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 Bing Crosby Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 368 episodes

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Bing Crosby
Music and variety entertainment (1931 - 62)

Bign CrosbyBing Crosby was, and still is, one of America's most popular singers. His voice is still heard everyday around the world. He recorded an estimated 17,000 songs, most for Decca records, who luck it was to hold his recording contract from 1934 -55. Yet many of Bing's most enjoyable performances were done on radio, and were relatively unavailable to the general public until now. Radio allowed Bing to be intimate, and give a subtle delivery of a song as if he were singing it "just for you." It allowed for witty repartee with the cast and guests, too, and Bing's sly wordplay and perfect timing with an offhand line is usually overlooked as one of his stellar traits. Of course, aided and abetted by Bob Hope, the two were a duo unstoppable and unstoppable in movies. But from 1931 until 1962, Bing was the star of radio.

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Bing CrosbyBing's most famous old time radio show was sponsored by Kraft Foods. Bing first appeared as guest host of the Kraft Music Hall on Dec. 5, 1935. Originally the Kraft show was an hour-long variety show, but in January 1943 it was cut to a half-hour a week. The Kraft show was broadcast live, as were all prime timenetwork shows of that era. Bing Crosby has a streak of the entrepreneur in him, as well as perfect taste in songs. Early on, Bing had decided to keep the Kraft show more intimate by not having a "noisy" audience, as did most shows of the time. Crosby disliked the inconvenience of the late broadcast hour and the necessity of repeating a show for different time zones. In 1945 he appealed to Kraft and NBC for more money to allow him to pre-record his shows on disc, knowing how well the V-Discs worked. He was turned down, as broadcast radio had its standards, so Bing refused to return to the show in the fall of 1945, then returned in February of 1946, and then left the show for good in May of 1946. Bing was determined to use recording in radio, as he had done with Decca for many years. Bing Crosby & PipeOf course, all of this went on behind the scenes, and the Kraft Show is considered first-class Crosby, and near-perfect radio entertainment. Philco Radio Time, starring Bing Crosby, made its debut on Oct. 16, 1946, with Bob Hope as Bing's first guest. The show was first recorded on standard large wax transcription disks, but Crosby was already working with engineers, studying German WWII confiscated tape recorder technology. Bing used the tape recorder to tape, and then delay broadcast his show on American radio in 1947, which was a great success. The recorders were manufactured for the public by Ampex and revolutionized the recording industry. Bing's sponsorfrom 1949 through 1952 was Chesterfield cigarette.

Rosemary Clooney, guest star
Rosemary Clooney, one of many
musical guest stars on the Bing Collection

The Chesterfield Show features a veritable "who's who" of American popular entertainment of the first half of the 20th Century, while The Bing Crosby Show in the mid-50s was a modest 15 minute daily weekday show, with announcer Ken Carpenter and the Buddy Cole Trio with Rosemary Clooney. They offer dual portraits of the icon with guest icons (such as Fred Astaire, Tallulah Bankhead, and Johnny Mercer), and the singer with trio and songstress.The pre-eminence of Bing and network radio coincided, as by the mid 1950s, television took the action and money away from network radio broadcasting. Bing went on to TV, like so many others including his pal, Bob. But most will agree he did his best work on radio.

Bing is a part of everyone's memories of days and evenings past. He was a star of the first magnitude on radio, the movies and television. Funny, witty, one of the best voices of the century- what is left to say? Bing has to be in the top ten of American popular entertainment. You can add your own favorite nine to the list.

For other music, see also: Your Hit Parade and Glenn Miller Collection, and The Music Collection . See also: The Rat Pack Collection, Philco Radio Time , and Chesterfield Show

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Bing Crosby in black face and piping
Volume 1 - 91 shows - total playtime 45 hours 23 minutes

