatra
B&A 430907 K02 Shortage Of Husbands
B&A 430914 K03 Brian Donlevy Gracie Wants To
B&A 430921 K04 Tootsie Has A Crush On Ray Mill
B&A 430928 K05 Bill Goodwin Loves Ann Sheridan
B&A 431005 K06 Cowboy Love Tales
B&A 431012 K07 Stays For Dinner
B&A 431019 K08 The Wrecked Car Concerto
B&A 431026 K09 Tootsie In A Beauty Contest H
B&A 431102 K10 Gracie Wants George On Jack Ben
B&A 431109 Blackmailing Jack Benny
B&A 431116 Burns& Allen
B&A 431123 Secret Lover Of Loretta Young
B&A 431130 Charles Boyer As Oklahoma Tex
B&A 431207 Ida Lupino Studies Gracie For Movie
B&A 431214 Kay Kayser's Blind Date
B&A 431221 413 Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchest
B&A 431228 414 John Garfield The Gangster
Volume 3 (1944 - 45)- 48 shows - total playtime 21 hours 17 minutes

B&A 440000 George Wants To Buy Land From Joe
B&A 440118 Gracie Teaches Culture To William B
B&A 440125 Paul Henreid's Culture School
B&A 440201 William Powell Stays Over
B&A 440208 Adolphe Menjou & Verree Teasdale Sp
B&A 440215 Astaire's Tap Dancing Drives Geor
B&A 440222 Cecil B Demille
B&A 440229 George To Star Opposite Dorothy Lam
B&A 440307 Alan Ladd The Poker Game
B&A 440314 28 George Sells Chicken Farm
B&A 440321 George The Genius W Rita Hayworth
B&A 440328 Brian Aherne's Shorts
B&A 440425 Guest Sydney Strotz
B&A 440502 Special 1 Hr Broadcast1
B&A 440509 Harpo Marx
B&A 440516 George Running For Councilman
B&A 440530 Summer Show Worries
B&A 440606 436 Kansas City's Favorite Singer
B&A 440613 437 Kansas City War Bond Drive
B&A 440818 The Poker Game
B&A 440829 440 No Money For Auction
B&A 440912 Gracie Against Crime
B&A 440919 George's Birthday
B&A 440926 George The Plumber

B&A 441010 George Wants To Buy Land From Joe B&A 441017 Grace Wants Grge Replace1
B&A 441031 George Is Better Than Gable
B&A 441114 Guest Louella Parsons
B&A 441120 W Jose Iturbi & Deems Taylor
B&A 441212 War Bond Show
B&A 450115 459 W Alan Ladd
B&A 450122 Bhus Finishing School
B&A 450129 Gracie Wants A Vacation From George
B&A 450402 George Goes Rabbit Hunting
B&A 450512 In Palm Springs
B&A 450513 Gracie's Problem With Salesmen
B&A 450618 Gracie Tries To Make George Look Yo
B&A 450625 George Prepares To Entertain Troops
B&A 450920 482 New House, 1st For Maxwell Hous
B&A 451004 Dating Advice
B&A 451018 486 Meredith Getting Married
B&A 451025 All New Furniture
B&A 451101 488 Gracie Pretends To Be Bills Wi
B&A 451108 489 George The Leading Man
B&A 451122 George Inherits 5,000 Dollars
B&A 451129 492 George Goes To College
B&A Xxxxxx Gracie Cons George
B&A Xxxxxx Gracie's Relatives
Volume 4 (1946 - 47) - 48 shows - total playtime 22 hours 36 minutes

B&A 460103 497 Taking In A Veteran
B&A 460110 017
B&A 460117 Gracie & Uplifters Make George Bel
B&A 460124 W Kay Kyser
B&A 460207 Marriage Contest
B&A 460221 504 George's Job In Washington
B&A 460314 George Sells Chicken Farm
B&A 460404 Little White Lies
B&A 460411 Gracie Joins A Literary Club
B&A 460425 Sydney Strotz
B&A 460502 514 Special 1 Hour Broadcast 1o2
B&A 460502 514 Special 1 Hour Broadcast 2of2
B&A 460509 515 W Harpo Marx
B&A 460530 Summer Show Worries
B&A 460905 George's Allergies
B&A 460912 Gracie Against Crime
B&A 460919 No One Remembers George's Birthday
B&A 460926 Needing New Refrigerator
B&A 461003 Marrying Off Daughter
B&A 461017 1o2 Grace Wants Grge Replace Clock
B&A 461024 2o2 Gracie Wants George Replace Cla
B&A 461031 Jack Carson & George Have An Actin
B&A 461107 Getting Frank Sinatra To Leave Town
B&A 461114 Louella Parsons

