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2 MP3 CDs - 57 episodes

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"Memorial Day 1955"
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Young Agnes Moorehead There are a few times that radio turns away from the silliness of comedies like Amos 'n' Andy and Fibber McGee and Molly, from the thrills of Inner Sanctum Mysteries and Suspense, and the commercialism of Rudy Vallee's variety shows and the sponsor driven comedies of Jack Benny.

There are times when network radio goes absolutely high-brow. One fine example is the WNBC series Anthology. Unlike the novels presented for the NBC University of the Air, which were presented academically, the poetry on Anthology largely stood on it on its own entertainment value. The poetry did benefit from being presented with appropriate classical music and read by some of the great radio and stage voices of the New York Area.

Orson WellsThe program was presented by the Poetry Center of the 92nd Street YMHA. Recordings include star-packed casts with poetry readings by Bing Crosby, Helen Hayes, Frank LovejoyLynn Fontanne and Alfred LuntOrson WellesAgnes Moorehead, Walter Huston, and many more. The series was usually hosted by Harry Fleetwood, host of WNBC's Music Through the Night. This classical music program developed from a request from Civil Defense Authorities in 1952. The request was that WNBC play a radio tone through the night so that immediate public announcements could be readily broadcast. The station instead choose to broadcast classical music, and found Fleetwood to be a popular host. (The show is still heard in different forms on several NPR stations across the nation.)

Commentator Charles Osgood discribed Fleetwood's appeal as being based on his being "so wonderfully civilized". Fleetwood brings this civility to Anthology.

For more poetry, see also Moon River, Words with Music, and Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1: 29 shows - total playtime 13 hours 29 minutes

Anthology 540228 01 Theadore Sturgeon
Anthology 540314 03 Murder Fron The Past
Anthology 540321 04 Facade
Anthology 540328 05 Poetry In Sound
Anthology 540404 06 Poetry Of The Theater
Anthology 540418 08 Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere
Anthology 540425 09 Mine The Harvest
Anthology 540502 10 Thoughts And Stories Of England
Anthology 540516 11 Elizabeth Bishop
Anthology 540523 12 The Wastland
Anthology 540530 13 Memorial Day 1954
Anthology 540620 16 American Verse
Anthology 540627 17 Shakesperian Festivalpart 1
Anthology 540704 18 Special July 4 th Edition
Anthology 540711 19 Shakesperian Festivalpart 2
Anthology 540725 21 Shakesperian Festivalpart 4
Anthology 540801 22 Carl Sandburg
Anthology 540808 23 French Poetry
Anthology 540822 24 Children Poetry And Nursary Rymes
Anthology 540829 25 Mine The Harvest
Anthology 540905 26 Dr Faustus
Anthology 540919 28 Midsummer Nights Dream
Anthology 540926 30 Casey At The Bat
Anthology 541003 31 Poetry Americana
Anthology 541010 32 Classic English Verse
Anthology 541017 33 Edna St Vincent Millay
Anthology 541024 34 The Rubiat Of Omar Khyam
Anthology 541031 35 The Three Witches Of Mcbeth
Anthology 541107 36 The Caedmon Story

Volume 2: 28 shows - total playtime 13 hours 15 minutes

Anthology 541114 37 Poetry Form Wales
Anthology 541121 38 The Story Of Thanksgiving
Anthology 541128 39 Poetry From The Dance
Anthology 541205 40 The Brownings
Anthology 541212 41 Salute To Jewish Book Week
Anthology 541219 42 Poetry For Christmas
Anthology 541226 43 The Old And The New
Anthology 550102 44 Anthology 1954
Anthology 550109 45 Poetry In Song
Anthology 550123 47 Thomas Hornsby Ferrell
Anthology 550130 48 Hy Sobaloff And Wallace Stevens
Anthology 550206 49 My Little Boy
Anthology 550213 50 Salute To Lincoln
Anthology 550227 51 By Heart For M
Anthology 550306 52 Shield Of Achilles
Anthology 550313 53 My Hearts In The Highlands
Anthology 550320 54 Thoughts And Stories Of England
Anthology 550327 55 Facade
Anthology 550403 56 Abraham And Issac
Anthology 550410 57 The Art Of Ruth Draper
Anthology 550424 59 Romeo And Julette
Anthology 550501 60 Poets Of Gold 1
Anthology 550508 61 Poets Of Gold 2
Anthology 550515 62 Poets Of Gold 3
Anthology 550522 63 Literature And Language Of Learning
Anthology 550529 64 Memorial Day 1955
Anthology 550605 65 Archie And Mehitabel
Anthology 550612 66 Poems Most Requested



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