Bing Crosby 1950xxxx 20th Anniversary Salute
Bing Crosby ACN Radio Network Christmas Special
Bing Crosby Interview
Bing Crosby Lux Road To Morocco
Bing Crosby Movie Promo Double or Nothing (1937)
Bing Crosby Movie Promo Starmaker (1939)
Bing Crosby Movie Promo The Bells of St Marys
Bing Crosby Movie Promo Too Much Harmony (1933)
Bing Crosby xxxxxx 1st Ida (Minute Maid)
Bing Crosby xxxxxx 1st Mr Meadowlark (Minute Maid)
Bob Hope Show 481207 Beethoven with Bing Crosby
Bob Hope with Bing Crosby Story of Bingsy and Bobsy Chri
Burns & Allen 471204 Gracie Wants Bing Crosby to Retire
Command Performance Christmas 1948 Pt 1
Command Performance Christmas 1948 Pt 2
Command Performance Christmas 1948 Pt 3
Command Performance Christmas 1948 Pt 4
Duffy's Tavern 431207 guest Bing Crosby
Fred Allen 480523 Fred Wants to do Bing's Life Story
Jack Benny 480404 Borrowing Bing's Oscar with Bing Cro
Jack Benny 530215 Life Of Bing Crosby
Lux Radio Theater 431220 Dixie
NBC Gala 351207 with Bing Crosby
Ozzie And Harriet 481205 A Visit From Bing Crosby
Red Skelton 460426 with Bing Crosby
Screen Guild Players 430111 Holiday Inn

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope for Bonds
Command Performance 421224 Christmas Eve Show Bob Hope
Command Performance 441118 Bing Crosby
Command Performance 441216 0154 Hope, Crosby, Kenton
Command Performance 441216 Dick Tracy
Command Performance 441224 Christmas Show (2 hrs.)
Command Performance 450815 Victory Celebration Pt 1
Command Performance 450815 Victory Celebration Pt 2
Command Performance Army Day Show (45 min.)
GI Jive 4xxxxx 1st Song Casa Loma Stomp (839)
GI Jive 4xxxxx 1st Song Elks Parade (832)
GI Jive 4xxxxx 1st Song Swanee River (834)
GI Journal with Bing Crosby 52
GI Journal with Bing Crosby 69
Guest Star pgm.012 Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
Mail Call 091 Bing Crosby
Mail Call 128 Bing Crosby
Music on Deck 03 Bing Crosby and Navy Bluejack
Music on Deck 04 Bing Crosby and Navy Bluejack
Music On Deck xx Bing Crosby WWII Navy Show

Bing Crosby 421224 Jack Carson
Bing Crosby 430325 Bert Lahr
Bing Crosby 430401 Lucille Ball
Bing Crosby 430909 with Phil Silvers
Bing Crosby 430916 with Jinx Faulkenberg
Bing Crosby 430923 with George Murphy
Bing Crosby 430930 with Phil Silvers
Bing Crosby 431007 with Lucille Ball
Bing Crosby 431216 Phil Silvers
Bing Crosby 431230 with Cass Daley
Bing Crosby 440106 William Frawley
Bing Crosby 440202 Donald O'Connor
Bing Crosby 440224 Phil Silvers
Bing Crosby 440302 Lucille Ball
Bing Crosby 440309 with George Murphy
Bing Crosby 440413 Bob Hope
Bing Crosby 440420 Dave Shelley
Bing Crosby 440427 Sonny Tufts
Bing Crosby 440510 Cass Dailey
Bing Crosby 440511 Keenan Wynn
Bing Crosby 440518 Jack Carson
Bing Crosby 440601 Katina Paxinoux
Bing Crosby 440629 with Roy Rogers
Bing Crosby 440706 with Tommy, Jimmy Dorsey
Bing Crosby 440727 Sonny Tufts
Bing Crosby 441012 Spike Jones
Bing Crosby 441116 Frank Sinatra
Bing Crosby 441130 Spike Jones
Bing Crosby 441207 Diana Lynn
Bing Crosby 441214 Jerry Colonna
Bing Crosby 450118 with Duke Ellington
Bing Crosby 450125 with Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 450215 Ella Logan
Bing Crosby 450322 Frankie Carle
Bing Crosby 450405 King Cole Trio
Bing Crosby 450503 King Cole Trio
Bing Crosby 450517 Florence Alba
Bing Crosby 460214 Frank Morgan
Bing Crosby 460221 Frank Morgan
Bing Crosby 460228 Martha Tilton
Bing Crosby 460502 Peggy Lee, Joe Frisco

Bing Crosby at Mic
Volume 2 - 141 shows - total playtime 37 hours 19 minutes

Bing Crosby 570921 Ford Road Show
Crosby Clooney 611000 A
Crosby Clooney 611000 B

