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 Arthur Godfrey Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 75 episodes

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"Lenny Bruce"
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Arthur Godfrey Time ticket
Comedy/Amateur Talent Show (1945 - 72)
Arthur Godfrey selling Asprin
Arthur Godfrey selling Asprin

We all can agree that things are better said straight than garbling up the truth. Arthur Godfrey felt the same way. Arthur grew up in the early parts of the 20th century, where radio waves were the staging grounds for advertising companies to wage their "wars." It was probably Arthur's youth that help him look beyond the "war" and talk directly to people that these advertising companies where dehumanizing.

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Arthur Godfrey was born in the "School of Hard-Knocks," in New York City, in 1903. Not a very bright child, even all the way up to his death in 1983, Arthur learned all his "skills" on the hard streets of the Big Apple. In 1921, Godfrey joined the Navy and worked as a radio operator when on sea duty. It was at sea where he learned how to play his famous instruments that identified him throughout his career, the Ukulele and the Banjo. After his duty was up in the Navy, Arthur went off to live in Detroit, where he got a job selling cemetery lots. It was here that Arthur noticed that he was good at selling things (he must have been really good at selling lots if he could sell to a bunch of sad family members who were looking to bury their loved ones)!

Photo of first broadcast, 1941: Mr. Godfrey is center foreground, the band and singers are in the background. The lead singer, Patty Clayton, is at right.
Photo of first broadcast, 1941: Mr. Godfrey is center foreground, the band and singers are in the background. The lead singer, Patty Clayton, is at right.

After a brief stint as a cab driver, Arthur joined the service, AGAIN, but this time, in the Coast Guard. One day, when he and his fellow guardsmen were listening to a Radio amateur hour show on WFBR, Arthur said, 'I can do that!" After showing up at the radio station with his buddies, the manager of the show squeezed them into a time slot on the show. After their performance, the manager decided to keep them on for future shows. This served as a launching pad for Arthur's career.

In the 1930s, Arthur's popularity was growing exponentially. This method other announcers sold their sponsors' products, which was to appeal to a larger group instead of one singular "person," fueled his popularity. Godfrey was once quoted saying, "If there are more than two people in a room, they've got better things to do than listen to the radio." In doing so, Godfrey was viewed as the "guy next door." Coupled with his natural humor and informality, Godfrey landed his own show, "Arthur Godfrey Time."

Arthur Godfrey with his UkuleleHere, he would have regular talents, "non-stars" he would call them, come on to the show and showcase their talent for the audience. At the end of the show, the audience and Arthur would serve as the judges. If they liked any of the talents, they would ask them to come back to the next show and compete against the next influx of talent. If that same talent kept on winning, then they were invited to join the show's band, nicknamed the "Little Godfreys." It was from here that the McGuire Sisters and the Chordettes originated from.

After many successful seasons, the Network decided to build a mini-studio inside Arthur's 800-acre farm in upstate Virginia, mainly to convey a sense of reality to the audience. From here, Arthur would do his shows, while Arthur chatted with the rest of his cast who were stationed all over the country, usually doing so while eating his breakfast and reading the daily newspaper. This was the format of the show until its run was ended in 1972, by Arthur Godfrey himself.

For more talent scount excitement, see also: Major Bowes.

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Volume 1: 39 shows - total playtime 19 hours 20 minutes

Arthur Godfrey 390921 WSJV Washington, DC
Arthur Godfrey 460708 Remo Back From Flu
Arthur Godfrey 460709 Shut Your Mouth Baby
Arthur Godfrey 461108 Guest Dick Benedict
Arthur Godfrey 461113 Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Arthur Godfrey 461218 You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
Arthur Godfrey 470113 Guest Billie Holliday
Arthur Godfrey 470311 Johnny Daggan
Arthur Godfrey 470519 Skyriders
Arthur Godfrey 470610 Alan Schackner
Arthur Godfrey 470701 Little White Lies
Arthur Godfrey 470702 ChiBaba ChiBaba
Arthur Godfrey 470703 In Good Old Summertime
Arthur Godfrey 470704 I Want to sing an American Song
Arthur Godfrey 470707 Heartaches
Arthur Godfrey 470708 I Got Sun In Morning
Arthur Godfrey 470709 Between Devil and Deep Blue Sea
Arthur Godfrey 470710 Porter Love Song
Arthur Godfrey 470716 2nd Anniv Atomic Bomb Test
Arthur Godfrey 470908 It Had To Be You
Arthur Godfrey 470912 Guests Dixiebell & Mary Jane
Arthur Godfrey 471121 Predictions
Arthur Godfrey 471128 Day After Thanksgiving
Arthur Godfrey 471230 After A Big Snowstorm
Arthur Godfrey 480720 If That Ain't Love
Arthur Godfrey 481008 Guest Gene Autry
Arthur Godfrey 490120 Mississippi
Arthur Godfrey 490404 Tunetimers
Arthur Godfrey 490411 Stewart Hall
Arthur Godfrey 490418 Lenny Bruce, John Connolly
Arthur Godfrey 490425 Ted Martin, Michael Guida
Arthur Godfrey 490502 Joseph Portney
Arthur Godfrey 490509 Novelaires, Evelyn Bradshaw
Arthur Godfrey 490523 Richard Hayes
Arthur Godfrey 490530 Julio Giamonte, Carol Donn
Arthur Godfrey 490926 Chordettes
Arthur Godfrey 491128 White Guard-Bill Bloxom
Arthur Godfrey 500424 Kenneth Smith
Arthur Godfrey 500501 Robert Marshall

Volume 2: 36 shows - total playtime 19 hours 29 minutes

Arthur Godfrey 500508 Billy Albert
Arthur Godfrey 500515 Mort Jay and the Showmen
Arthur Godfrey 500522 Beverly Bowser
Arthur Godfrey 500529 Vera Conti
Arthur Godfrey 500605 Diane Dixon, Melodymen
Arthur Godfrey 500612 Dorothy Steiger
Arthur Godfrey 501002 Georgia Sawtell
Arthur Godfrey 501220 Connie Francis
Arthur Godfrey 520909 First Joke Is About A Clean Shirt
Arthur Godfrey 530105 Pretty Baby
Arthur Godfrey 530621 Robert Q Lewis 1 of 2
Arthur Godfrey 530623 Robert Q Lewis 2 of 2
Arthur Godfrey 531015 Firing Julius La Rosa on the Air
Arthur Godfrey 531021 Arthur Is Talking About Kleenex
Arthur Godfrey 640120 30th Anniversary
Arthur Godfrey 640121 30th Anniversary
Arthur Godfrey 640122 30th Anniversary
Arthur Godfrey 640123 30th Anniversary
Arthur Godfrey 650712 From Los Angeles
Arthur Godfrey 651013 News Show
Arthur Godfrey 651014 News Show
Arthur Godfrey 690328 Eisenhower Tribute At Beginning
Arthur Godfrey 720322 Remember When
Arthur Godfrey 720323 Students From Lyman College
Arthur Godfrey 720325 Almost Heaven West Virginia
Arthur Godfrey 720404 Recalling 1971
Arthur Godfrey 720412 Recalling 1963
Arthur Godfrey 720419 Recalling 1956
Arthur Godfrey 720420 Recalling 1955
Arthur Godfrey 720421 Recalling 1954
Arthur Godfrey 720422 Recalling 1953
Arthur Godfrey 720423 Recalling 1952
Arthur Godfrey 720424 Recalling 1951
Arthur Godfrey 720425 Recalling 1950
Arthur Godfrey 720426 Recalling 1949
Arthur Godfrey 720427 Recalling 1948



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