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 Bold Venture

2 MP3 CDs - 57 episodes

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"Blue Moon"
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Bogart & Bacall
(1951 - 52)

Starring Humphrey Bogart as Slate Shannon and Lauren Bacall as Sailor Duval

Bogart fashioning a beardBold VentureThere have been other Hollywood "Power Couples", but very few held as much sway as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

The first time the duo worked together was in Howard Hawk's film, To Have and To Have Not. Loosely based on the Hemingway novel, it's the story of an American drifter living in the Caribbean, the kind of person that trouble often finds, who becomes involved in intrigue as well as with a sultry young woman who seems so wrong but ends up so right for him.

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Bogey and Bacall had a scandalous May- December romance that began during the film and blossomed into one of Hollywood's strongest marriages. Along with their movie projects, they came up with the radio treasure, Bold Venture. It was a formula that had worked very well for other movie couples, like Ronald and Benita Colman in Halls of Ivy.

The characters and situations of Bold Venture were similar to ones which had worked in Bogartfilms before, especially "To Have and Have Not." Slade Shannon is an amalgam of Bogey characters, Bogart Bacall Bold Ventureowner of a small hotel a la Rick in Casablanca, and a charter boat operator in the Caribbean a la To Have and Have Not and Key Largo. Playing Sailor Duvall on the radio, Lauren Bacall is just as sultry and alluring as she was on screen.

Bogart and Bacall sailing the seas.The show's producer, Frederick Ziv, won a bidding war to get the show, and he dived into the collaboration with the big stars with gusto.  He brought in such writing talent as Henry Hayward, who would later work on I Was a Communist For the FBI; as well as the famed writing team of David Friedkin and Mort Fine, who had been part of the team on the great show Suspense and who would later produce I Spy.  

To add some interesting context, production of this series straddled either side of the filming of the classic film African Queen.

Legend has it that the Bogarts used the proceeds from Bold Venture to fill their son Stephen's trust fund. However, money was more abundant in film, and whatever the couple's various motivational factors, they ultimately weren't interested, long-term, in the series.  Naturally, Ziv wanted them on until infinity, but they jumped ship after a season-and-a-half, with Bogey being the catalyst.  "I got tired of it," he'd later say.  "I never listened to it, but Betty did.  She liked to hear her voice."  We appreciate the honesty--it would've been easy for him to blame his 1952 Oscar for Best Actor (African Queen) and the myriad film roles that poured in as a result.  Whatever the case, the show was gone too soon.

Today,this radio adventure lives on as a cult classic.Pour another finger of rum into your Cuba Libre', sit under the slowly turning ceiling fan, and look out to sea while we wait for Bogey's boat, The Bold Venture.

See also Bogart Collection and Hardboiled Detectives.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 29 shows - total playtime 12 hours 49 minutes

BV 510326 01 Deadly Merchandise
BV 510402 02 The Kuan Yin Statue
BV 510409 03 White Envelope
BV 510416 04 A Bullet for Shannon
BV 510423 05 Spanish Gold
BV 510430 06 He Who Laughs Last
BV 510507 07 Atomic Espionage in San Thomas
BV 510514 08 That Gun Will Kill You
BV 510521 09 Fake American Passports
BV 510528 10 Sailor Is Framed for Murder
BV 510604 11 Blue Moon
BV 510611 12 Tears of Siva
BV 510618 13 We Want Cary Martin
BV 510625 14 Sailor Framed for Treason and Murder
BV 510702 15 Russian Roulette
BV 510716 17 Death at the Wedding
BV 510723 18 Twelve Year Old Promise
BV 510730 20 Search for Tommy Reed
BV 510813 21 Sunken Spanish Gold
BV 510820 22 Ghost Ship
BV 510827 23 Slate's Old Flame
BV 510903 24 Terminal Key
BV 510910 25 Out of Control
BV 510917 26 Black Tie Affair
BV 510924 27 Murder in the Yucatan
BV 511001 28 Shannon's A Sucker
BV 511008 29 Slate Gets the Hook
BV 511015 30 Camelia for 'El Dobbin'
BV 511022 31 Row at the Cannery

28 shows - total playtime 12 hours 25 minutes

BV 511029 32 Darby and Joan Lonely Hearts, Inc
BV 511105 33 Marino Victory Mutiny
BV 511112 34 Bold Venture Is Stolen
BV 511119 35 Bold Venture by Da Vinci
BV 511126 36 Dead Men Leave No Prints
BV 511203 37 Cruise to Bata Bano
BV 511210 38 Voodoo Vendetta
BV 511217 39 Tabard of Pizarro
BV 511224 40 Paul Brewer Prison Break
BV 511231 41 Crazy Old Carlos
BV 520107 42 A Substitute Death
BV 520114 43 Ella Wiley Makes People Die
BV 520121 44 A Comeback Can Kill You
BV 520128 45 Revenge Equals Murder Times Two
BV 520204 46 Joe Norman the Laughing Sailor
BV 520211 47 Isle of Pines
BV 520218 48 The One That Got Away
BV 520225 49 Welcome to Civilization Dead Man
BV 520303 50 The Big KO
BV 520310 51 Spectre of El Indio
BV 520317 52 Deadly Diamonds
BV 520324 53 Revenge Is Sweet
BV 520331 54 Haven's Venezualen Isle
BV 520407 55 With Friends Like These
BV 520414 56 Marriage and Murder
BV 520421 57 Mystery of the Mary K
BV 520512 60 Seņor Rufio's Legacy of Death
BV 520714 69 Slate's Stolen Identity



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