Bing Crosby 521030 Bing Absent
Bing Crosby 521127 Connie Boswell

Accentuate The Positive
Adeste fideles
Al Jolson Alexander's Ragtime Band
And Danny KayeSnow
and the Charioteers
Beyond the reef
Bob Hope If I Knew You Were Comin'
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime (1932)
Danny Boy
Grace Kelly True Love
In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening
Judy Garland Mine
Judy Garland Yahtata Yahtata Talk Talk
Judy Garland You're Just in Love
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1934)
Louis Armstrong Gone Fishing
Louis Armstrong Now You Has Jazz
Mele Kalikimaka
Peggy Lee Maybe You'll Be There
Rosemary Clooney True Love
Sings Country Western
Swing On A Star
Twelve Days of Christmas
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Christmas Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faith
Christmas In Killarney
David Bowie Christmas Peace on Earth
David Bowie Little Drummer Boy (Full Version)
David Bowie Peace On Earth
Deck The Halls
Do You Hear What I Hear
Frank Sinatra Have Yourself A Merry Ch
Frosty The Snowman
God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (alt)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Happy Holidays
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
I Wish You A Merry Christmas
It's Beginning Look Lot Like Christmas
Jingle Bells
Let It Snow
O Holy Night
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
Silent Night, Holy Night
Silver Bells (alt)
Silver Bells
White Christmas
Winter Wonderland

Bing Crosby with Andre (25)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
Ask Me No Questions
Black Ball Ferry Line
Boogie Woogie Bugel Boy
Dick Haymes - Anything You
Don't Fence Me In
Forsaking All Others
Have I Told You Lately..
Here Comes Santa Claus
High On The List
I'll SiSi YaIn Bahia
Jingle Bells
Life Is So Peculiar
Lock Stock And Barrel
Mele Kalikimaka
Poppa Santa Claus
South Rampart Street Parade
Sparrow In The Tree Top
The 12 Days Of Christmas
The Live Oak Tree
The Yodeling Ghost
Weddin' Day
Yodeling Ghost

Bing Crosby 420416 Ronald Reagan
Bing Crosby 440608 DDay Cecil B DeMille

PHILCO RADIO TIME 10-16-46 TO 06-01-49 A (58)
Bing Crosby 461016 Bob Hope
Bing Crosby 461023 Spike Jones
Bing Crosby 461030 Les Paul Trio
Bing Crosby 461106 Rafael Mendez
Bing Crosby 461113 Ezio Pinza
Bing Crosby 461120 Burl Ives
Bing Crosby 461127 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 461204 Hope, Lamour
Bing Crosby 461207 Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby 461211 Peggy Lee, Jerry Colona
Bing Crosby 461218 Peggy Lee, Dave Barbour
Bing Crosby 470101 Peggy Lee, Joe Frisco
Bing Crosby 470108 Mickey Rooney
Bing Crosby 470115 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 470122 George Jessel
Bing Crosby 470212 Groucho Marx
Bing Crosby 470219 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 470226 Les Paul, Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 470319 Peggy Lee
Bing Crosby 470326 Jack Benny
Bing Crosby 470402 John Charles Thomas
Bing Crosby 470409 Alex Templeton
Bing Crosby 470416 Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby 470421 Burl Ives
Bing Crosby 470423 Peggy Lee, Les Paul
Bing Crosby 470430 with Groucho, Dorothy Shea
Bing Crosby 470507 Al Jolson, Irving Berlin
Bing Crosby 471015 Dinah Shore
Bing Crosby 471029 Boris Karloff
Bing Crosby 471112 Peter Lorre and Kay Thompson
Bing Crosby 471119 Barry Dorothy Kirstein
Bing Crosby 471126 Frankie Lane
Bing Crosby 471203 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 471210 Walter O'Keefe
Bing Crosby 471217 Arlene Woods and Joe Frisco
Bing Crosby 471224 Christmas Show
Bing Crosby 471231 Danny Thomas
Bing Crosby 480107 Brace Beemer
Bing Crosby 480310 James Stewart
Bing Crosby 480317 St.Patrick's
Bing Crosby 480324 Peggy Lee
Bing Crosby 480407 Fred Astaire
Bing Crosby 480414 Fibber McGee and Molly
Bing Crosby 480428 Claudette Colbert
Bing Crosby 480505 Barry
Bing Crosby 480526 Bea Lillie
Bing Crosby 480929 Claudette Colbert
Bing Crosby 481015 Dinah Shore
Bing Crosby 481020 William Gargan
Bing Crosby 481027 Peggy Lee, William Powell
Bing Crosby 481110 Oscar Levant
Bing Crosby 481229 Mills Brothers
Bing Crosby 490105 Betty Grable
Bing Crosby 490112 Johnny Mercer
Bing Crosby 490126 Abe Burrows
Bing Crosby 490209 Groucho Marx
Bing Crosby 490216 Bob Burns
Bing Crosby 490601 Final Philco Show

