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 Big Story

1 MP3 CD - 38 episodes


"Big Story - A Manhunt In Manhattan"
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True Crime Drama (1947-1955)

Big Story

Pall Mall advertisement, sponsor of Big StoryBased on real life news stories, Big Story featured murder and other violent crime cases from the point of view of a newspaper reporter. A unique and exciting format, Big Story dramatized a different news reporter and their heroic deed each week. According to the ads of the day, this program starred "a reporter who has solved a crime, exposed a corrupt political administration, smashed a racket, or performed some other notable public service. At the end of each program the real news reporter was brought on the air and given a $500 reward by the sponsor of the show, Pall Mall.

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Big Story was a great success. It ranked with the top old time radio shows of its day, and in its first year on the air, Big Story even topped the ratings of Bing Crosby's Philco Radio Time. So grab your press pass and start scribbling some notes, because this is one Big Story you won't want to miss! (Please note that some of these rare recordings are of inferior sound quality.)

For more newspaper-crime reporting, see also: Big Town, Big Story, Casey Crime Photographer, Europe Confidential, Front Page Farrell, Night Beat, and Shorty Bell Cub Reporter.

Big Story

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

38 shows - total playtime 16 hours 26 minutes

Big Story 470604 010 Thirteenth Key James Fusco
Big Story 471001 027 Tcot Counterfeit Coins Jack Adams
Big Story 471015 029 Bobbysox Kid From Bayonne Dorothy Kilgallen
Big Story 471126 035 Tcot Unfinished Love Song Howard Beaufait
Big Story 471210 037 Tcot Final Curtain Aubrey Maddock
Big Story 471217 038 Tcot Ambitious Hobo Russell Wilson
Big Story 480107 041 Manhunt In Manhattan Ted Prager
Big Story 480505 058 Pillars Of Society William Miller
Big Story 480512 059 Tcot Lucky Longshot Robert Early Part 2 Only
Big Story 480519 060 Deadline Murder Rolf K Mills
Big Story 480630 066 Hate Between Brother And Sister B Hendry Pt 1 Only
Big Story 480707 067 Woman Who Was Witch George Cleveland Bullette Pt 2 Only
Big Story 480721 069 Lottery Racket Keeler Mccartney
Big Story 490105 093 Murderous Kid Al Aaronson
Big Story 490126 096 Jig Saw Joseph Wirges
Big Story 490309 102 Respected Chemist Dead Ike Mcanally
Big Story 490608 115 Bitterest Man On Earth Julian C Houseman
Big Story 490720 121 Poison Pen Murders Tom Mercer
Big Story 491012 133 Loneliest Man On Earth Ray Sprigle
Big Story 491214 142 Three Golden Coins Nolan Bullock
Big Story 500104 145 Murder And Frustrated Father Sam Melnick
Big Story 500111 146 Gambling Divorce And Murder Frank Mcculloch
Big Story 500301 153 Twenty Six Years To Explode Frameup Ralph Goll
Big Story 500621 169 Death In Family William Noble
Big Story 500712 172 Hunch That Paid Off Bill Griffith
Big Story 501018 186 Puritan Morality And Violent Death Albert I Prince
Big Story 501108 189 Bobby Soxer Story Paul Schoenstein
Big Story 501115 190 Dead Certainty Kenneth Mccormick
Big Story 501129 192 Triple Murder T R Johnson
Big Story 501206 193 Paul Grays Missing Wife Bernard Beckwith
Big Story 510404 210 Poker Game Ends In Death William E Doherty
Big Story 510725 226 Wife Poisoned Bus Bergen
Big Story 520319 260 Friendly Betrayal Alan Cowperthwaite Akato Avenge Murder
Big Story 521008 282 Body Found On Tamiami Trail William H Adams Akahot Lead Catches
Big Story 530204 299 Three Gangsters Don Morrisey Akathe Biggest Catch
Big Story 540127 337 Too Terrible To Be Believed Arthur Mielke
Big Story 540324 345 Witness To Violence And Death John Cahlan
Big Story 541020 362 Deadly Sound Of Laughing Sid Hughes



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