B&A 461212 Gracie Baby Sits
B&A 461219 Gracie Looking For Job
B&A 461226 Christmas Presents
B&A 470102 Wives On Strike
B&A 470109 Last Years Christmas Bills
B&A 470213 Marrying Cary Grant To Gracie's Cou
B&A 470220 15th Radio Anniversary With Al Jolso
B&A 470227 Gracie Turns House Into Office
B&A 470306 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving
B&A 470313 The Tall Man
B&A 470320 Crime Wave
B&A 470508 Gracie At Ywca, George At Ymca
B&A 470515 Gracie Treats George Like A King
B&A 470522 Society Wants New Hats
B&A 470529 W Francis Langford
B&A 470925 Beating The High Cost Of Liv
B&A 471106 A Live Hog
B&A 471113 Cary Grant And The Uplifters
B&A 471120 Royal Wedding The Poker Game
B&A 471127 W Jean Sablon
B&A 471204 Gracie Wants Bing Crosby To Retire
B&A 471211 Lady Killer
B&A 471218 George Gets Gracie A Christmas Gift
B&A 471225 Gracie Sick
Volume 5 (1948 - 50) - 65 shows - total playtime 30 hours 8 minutes

B&A 480108 George & Jack Benny Gyp
B&A 480115 577 Income Tax Time
B&A 480122 578 Guest Walter O'keefe
B&A 480129 To Set George Straight
B&A 480205 580 New Mink Coat
B&A 480212 Babysitting For Kay Kyser
B&A 480219 Keeping George From Making Decision
B&A 480226 Gracie Goes To New Orleans
B&A 480325 Easter Program
B&A 480415 George Sees 'green Eyed Monster'
B&A 480422 George Is Talked Out Of Buying Rose
B&A 480429 George Is Finaly Getting A New Car
B&A 480506 Judson's Sister & The Oil Well
B&A 480513 37 Gracie's Problem With Salesmen
B&A 480520 Gracie's Mother Visits
B&A 480527 Spiritualism
B&A 480903 With James Mason
B&A 480923 George's News Column
B&A 480930 The New Neighbors
B&A 481007 Kleptomaniacs
B&A 481028 Gracie Wants Money For A New Dress
B&A 481111 15th Wedding Anniversary
B&A 481118 Gracie Turns House Into Office
B&A 481125 607 Thanksgiving Program
B&A 481202 Guest Gregory Peck
B&A 481216 610 W Mr & Mrs James Mason
B&A 481230 New Year's Eve Party
B&A 490106 613 Guest Gregory Peck
B&A 490120 615 Cesar Romero Steals Bill's Gir
B&A 490127 616 George's Birthday
B&A 490210 20 W Howard Duff
B&A 490217 619 George Colllects Cats
B&A 490224 George Should Become A Doctor

B&A 490303 Gracie Smashes Into A Parked Car
B&A 490310 622 Gracie Joins The Girl Scouts
B&A 490317 Gracie In Pageant
B&A 490324 624 The Academy Awards W Jane Wyman
B&A 490331 How Jack Benny Became Cheap
B&A 490407 W R Montgomery Napolean Movie
B&A 490421
B&A 490428 31 Gracie & The County Fair
B&A 490505 630 Gracie Tries To Convince Bill B
B&A 490512 W Marie Mcdonald
B&A 490519 Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney
B&A 490602 Gracie The Magician
B&A 490609 Gracie Joins A Women's Rights Group
B&A 490616 636 George & Gracie Watch Neighbor
B&A 490623 39 Preparing For England
B&A 490903 Impressing The Neighbors W James Ma
B&A 490928 639 Second Courtship
B&A 491005 South Pacific
B&A 491008 W Jack Benny
B&A 491012 Circled Dates On The Calendar
B&A 500104 Gracie Wants To Be A Suffering Arti
B&A 500111 Getting A Movie Contract
B&A 500118 Beauty Shop
B&A 500125 W Ronald Reagan
B&A 500201 20 Al Jolson's Lifestyle
B&A 500208 21 Gracie's Dented Fender
B&A 500215 Dulcey
B&A 500222 Going To The Races
B&A 500226 Preparing The Income Taxes
B&A 500301 Income Tax Problems
B&A 500315 H And R Blockhead
B&A 500412 Back Home After A Week In Palm Spring


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