Bing Crosby and pipe
Volume 3 - 136 shows - total playtime 46 hours 44 minutes

Bing Crosby 541122 1st Song This Old House
Bing Crosby 541123 1st Song Papa Loves Mambo
Bing Crosby 541124 1st Song Mandy
Bing Crosby 541125 1st Song I Never Knew
Bing Crosby 541130 1st Song I Want to be Happy
Bing Crosby 541201 1st Song Somebody Loves Me
Bing Crosby 541202 1stThis Old House
Bing Crosby 541203 1stRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Bing Crosby 541207 1stSilver Bells
Bing Crosby 541208 1stThis Old House
Bing Crosby 541209 1stSomebody Love's Me
Bing Crosby 541210 1stI'm a Fool to Care
Bing Crosby 550105 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550106 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550107 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550110 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550111 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550112 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550113 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550114 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550117 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550118 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550119 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550120 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550121 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550124 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550125 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550126 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550127 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550128 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550131 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550201 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550202 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550203 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550204 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550207 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550208 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550209 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550210 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550211 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550214 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550215 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550216 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550217 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550218 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550221 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550222 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550223 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550224 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550225 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550228 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550301 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550302 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550303 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550304 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550307 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550308 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550309 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550310 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550311 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550314 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550316 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550317 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550321 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550322 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550323 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550324 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550325 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550328 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550329 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550330 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550331 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550401 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550404 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550405 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550406 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550407 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550408 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550411 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550412 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550413 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550414 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550415 (15 min.)
Bing Crosby 550418 (15 min.)

Bing Crosby 410605 Hopalong Cassidy
Bing Crosby 450419 Violinist
Bing Crosby Mistakes in Broadcasts [adult language]

Bing Crosby 410612 Ethel Waters

Bing Crosby 310902 FirstShow
Bing Crosby 340918
Bing Crosby 350305

Bing Crosby 491005 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 491109
Bing Crosby 491130 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 491228 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 500104 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 500111 Groucho Marx
Bing Crosby 500215 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby 500222 Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 500322 Andrews Sisters Nat King Cole
Bing Crosby 500329 Andrews Sister
Bing Crosby 500405 Perry Como
Bing Crosby 500510 Mary Martin
Bing Crosby 500517 Fred Allen Announces
Bing Crosby 500524 Bob Hope
Bing Crosby 501018 Bob Hope
Bing Crosby 501108 Dick Powell
Bing Crosby 501206 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 501214 Bill Boyd and Peggy Lee (static)
Bing Crosby 501220 Christmas Program
Bing Crosby 510103 Fred Astaire
Bing Crosby 510207 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510221 Talullah Bankhead
Bing Crosby 510228 Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 510307 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510314 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510321 Judy Garland (LOW)
Bing Crosby 510328 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 510502 Walter O'Kieff
Bing Crosby 510509 Fred Astaire
Bing Crosby 510516 Burl Ives
Bing Crosby 510523 Theresa Brewer
Bing Crosby 510530 Helen O'Connell
Bing Crosby 510613 Theresa Brewer
Bing Crosby 510620 Theresa Brewer
Bing Crosby 511017 Martha Tilton Bob Hope
Bing Crosby 511024 Anna Marie Alberghetti
Bing Crosby 511107 Martin and Lewis
Bing Crosby 511226 Hope and Lamour
Bing Crosby 520206 Fred Astaire
Bing Crosby 520212 Bogart Bacall
Bing Crosby 520220 Mills Bros
Bing Crosby 520305 Bob, Cathy Crosby
Bing Crosby 520319 James Stewart
Bing Crosby 520326 Anna Marie Alberghetti
Bing Crosby 520507 Bankhead
Bing Crosby 520604 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby 520611 Rosemary Clooney
Bing Crosby xxxxxx Bob Hope Perry Como
Bing Crosby xxxxxx Louis Armstrong



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